Norwegian Fjords Disney Cruise Line Report — Day 6

Our last stop in Bergen was BarBarista. We arrived here with 40 minutes to go until ‘all aboard’ time, and Sarah was a little hesitant to do this in the first place, fearing that we’d miss the ship.

I was far less concerned. This was about a 15 minute walk from the port, and even if we were a few minutes late, I couldn’t fathom the ship leaving us. Logical pros and cons aside, we were willing to roll the dice because we had yet to have Norwegian waffles. It’s no secret that we think with our stomaches.

We ordered a couple of waffles (one of them is pictured on page 1), one with brown cheese and one with cream & jam. After sitting down and waiting about 10 minutes for our waffles, we were starting to get anxious. We started talking about a point at which we’d just have to bail, abandoning our poor waffles…

Fortunately, it did not come to that. Our waffles arrived about 15 minutes after we ordered, we scarfed them down in under 10 minutes, and then started rushing back towards the ship. Part of me was hoping we’d miss the ship so we could go back to BarBarista for an all-night waffle session. Wow, were those delicious!

We arrived with about 2 minutes to spare, and were not even the last ones on the ship! In fairness, that’s because some lady was standing outside, waiting for us to board, so she could be the “official” last person back aboard.

Overall, our day in Bergen was excellent. Even though conditions were less than ideal and my photos from the day are nothing special, we had a jam-packed day that entailed doing a lot and wandering a lot, which is how we like to balance our time in any city we visit.

While all of the ports were gorgeous and we had fun at each of them, this solidified our desire to see more of Norway, and Scandinavia, generally. The city was so attractive and inviting; its charm really won us over. I was disappointed that we were not doing Oslo this trip because I assumed (and still assume) it would be my favorite Norwegian city, but by this point I didn’t really care.

We loved Norway to the point that we will definitely be back at some point (hopefully in the near future), and can experience Oslo then.

We watched as the Disney Magic departed Bergen, saying goodbye to Norway (for now).

After that, we headed to our stateroom, where we found this paper for Anna’s Chocolate Chase. We wandered all over the ship completing this, saving the last stop for Animator’s Palate, which is where we were having dinner that night.

We probably spent around 30-45 minutes on that Chocolate Chase, but when we arrived at Animator’s Palate, we totally forgot to fill in our last line. (Like idiots, we still put this on our bed the following morning, not realizing we hadn’t completed it.)

When we arrived at Animator’s Palate, our placemats were character cutouts, which we were to fill in by drawing a character of our choice.

The idea was not to draw a Disney character, but yourself or an original creation of your choosing…

I opted to go the latter route, with a character you’ll meet shortly…

I didn’t initially realize it, but these characters were for that night’s “show” in Animator’s Palate. Had I known that, I would’ve put even more effort into mine.

Dinner that evening was another mostly-good meal at Animator’s Palate. This would be our last rotational meal on the cruise, and it was probably (overall) the least impressive cruise we’ve had in terms of food.

While the regional inspirations were a nice touch, way too many dishes we ordered missed the mark. The food was still ‘pretty good’, but our past cruises have been exceptional. Hopefully this was a one-off.

Moving along, it was time for the Animator’s Palate show of the evening. Once I realized what this was going to be, I was pretty excited. I predicted to Sarah that my character would be the star of the show, and this would go on to be a reverse-Oswald the Rabbit situation, with Disney stealing my character on some technicality that all designs belonged to them.

When the show started, guess who Mickey animated first…

That’s right: TROLLMAN! Just look at how impressed Sorcerer Mickey is as he unveils Trollman. This was perhaps my proudest moment ever.

Trollman may or may not have an extensive backstory that Sarah has already had to suffer through. I’ll spare you all of that and just say that he’s a cross between Thor and the Ice Cream Troll (the world’s two greatest heroes) from earlier in the trip report.

The idea is that he has all the superpowers of Thor, but with most of the looks and personality of a troll. (So he dodged the bullet of looking like Chris Hemsworth.)

In fact, I wanted to give Trollman the official name of Throll, but Sarah objected. Her original justification was, “Trollman is a more fitting name for your dumb character,” which I’m not really sure is a good reason for keeping his name as-is. Oh well, Trollman it is.

I don’t take Sarah’s knock on Trollman to heart. I think she’s just jealous because her character (above) was a headless sailor with a floating bear head above him.

Regardless of whose character is better (Trollman, for sure), this show was really cool. Even if the character movements are not really animation, it’s fun to see your character brought to life. So many people around Animator’s Palate had their phones up, trying to get a picture of their creation. It was really fun and cute.

Of course, we couldn’t end an installment of this Disney cruise report without sharing our towel animal of the evening. Even though this lobster is lacking in cool-factor as compared to last night’s monkey, it was really quite complex. Just look at all the folds to give him the right texture. Another A+ work of towel art by our stateroom host!

That was it for Day 6. We’ll be back soon for Part 7, which will cover Day 7 (at sea) as well as a quick summary of what we did in Copenhagen after the cruise was over.

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If you’ve done Disney’s Norwegian Fjords cruise, what did you think of Bergen? Any favorite points of interest or things to do there? What do you think of Trollman/Throll–best super hero ever or best super hero ever? Thoughts on anything else we did or mentioned in this installment of the cruise report? Anything else to add? Hearing from you is part of the fun of these posts, so please share your feedback and questions in the comments below!

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