World of Color Time-Lapse Video

While editing a World of Color photo, I noticed that I shot over 200 photos of the show the last time we saw it. I’ve been wanting to practice and refine my time-lapse video editing skills, so I figured I’d edit all of the photos and create a time-lapse video out of them.

Given that I didn’t take these shots in regular intervals (there might be 1 second between some shots, and 2 seconds between others), and I didn’t take the photos with producing a time lapse video in mind, the video isn’t quite up to snuff as far as time-lapse videos go. I’m not trying to make excuses for its quality (well, yes, actually I am!), I just want you to keep that in mind before judging it too harshly. I think it’s sort of neat despite some flaws.

And here it is, the wonderful World of Color!

To view my photos and overview of World of Color, visit our World of Color Guide.

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