All About Mexico in Epcot

Mexico is an Epcot World Showcase pavilion at Walt Disney World featuring the Gran Fiesta Tour boat ride, several restaurants and a tequila bar, and gift shops. In this post, we’ll share tips and info on shopping, dining, and attractions in the Mexico pavilion. We’ll mainly focus on the Mexico pavilion’s shopping and architecture, since

An f/1.4 Evening at Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea is my favorite theme park in the world. I love everything about it, from the food to the attractions to its brilliant design. However, its beauty is not just in the awe-inspiring landscapes anchored by an erupting volcano or the transportive vistas of the Mediterranean. It’s in the subtle details, the painstaking attention

Dreaming Up Parade Review & Tips

Dreaming Up is the new daytime parade at Tokyo Disneyland for the park’s 35th Anniversary “Happiest Celebration,” which occurs from now until March 2019. We anticipate the parade continuing its run following that, likely until April 2023. In this post, we’ll review Dreaming Up, share some photos, and offer viewing tips. The big question for

2019 Disney World Free Dining for UK!

2019 Walt Disney World Free Dining is now available…for United Kingdom residents! (Sorry, for those of you sitting on pins and needles about the likely release of 2018 Free Dining for U.S. residents next week.) In this post, we share dates and details about this promotion, and whether the discount might make sense for you.

Coral Reef Restaurant Revisited: the Good & Bad

Our original Coral Reef Restaurant Review was one of this blog’s first posts, and although we’ve updated that with new photos and thoughts about Epcot’s coolest restaurant since then, this Walt Disney World dining spot was definitely in need of revisiting. In this review, we’ll do exactly that, sharing thoughts from our recent Coral Reef