Christmas 2012 Disney World Trip Report

Our Christmas 2012 Walt Disney World Trip Report covers the holidays in the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, including Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, the Illuminations: Peace on Earth tag, and the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. Additionally, it shares photos of New Fantasyland and our thoughts about this recent addition to the Magic Kingdom.

Expect lots of tangents along the way, scant details about what we did on the trip itself, and plenty of photos from our three-day weekend during the Christmas season at Walt Disney World!

Day 1 – A Good Day for Some Glorious Feasts!
Day 2 – 5 Parks. 1 Day.
Day 3 – Test Track 2.0 & FESTIVUS MIRACLE!

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13 Responses to “Christmas 2012 Disney World Trip Report”

  1. Emily says:

    Can’t wait to read your trip report! I’ve never been to Disney World (only countless trips to Disneyland!) so I love living vicariously through you two! :)

  2. Laura B says:

    Yay!!!! Soooo excited for a trip report! It’s been too long! They’re definitely my favorite posts at DTB!

  3. Jordan says:

    so excited to see this trip report! One, it has been a while since we have gotten a new trip report [don’t you have anything better to do?!?! 😉 ], and two, it has been several years since I have been to WDW for Christmas! It truly is the most beautiful place at Christmas time. I live in Missouri, and people always ask if it’s weird to have Christmas (at WDW) without snow/winter weather. They just don’t understand how much the decor and ambiance make up for the lack of winter weather (which I’m not really missing anyway!)

    • Tom Bricker says:

      If you could find someone who has never heard of Walt Disney World and show them those parade photos, I’ll bet they’d never guess the photos were taken in Florida. You’re dead-on with the ambiance comment.

  4. Scott says:

    We visited Disney World for 10 days in December 2012. This was our first time there at Christmas and it was absolutely amazing.

  5. Rosemary Chiacchia says:

    We were in WDW this past December for our first Christmastime visit and it was just breathtaking. Seeing your fabulous photos (which are 1,000+ times better than mine)takes me back to that amazing trip with my daughters. Thanks you so much for sharing, Tom!

  6. Sel says:

    We took our 1st trip to DW in December for 6 days. Your past post about the MVMCP helped out a lot! I was able to map out a few of the important characters that were a must. We missed out on a lot of rides since all she wanted to do was see characters which was fine with us we decided we’d do whatever she wanted. We have decided to go back this Dec and concentrate on more rides and stay 8 days this time around. I am looking forward to your new updates!!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Awesome, glad the post helped and even more glad that you enjoyed your first trip!

      I’d definitely recommend visiting the Magic Kingdom on another day in addition to the Christmas Party. That way, you can do “party stuff” during the party, and attractions on the other day. Best of both worlds!

      Have fun on your next trip and let me know if you have any other questions!

  7. Jill gruen says:

    We did a last minute wdw trip christmas week also!! All i can say is “TRULY MAGICAL!!!!”

  8. Andrea says:

    Out of curiosity about the crowds – what is the date of this trip?

  9. Crystal B says:

    I am new to your site, love the photos! Can you give me a breakdown of events going on at MVMCP, there seems to be a lot to do, and I have read conflicting reports, sometimes from the same author, on weather it is worth the price. Thanks

    • Tom Bricker says:

      If your budget allows and you’ve never been, it’s worth doing once. We do it every year, but we are hopeless “addicts.”

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