New Food Coming to Trio of Disney World’s Best Bars & Lounges

Three of the best hidden gem restaurants in all of Walt Disney World are getting new drinks, dishes and desserts. Bars & lounges at Wilderness Lodge, Caribbean Beach, and Coronado Springs Resort are all getting updated menus–and this post shares a sneak peek at food photos and offers our thoughts about the changes.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’re likely aware of these ‘secret spots’ as we talk about them a lot. Probably too much given that they’re arguably out of the way for average tourists. If you’re not a regular reader, you might not even be aware of their existence.

In any case,  Geyser Point Bar & Grill at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, Three Bridges Bar and Grill at Villa del Lago at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, and Banana Cabana at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort will be getting new items starting October 11, 2023. Let’s jump right in with the updates that’ll be available on that date at all three WDW dining spots…

Starting at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, you’ll find Geyser Point Bar & Grill nestled by the pool and the waterfront. The iconic Bison Burger will thankfully remain on the menu, and should continue to enjoy its place near the top of our list of the Best Burgers at Walt Disney World. (Although I suppose further taste-testing will be required to confirm. Twist my arm!)

In addition to the meat-based Bison Burger, the culinary team has created some additional plates for the lineup, including three new plant-based bites. We’ll start with the newcomers for carnivores, beginning with the Crispy ‘Peking’ Ribs. This dish is tossed in a tasty peking sauce with cashews. If wings are more your thing, the Geyser Chicken Wings are now available in two new flavors–Thai Chili or Sriracha Buffalo–as well as the standard Teriyaki.

The Charcuterie Flatbread is topped with salami, brisket, chorizo, bacon, and ​smoked gouda beer cheese. The new Turkey BLT Sandwich is not your average BLT. It combines house-smoked black pepper turkey, candied bacon, and avocado puree. Normally, I’d be skeptical of both additions–flatbreads are overdone and toppings coverage can be spotty, but the toppings on both make them sound worth my time, money, stomach space, and even the opportunity cost of forgoing my beloved Bison Burger.

Obviously, the jury is out until I actually try these dishes, but I’m happy to see the menu change at Geyser Point and, presumably, expand. Beyond the top, there’s been room for improvement here, and my hope is that this will be a deeper menu with more must-eat dishes. I’m optimistic!

There’s also a new drink joining the menu at Geyser Point. The Pineapple Mule is returning from its temporary run during Black History Month, and now will be featured as a permanent offering at Geyser Point Bar & Grill. It brings together Uncle Nearest 1884 Small Batch Whiskey, Hella Cocktail Co. Ginger Bitters, pineapple juice, ginger beer, and mint for a refreshing and delicious beverage.

Guest Experience Managers Mauro Santiago Marcos and Megan Reinhardt crafted this cocktail centered around Uncle Nearest Whiskey which pays homage to the first known Black master distiller, Nathan ‘Nearest’ Green. In addition to Geyser Point Bar & Grill, the Pineapple Mule will be added to over 40 Disney Resort hotel bars and lounges.

As noted above, there are also 3 new plant-based offerings. The Macaroni and ‘Cheese’ Bites are “cheesy” bites paired with tomato and peppers. The Vegetable Burger with ‘Cheese’ is another option, topped with a spicy slaw, pepper jack ‘cheese’, lettuce, and tomato​. Lastly, we’ve got the Multigrain Salad with Tofu. This combines mixed greens, wild rice, bell peppers, and sesame vinaigrette. It’s also available with chicken, steak, or salmon if you’d prefer. (I’d prefer.)

Look, I’m not trying to be a hater…but even in the idealized stock photo version, that vegetable burger looks like an abomination. I know I don’t speak for the plant-based community, but aren’t we collectively kind of “over” this type of thing? We eat a very plant-forward diet, but if I’m eating something without meat, I’d rather know that it’s actually healthy. I’ll take that multigrain salad that I know will be only okay rather than a frankenstein style burger or dish that is the worst of all worlds: no meat, tastes bad, and contains who-knows-what chemicals and other nonsense. But I digress.

Next, we head over to the middle of Lake Dorado, where you’ll find Three Bridges Bar and Grill at Villa del Lago. This open-air spot found at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort is a fan favorite, and for good reason. In a few short days, this location will be adding quite a few mouthwatering delights to its flavorful selections.

First up, we’ve got the Korean Fried Chicken Bao Buns. This is paired with lime mayo, sweet-and-spicy gochujang sauce, ‘kimchi’ pickles, and radish. Another new starter is the Tamarind Soy-glazed Pork Ribs with scallions, pickled fresno chili, and cilantro. Whether you’re a ceviche fan or looking to try it, the Ceviche Classico is the perfect dish to satisfy your taste buds. It deliciously features kona kampachi, sweet potato, cancha, red onion, chile, and leche de tigre.

For a refreshing salad, there’s the Villa del Lago Wedge Salad. It combines baby iceberg lettuce, chorizo, bleu cheese, and marinated tomatoes topped with avocado dressing. You can also get it with grilled shrimp or grilled chicken if you’d like some added protein.

It’s time for the entrées! Few things are better than tacos and the new Pork Carnitas Tacos are no different. These are served with a trio of sauces – chipotle-pineapple salsa, tomatillo salsa verde, and salsa borracha – along with cotija cheese and pickled vegetables served with black beans and rice. The Chicken Mole Poblano is a sweet corn-Oaxacan cheese tamale, rich mole poblano sauce, and radish.

If you’re in the mood to fulfill that burger fix, the Three Bridges Signature Burger is just the plate for you. This is not your average burger. This one is topped with a bacon marmalade, sun-dried tomato jam, smoked gouda queso, crispy vegetables, and arugula served with smoked paprika fries.

Last up for new main dishes is the Plancha-seared Mahi Mahi and Shrimp. It’s expertly paired with basmati rice, bok choy, Thai red coconut-curry sauce, and mint. Some favorite plant-based bites like the Guacamole, Roasted Corn Dip, and ‘Poke’ Bowl, which is now available with tofu, aren’t going anywhere, so no need to fret.

Moving on to desserts, where the Warm Churros are still on the menu, but now featuring three dipping sauces: tequila caramel, spiced chocolate, and mango-chamoy. Another sweet delight is the Coconut Flan with passion fruit sauce, mango, and hibiscus. You may have seen this dish previously on the menu for Women’s History Month, and now it has made Three Bridges Bar and Grill at Villa del Lago its permanent home.

The Cold Brew Old Fashioned will satisfy cold brew and old-fashioned fans alike. It combines SelvaRey Chocolate Rum, Tia Maria Coffee Liqueur, Joffrey’s Mexican Femenino Cold Brew, and Hella Cocktail Co. Orange Bitters. For some red wine with a twist, the Tinto de Verano serves up red wine, Combier Creme de Mure, Minute Maid Premium Lemonade, and Sprite. This refreshing cocktail is traditionally served in the summer months in Spain. And for a tropical beverage that’s non-alcoholic, the Tropical Coconut Cooler is a refreshing blend of coconut, orange, pineapple, and lime juices with a salt rim.

While I’m cautiously optimistic about the new menu at Geyser Point, I’m more cautiously pessimistic about the changes at Three Bridges. In fact, my view towards this is more or less ‘don’t fix what isn’t broken.’ If all of this is added without removing anything–great. That’ll be fantastic. But I highly doubt that’s the case, as it’s a lot to ask of an already often overworked kitchen. Don’t get me wrong–something of this sounds fantastic. I just hope we don’t lose the highlights of the current menu. Or if we do, all of this needs to be ‘worth it.’

Finally, we’re heading over to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort where Banana Cabana has new dishes joining the menu. Pair one of this location’s deliciously refreshing beverages with a savory bite like the new Banana Cabana Burger. This dish features Caribbean barbecue, tomatillo-jalapeño cream cheese, and pineapple salsa with plantain crunch served with french fries. (Okay, I’m already sold on this menu update!)

If you love wings, you’re in luck because the Grilled Wings now feature two new sauce flavors – Rum Barbecue and Guava Buffalo–in addition to the tasty Jamaican Jerk. These three options are designed by the talented culinary team to be an island-style of mild (Rum Barbecue), medium (Guava Buffalo), and hot (Jamaican Jerk). No matter your sauce of choice, your wings will be joined by carrots and a tasty cilantro-lime crema.

For those of you who love seafood, there are two new items you should try poolside – the Seafood Fritters served with a passion fruit aïoli and the Coconut Shrimp served with citrus-chili sauce and french fries. The island vibes are even better on Fridays and Saturdays when Banana Cabana features a live steel drum band.

Consider me cautiously optimistic about the Banana Cabana menu updates, but in actuality, there’s not a whole lot of caution in my mind here. The probability of this being an improvement is high. I mean, just look at that burger–it’s a masterpiece! It’s probably wishful thinking, but my hope is that this sparks a ‘burgerenaissance’ at Caribbean Beach Resort, with new options at Centertown Market and Spyglass Grill. I still lament the loss of the Chorizo Burger at the latter–that would take those new Little Mermaid rooms to the next level.

Although it’s not mentioned by Walt Disney World in this menu update, the real highlight of the Banana Cabana “menu” is simply ordering from Sebastian’s Bistro. For the longest time, this was a hit or miss thing that depended upon how much your server liked you and/or how busy the bar was. But now Sebastian’s Bistro dishes are actually listed on the menu at Banana Cabana!

My strong recommendations here would be the Caribbean Pull-Apart Rolls and Pineapple-Coconut Bread Pudding, as well as something with the Jerk Chicken (salad or sandwich–your call). Of course, the best option at all is just dining at Sebastian’s Bistro, which is one of the most underrated restaurants in all of Walt Disney World!

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Thoughts on these new menu items debuting at Wilderness Lodge, Coronado Springs, and Caribbean Beach Resort? If you’re a fan of Geyser Point, Three Bridges, and/or Banana Cabana, are you cautiously optimistic or pessimistic about these changes? Think they’ll be pure enhancements, or worried they’ll replace some of your favorite dishes? Do you agree or disagree with our assessments? Any questions we can help you answer? Hearing your feedback—even when you disagree with us—is both interesting to us and helpful to other readers, so please share your thoughts below in the comments!

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