Journey Into Imagination Vintage Photos

This Figment topiary long ago disappeared from the Magic Garden. Behind the topiary, you’ll notice a camera shop, which featured, unsurprisingly, Kodak products.

Many EPCOT Center attractions featured gorgeous hand-painted murals in their queues. Journey into Imagination was one such attraction.

In this 1984 photo, a sign displaying the time until the next Magic Journeys show is visible in the upstairs ImageWorks.

Notice the Figment Topiary in the elevated flower bed above the Captain EO sign? Any idea why that’s there?

That concludes this set of Vintage EPCOT Center photos! Hopefully this set of photos was a nice stroll down memory lane or, if you never experienced the original Journey into Imagination, a nice glimpse of what all the fanfare is about. Journey into Imagination was truly an amazing attraction. Much like many other EPCOT Center attractions of the era, it was an attraction with which people connected on an emotional level, and its quality and legacy have left many fans with strong bonds and feelings toward the original EPCOT Center.

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