Disney Cool Weather Scarf/Bag Ideas and Giveaway!


I’m back with another look at some Disney styles, this time with some options for cooler weather and a giveaway of another Harveys bag! I want to start by saying thank you for the positive response to my “New Outfits for Disney” post! I was really surprised by how many people read the last post, so I just want to say I really appreciate your readership.

We are heading to Disneyland tonight and the temperature is supposed to be in the low 60s. The last post focused more on what to wear in warmer weather, but I get cold easily, and want to look at cooler weather options and also festive ideas for upcoming celebrations at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. One of the best options for cooler nights and festivities in Disneyland is scarves.

I love wearing scarves during the colder months because they are easy to pack, practical to wear, and can add specific Disney flare to regular outfits. Scarves are also nice because you can wait to put them on until it’s colder at night, take them off if you are too hot, and trade them amongst friends.

Here are some ideas:


Season of the Force starts Monday at Disneyland, and I’m thinking about what ways I can infuse my outfits with Star Wars so they fit the celebration. I love my R2-D2 dress above, but it’s too cold in California to wear that now. I have been looking for accessories to wear in colder temperatures that fit the theme, and scarves are perfect.

Here are some options that I like:

During the colder months, I like to layer my clothing. I typically throw scarves, sweaters and/or jackets into a backpack or messenger bag. I already have several bags and will share some in a later post, but I came across a cute Inside Out (great price!) and Little Mermaid Backpack on Amazon and thought I would share now:

I’m still in the process of deciding which other ones I will get. I’ll make sure to post in our “Outfit of the Day Thread” over on the Disney Tourist Blog Discussion Forums, so keep tabs there if you are interested.


sarah-bricker-toontown-trolley copy

This is another giveaway sponsored by Harveys, with a chance to win their Disney Silver Screen Messenger bag, pictured above. Harveys has a huge line of Disney bags, which you can check out here. This brand new bag retails for $154.00, is made in the USA and is vegan.

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What did you think of these scarves? Any recommendations for scarves or other cooler weather accessories? Please share thoughts or questions in the comments.

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