Tips for Buying Discount Disney World Tickets

Money-saving Tips for Buying Discount Walt Disney World Tickets (from authorized sellers!)

Walt Disney World offers lots of ticket options. Park tickets are expensive, but if you follow our tips & tricks, you can find good discounts on Disney tickets to save money. Tickets are likely going to be your second-most expensive expenditure of your Walt Disney World vacation after your hotel room (and perhaps airfare). Since Disney raises its ticket prices about once or twice per year, so it’s best to buy your tickets before your trip, as early as possible. This guide will help you with which tickets to buy, and where to buy them.

If all you want to know is where to safely buy cheap, legitimate Walt Disney World tickets from an authorized reseller and don’t want to read this entire article covering the best tickets to purchase and other tips, click here.

Walt Disney World ticket prices last increased in price on February 22, 2015. It was about a 5% price increase per, with one day tickets for the Magic Kingdom raising to $105 and other parks going to $97, plus increases for all multi-day tickets. There are rumors that prices may increase again Memorial Day weekend, or possibly in July, but this is just rumor. You can buy tickets now for vacations you’re taking anytime in the future, so buying before prices increase again is a good way to lock in current prices.

With this information about the latest Walt Disney World ticket price increase in mind, you might be wondering which type of Walt Disney World tickets you should purchase? We present all of the options here along with their pros and cons, so you can make an informed decision. Given their cost, and the different ticket options, it’s important to know as much as you can before you buy so you don’t waste money. Purchasing Walt Disney World tickets can be overwhelming, as there are many different choices and add-ons, but we will help you with that.

In this article we sort through the different options and give you recommendations on what types of tickets are best for you, plus where you can save money on Walt Disney World tickets. (If you’ve come looking for info on discount Disneyland tickets, you’ve come to the wrong place–but we do have an article with Tips for Saving Money on Disneyland Tickets, too.)

Ready to get started? Here are our tips and tricks for saving money on 2015 Walt Disney World tickets!

Where to Buy the Cheapest Tickets

Money-saving Tips for Buying Discount Walt Disney World Tickets (from authorized sellers!)

To save money on multi-day Walt Disney World tickets, there are a few authorized discount Disney ticket brokers from whom we recommend purchasing your tickets: Official Ticket CenterUndercover Tourist, and ParkSavers. In our experience, these have the best reputation and prices. Not only do they sell tickets cheaper than you can purchase them from Disney directly, but they are FastPass+ enabled, so you can make FastPass+ selections with these tickets before you arrive to the park! Keep reading to learn why this is important…

Each of our links in this post to specific tickets goes to whichever of these sources has the current best price for that particular ticket after tax–we check prices regularly (this post was last updated on April 9, 2015). Usually, they pretty competitive, and are within a few dollars of one another–and cheaper than Disney. Plus, you’ll get them in advance, so no hassle with having to wait in line to pick them up at Walt Disney World, wasting your valuable vacation time.

Authorized discount Disney ticket brokers are great ways to save money on park tickets over gate prices, but not every third party ticket broker is reliable and trust-worthy. Most sites offering discount Disney tickets are scams. Buying tickets on eBay or Craigslist is about as good of an idea as buying hypodermic needles from buying some dude on a street corner. Disney tickets are non-transferrable–they are tied to your fingerprint once partially used. If someone else has used part of the ticket or if a ticket purchased from an unauthorized retailer is counterfeit, you won’t be able to use the ticket. This is a common problem with other ticket brokers and eBay tickets, and if you get burned by these sellers, Disney won’t have sympathy. You’ll have to pay full price for tickets at the park gates. Not exactly the best way to start the day on a Disney vacation!

If you’re comparing prices, remember to compare apples to apples: Disney prices don’t include the Florida 6.5% tax, whereas prices from the sellers we recommend do include tax into the final price you pay. Also consider whether you’re comparing Park Hopper tickets to regular tickets or not. Lots of readers have had questions about their comparisons, and they almost always had made a mistake in not comparing the same tickets to one another.

Why to Buy Tickets in Advance

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When you purchase tickets from an authorized Walt Disney World ticket broker before your trip, you can make FastPass+ ride reservations before you trip. You definitely want to book FastPass+ for popular attractions like Soarin’, Splash Mountain, Toy Story Mania, the Anna & Elsa ‘Frozen’ Meet & Greet, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, etc., in advance, because if you wait to make reservations on the day you visit, there won’t be availability. We cannot stress enough how important it is to make FastPass+ reservations in advance, and buying tickets before your vacation is the only way to do that. 

If you’re unfamiliar with FastPass+, we have a comprehensive Guide to FastPass+ at Walt Disney World that includes step-by-step tips for using FastPass+ and a ton of tricks for using it. Basically, FastPass+ is a web-based ride reservation system that replaced the old paper FastPass tickets. It is part of the MyMagic+ system, which includes MagicBands, the My Disney Experience app, FastPass+, and more. We have a full MyMagic+ FAQ post that covers everything you need to know. It’s really important that you understand FastPass+ before your trip, so definitely read those posts. Many attractions “sell out” of FastPass+ weeks in advance, and standby waits on the day you visit for some of the attractions above can exceed 2 hours. Using FastPass+ effectively will save you a ton of time. Because of this, you absolutely need to purchase tickets in advance, and make FastPass+ reservations as soon as possible.

If you wait until you arrive at Walt Disney World to purchase your tickets, not only do you pay more money, but you can’t make your FastPass+ selections until you arrive. Many popular attractions won’t have any availability, meaning you will have to either skip them or wait in long standby lines. Our Walt Disney World Ride Guides cover which attractions are the best uses of FastPass+ in each park.

Now, let’s cover strategizing to save money on your Walt Disney World park tickets. While Walt Disney World tickets are expensive, there is a misconception about just how much visiting Walt Disney World costs per day. Unless you’re only going for one day and buying your ticket at a Disney ticket booth, tickets won’t cost $100 per day–or anywhere close to that. Let’s take a look at some savvy ways to save money on Walt Disney World tickets…

Is the Park Hopper Option Worth It?

DSC_1109 as Smart Object-1 copy

Whether the Park Hopper option is worth it really depends upon how much time you want to spend in the parks per day. This is the main reason I see for getting it. If you want to make the most of your time at Walt Disney World, we recommend adding the Park Hopper option. This enables you to visit multiple parks per day, which is important because not all parks open and close at the same time. Disney’s Animal Kingdom often closes at 5 pm, while the Magic Kingdom closes at 11 pm or later. That’s another 6 hours of time in the parks that you miss out on if you visit Animal Kingdom and don’t have Park Hopper tickets.

While the Park Hopper option does cost more, if you’re buying multiple day tickets, you might be surprised to learn that the extra cost is insignificant. For 2015, a discounted 7-day Walt Disney World Adult Park Hopper Ticket is $408 after tax. Now, that’s a lot of money. However, compare it to a 1-day Park Hopper ticket directly from Disney, which is $165.08 after tax.

The per day cost of the 7-day Park Hopper from the authorized discount ticket broker is less than one-third that price at only $58.28 per day. For this reason, the 7-day Walt Disney World Park Hopper ticket is one of the best options for Walt Disney World!

If you aren’t visiting as long, you can get a discounted 5-day Park Hopper for $389. This ticket is a great option for anyone who wants to visit each of the Walt Disney World theme parks, with 2 days at the Magic Kingdom (and it’ll take about 2 days to do everything there).

Should I Skip The Park Hopper Option?


So, the main reason for buying the Park Hopper is that you can bounce around the parks and spend the majority of the day in the parks. That’s not for everyone. If this is your first visit to Walt Disney World, you might be over-estimating how much time you will want to spend in the parks per day. This is particularly true for families, as most kids wear out or melt down before the parks close.

If you don’t envision yourself spending 9 am until 11 pm in the parks everyday, the Park Hopper option might be a needless expense. Also, keep in mind that there is other entertainment at Walt Disney World, such as Disney Springs (Downtown Disney), your hotel pool, and much more. In other words, you don’t need to spend every waking moment in the parks to have a great time.

If you don’t plan to visit multiple parks per day, the discounted 5-day Walt Disney World base ticket is only $321.95 after tax, or $64.39 per day. A 6-day ticket is even cheaper, at $55.82 per day.

If you’re staying for 7 days, the per day cost is even cheaper, at $49.42 per day after tax for the discounted 7-day ticket without Park Hopping.

These are the tickets that we recommend for visitors who don’t need the Park Hopper option.

You might wonder why we don’t recommend 4-day tickets…it’s because the discount Disney ticket sellers include the 5th day for free on a 4-day ticket, meaning a 4-day ticket is exactly the same price as a 5-day ticket. This makes the 5-day ticket a really great value.

Another good option if you plan to do things outside the 4 main theme parks is the “Water Park Fun and More” option. This is especially true if you’re not doing the Park Hopper, as you can do these “Fun and More” options after you leave the theme parks for the day.

These tickets allow you visits to the Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach water parks, DisneyQuest, the Walt Disney World golf courses (regular and mini-golf), and ESPN Wide World of Sports, all without using your regular days on the ticket or paying an extra admission cost. These tickets offer great bang for buck, and have the best discounts via the authorized third parties.

Hopefully this helps you determine whether or not the Park Hopper option is right for you. As you can see, regardless of which direction you go, by purchasing more than a 1-3 day ticket, your per day cost drops dramatically!.

Affiliation Discounts

DSC_8278 as Smart Object-1 copy

If for some reason you don’t want to buy discounted tickets from Official Ticket Center or Undercover Tourist or ParkSavers, there’s a decent chance you qualify for some other form of discount. The most common discounts are: Florida resident, military/department of defense, corporate or “club” discounts, Disney Vacation Club, and sometimes “Europe” discounts (for lack of a better term). Of these discounts, military discounts are typically the best, followed by AAA discounts. AAA discounts are only offered through local offices and tax isn’t included in their price quotes. Note that Disney ended its relationship with AAA at the start of 2015, so there are no additional perks for buying through AAA.

AAA discounts typically are not as good as the prices offered by the discount ticket brokers, but military or department of defense discounts are always better. The frequently-run “Stars and Stripes” promotion will usually annihilate what is offered by third party discount ticket brokers or AAA. This promo isn’t always offered, so call Shades of Green at 888-593-2242 prior to ordering tickets to see whether it’s available for your stay.

What About An Annual Pass?

You can save money by buying a Walt Disney World Annual Pass even if you're NOT a local. Read how!

You also might want to consider an Annual Pass. The threshold consideration here is whether you can travel to Walt Disney World at least 11 days per year. If so, then get an Annual Pass. If you visit annually, but not for 11 days at a time, then you might want to think about getting an Annual Pass certain years and booking two of your “yearly” trips so they fall within 365 days of one another. Stated differently, if you usually go every August, consider going August one year, then late July the next year.

The typical break-even point for an Annual Pass is 11 or more days in the parks per year. That said, this break-even number can decrease due to the perks that come with an Annual Pass, such as the ability to purchase a Tables in Wonderland card, entertainment discounts, free parking, occasional shopping discounts, and other benefits offered from time to time (exclusive pins, etc.). More importantly, you’re eligible to Annual Passholder room discounts, which we believe are one of the best discounts offered at Walt Disney World. Given those other benefits, it may be advantageous for one member of your party to buy an Annual Pass even if you’ll only be in the parks 8 or 9 days per year. It’s definitely worth doing the math to figure out how the other discounts will benefit you.


One thing to know about purchasing an Annual Pass is that it can be “dangerous.” We first purchased Annual Passes one year for our annual 7 day August vacation, thinking we’d just move the vacation up one week the following year to justify the pass, and then not renew after that. That was several years ago and it’s now 2015, and we’ve had Annual Passes every year since. We find ourselves using our “free” (already paid for) park admission as an excuse to take more trips, which ends up costing more in the end. So be careful! :)

Which Tickets Should You Get?

DSC_4590 as Smart Object-1 copy

Whichever ones suit your vacation! Hopefully the above info helped you determine this for yourself, because really, there is no one size fits all ticket, so I can’t give an answer to that question. Here are some general rules:

  • There’s no benefit to buying tickets directly from Disney except if you’re purchasing 1 or 2 day tickets.
  • You can save money by purchasing via an authorized ticket broker, plus you can make FastPass+ reservations at the 60-day window. If you buy tickets once you arrive to Walt Disney World, you’re at a disadvantage in terms of making FastPass+ ride reservations.
  • I’d recommend adding the Park Hopper option for unless your budget is tight, especially if you want to spend as much time in the parks as possible, since some parks open earlier and close earlier than others.
  • Those with small kids may not need Park Hopper, since doing one park a day is often plenty for them. Consider the Water Park Fun & More option if the water parks, or DisneyQuest, appeal to you.
  • If you can find a way to visit Disney for 11 or more days in a 365 day window, buy Annual Passes.
  • If you will be visiting Disney for 9 or more days in a 365 day window and you frequently eat at Disney Table Service restaurants and pay out of pocket, book room-only Disney Resort reservations, or pay for parking at the parks, strongly consider buying an Annual Pass for one person in your party and getting the rest of your tickets through Undercover Tourist. You will need to do the math for yourself to determine whether this is cost-effective.

It’s important to know that my suggestions are based on our preferences, and they may not work for you. It’s really best to read through this and then apply it to your own circumstances by looking at your own schedule and preferences, and determining what type of tickets are best for you. Then, head to Official Ticket Center or Undercover Tourist or ParkSavers to buy the appropriate tickets at a discount.

DSC_4577 as Smart Object-1 copy

Hopefully this guide to Disney discount tickets has provided you with some valuable information to help you save money on Walt Disney World tickets, and has helped you figure out what kind of Disney tickets are right for you!

For Walt Disney World trip planning tips and comprehensive advice, make sure to read our Walt Disney World Trip Planning Guide and related articles.

For updates, news, Disney tips, and information on the latest Disney discounts and promotions, sign up for our monthly newsletter!

Your Thoughts…

If you’re a Walt Disney World veteran with lots of ticket-buying experience, what do you typically purchase, and why? Share your thoughts in the comments! Have any questions about which tickets might be best for you? Leave them in the comments and we will try to help!

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535 Responses to “Tips for Buying Discount Disney World Tickets”

  1. Ian says:

    Lots of good information here. I agree with your recommendation of the Park Hopper option. We really like it because it lets us see one Park during the day and then head to a different Park for supper that night.

    My only question is if I book my Resort online through Disney and get my tickets through Undercover Tourist will Disney put those tickets on my Key to the World or will I have to carry around twice as many cards?

    • Tom Bricker says:

      You’ll have to carry around twice as many cards. Small price to pay for saving a good chunk of change, in my opinion!

      It’s also a good idea to photograph the back of your ticket when you get it, just in case you lose it.

      • S. Davis says:

        We went in Feb 2012 & they put our Undercover Tourtist tickets onto our Key to the World cards.
        My husband had an AP & he had to carry his separately, but not the rest of us.

      • Rick Applegate says:

        I’m so glad to have read your Disney blog. I am booked to take my family (6 adults and 2 grandchildren ages 6 and 8) on February 13 a weekend in Orlando. We have 2 days to spend at the park. Can you please advise the best passes to buy, how to avoid long lines, and what sites we should try to squeeze in with so little time? It is my grandson’s birthday so any advise on birthday recognition I can arrange? Thanks. Rick Applegate, Pittsburgh

      • Fahren says:

        I can’t seem to figure out how to leave an original comment with out replying to a previous one, sorry!
        I very recently started reading your blog to prepare for a trip in May.
        You have talked about buying discount tickets from brokers like Undercover Tourist, the importance of buying tickets in advance and reserving your FastPass selections asap. My question is, if I reserve a Disney hotel and purchase my park tickets separately on Undercover Tourist will I be able to reserve my FastPass selections 60 days in advance because we are staying at a Disney hotel or does purchasing these things separately void that opportunity and bump me to the 30 day zone? If it does move me to the 30 day zone, do you feel the savings is significant enough to be worth it? Have you had luck getting good FastPass selections at 30 days?

        Thanks in advance!

      • NoTime says:

        As long as you link your Undercover Tourist tickets and your Disney room to your MDE account, you will be able to make FP+ reservations 60 days out.

    • Daniel Lowe says:

      A late response, but now you can link tickets from Undercover Tourist to your stay through MyDisneyExperience!

    • Eddie says:

      Undercover tourist is not even close to being the cheapest anymore … Lol this website is obviously affiliated …” If for some reason you don’t buy from undercover tourist…” Lmfao

      • Sammy says:

        What other websites do you know of?

      • Tom Bricker says:

        If you can point to another LEGITIMATE site that is cheaper on apples-to-apples tickets, please do so. Make sure both tickets you’re comparing either have or don’t have Park Hopper, etc., and include tax.

        When you actually compare IDENTICAL tickets from authorized resellers, you should see that the information in this article is spot-on.

        LMFAO, indeed.

      • Dan Heaton says:

        I noticed that AAA is now the same price as Undercover Tourist for a six-day park hopper. Do you know if AAA tickets are able to be connected to My Magic Plus? I’m considering them because of the benefits of parking closer.

      • Stephanie says:

        Has anyone had any experience with Magical Gateway buying tickets?

      • Stephanie says:

        That should be Magical GETAWAY… sorry

      • Beck says:

        Have you heard anything about Are they legit? Their tickets seem to be a little cheaper than the places you listed. If I buy them now, they are good for a year? Thanks!

      • Keith says:

        I agree w/Eddie – both undercover tourist and parksavers are MORE EXPENSIVE than getting tickets from And all of my searches included taxes and park hoppers

      • Kimequa says:

        I’ve found that AARP is the cheapest for our family. It ends up being about $15 cheaper than Undercover Tourist (even when we factor in the MouseSavers link). They partner with for discount tickets. Right now the promotion is to purchase a 3-day and get 2 extra days free, or purchase a 4-day and get 3 extra days free. We have 5 adults and 1 child and we are getting the 5-day park hopper. They mail your tickets to you, so there shouldn’t be any issue with FP+. I was going to go through ebates/orbitz for the same deal, but you have to pick up the tickets at will-call and that nixes our whole FP+ plans…so no. I hope this helps someone :)

    • Not so happy says:

      I read this blog and some of the comments. thought Undercover Tourtist is a good place to buy ticket. Since I am first time, don’t know the ticket purchase process quite well. Here seems tell me what expect to happen after I order online, so I ordered ticket on Undercover Tourtist, but it still haven’t shipped out after 5days, yes I choose free shipping, but I only expect it use slow shipping method, I don’t expect it process the ticket that slow. And with only $10-$15 for a >$1500 order, do I really need to save that $10-$15 instead of goto where you can use target gift card to save at least $75 and it is the official site.
      I really recommend people purchase ticket on official site.

      • Jules says:

        What do you mean you can use Target gift cards?

      • Brad Daley says:

        If you happen to be a member of an Entertainment book (typically acquired through a school activity fundraiser or such), they have a really good deal on Disney World tickets. If you purchase 3-day with Park Hopper, you get 5 days, and the price is better than I’ve seen anywhere else, including AAA, or Undercover Tourist. Please be advised that you need to have an Entertainment book that is activated in order to be able to purchase these, but it’s only $25 to buy!

      • Brad Daley says:

        Update to the comment above. When you ‘checkout’ your transaction on Entertainment’s site, there is a ‘Fee’ applied that negates quite a bit of the savings. I called their customer service, and they say that it is a “fee for doing business with them”. Why hide it in the Taxes and Fees line? Still, it can be cheaper than other places. Just make sure you compare bottom line costs before committing.

  2. Mia W. says:

    Hi Tom,

    My traveling group falls into the category of “4-5 days, once a year or so” category. For our trip last year we decided on 10-day no expiration tickets with all the add-ons, and I have to say it’s working out great!

    One nice thing about this type of ticket that is worth mentioning: the special parties aren’t as big of a financial decision as they would be for those with length-of-vacation tickets or annual passes. Instead of using a theme park day on the day of the party, you can go to a water park or even just hang around the resort. (My fiance loves to use this as an excuse to relax. I keep trying to tell him there’s no sleeping in at Disney World!) The cost of the party tickets are offset by not using a day of admission. On our last trip, we went to a Christmas party at the beginning of our vacation, and had such a good time that we decided to go to a second party. On our upcoming Halloween trip, we’ll play it by ear again!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      YES! This is an excellent point, and also something we used to do!!! Whenever we would go to the Christmas party, we would do a “Deluxe Resort Christmas Tour” in the morning! That, coupled with the fact you can get in with the MVMCP or MNSSHP tickets at 4 pm actually makes the hard ticket events a pretty good value if you’re following this strategy.

      Thanks for the reminder on this, I’m going to go back and edit the post!

  3. Diana Odom says:

    So, hubby and I now fall into the reckless group. As of about 2 months ago we decided to turn our yearly trip AAA discount “Magic your way package” into an Annual Pass and go a couple times next year. Since that decision, we’ve decided to go labor Day weekend, I’m going by myself for the 40th and I’m going to try to get down there again before Christmas, in addition to our 2 trips next year. It really is reckless, and I love it!!
    After reading on your blog about all the dining discounts and Tables in Wonderland, that sealed the deal for us. We’re huge foodies so the cost in savings on merchandise, food and hotels is totally going to pay off in less than 11 days. So, here’s my pledge. I’m making a point to save EVERY receipt (or photograph it that is!) that uses our AP discount and keep track for the entire year to see how much it pays off! It’s like a game and I can’t wait to see it play out!
    Thanks again for all of the tips!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Fun game…but at the same time, scary to see how much money Disney receives from you each year. I think I am going to cringe come tax season when I finally pull out all our old receipts!

      • Shelley Kae says:

        Fun game and even funner (is that a word?) game if you have a legitimate business write-off! Haha!

  4. Katie says:

    We’re using Undercover Tourist for the first time for our upcoming December trip. Our trips are infrequent and haphazard enough that we usually just buy for length of trip. I ran the numbers for 1 AP + TiW (immediately after your TiW blog, as it happens), but the trip wasn’t long enough to justify it by itself. I think they will be more favorable next time though….

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Yeah, an AP is definitely the way to go if it makes sense…and you can make it make sense by taking additional trips, if you get my drift! ;)

  5. John B says:

    Totally agree about the AP encouraging reckless behavior! Since I bought my Premier Passport I’ve planned 4-5 Disney trips a year. I justify it the same way you do: the more trips I make, the move “value” I get for the DPP! It also doesn’t hurt that I only work one metro stop from the airport and get cheap airfare.

    Despite all the money I’ve spent (which I cringe to think about), I’ve “saved” quite a bit with the DPP. Not just admittance, but also park hopping, merchandise discounts, special event discounts, TiW card, resort discounts, etc. Not to mention the prestige of having the “gold pass!” :)

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Yeah, I’ve got to admit, that “prestige” is one thing I’d like (and a PLASTIC AP!), but we save over $100 by NOT getting the Premier Passport (crazy, right?). Maybe if we start visiting DLR during busier seasons (thus needed something more than the Deluxe) or if we start going to WDW water parks again, we’ll get the Premier!

  6. Keith LeLievre says:

    Great guide! Last year we were planning a 9-night trip for this past April, and decided on a whim to book a 3-night trip in Early Dec to tide us over, and instantly knew that the Annual Pass would be the right choice.

    We’re now looking into either renewing or waiting until summer to purchase a new AP and use it for our October 2012 trip, which is looking like 12 nights. If we renew, it’s only good until Dec 3 2012, if we wait, it’ll be good until Oct 8 2013. Trying to figure out if we’ll be going 2 years from now is the deciding factor.

    This is making for some tough decision-making.

  7. Jennifer says:

    Hi, I just purchased 5 day NO expiration tickets from Undercover Tourist. However, I am thinkign of returning them. I am VERY nervous that they will not work once I get to the park. OR they will work for our first trip, then when I return in a year and try to use unused days, the ticekts will no longer work.

    Have you had any problem with no expiration tickets from Undercovertourist? Disney will not say in writing that they are authorized! Also, the tickets are paper tickets. Is this normal?

    Thank you so much for any help you can provide.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      I’ve never heard of anyone having an issue with Undercover Tourist. If you snoop around on Google, you’ll see that they’re very highly regarded.

      Paper tickets are normal.

      • Lisa says:

        I’m leary too, because, I asked a Disney person, when I called & asked about tickets & unless that person didn’t know what they were talking about, said that the tickets from undercover tourist was not guaranteed, that also they were not an authorized dealer & the only one that was & that was AAA, & they also didn’t know that much about the MouseSavers newsletter, only that they were ex cast members & it was not affiliated with Disney, I don’t know if anyone else has been told this but it was enough to make me leery, because we are on a tight budget & can’t afford buying tickets then get there & them not work & have to purchase them again, they said that they may not be any good during certain times of the year, undercover said yes, but Disney said they’re not guarantee, it would pretty much be a gamble, could you please reassure us.

      • Tom Bricker says:

        I don’t know what to say other than that I have purchased from Undercover Tourist on multiple occasions without any issue, and I know for a fact that they *are* authorized by Disney. My recommendation would be to call Disney again and see what you are told by someone else.

        Cast Members often do not know about things beyond what they are trained on, specifically, and they wouldn’t be trained to recommend a third party ticket seller. So the Cast Member likely just made something up on the fly.

        If you’re still not convinced, just buy directly from Disney. You’ll have peace of mind that way, at least.

    • Angelica says:

      Did they work?

      • JEHashem says:

        We have used Undercover Tourist for WDW tickets and they are great! No problems.

    • Carmen M Marrero says:

      Viajamos desde Puerto Rico en junio del 2012 y compramos los boletos para Disney y Universal/Island of Adventure a Undercover Tourist. Todo estuvo perfecto, los boletos tardaron 3 dias en llegar a PR y no tuvimos ningun problema para entrar a los parques!!!! Lo recomiendo!!!!

      • Alejandro says:

        Carmen, Yo viajo ahora a Disney y la verdad es que he pensado comprar los tickets por Undercover Tourist, pero uno siempre tiene temores de que esto funcione. Tu lo recomiendas. Como funciona el teme, ellos te entregan los tickets o un voucher que despues cambias en el main gate. Las otras veces siempre hemos comprado los ticktes en la web page de walt disney world, pero en undercover son mas baratos.

    • Lloyd says:

      My family always uses undercover tourist and never ever had a problem

      • Shelly says:

        We always buy 10 day premium passes with park hopper option. It is expensive upfront but allows us to visit two parks each day and gives us 10 days bonus for Disney Quest, Miniature golf, or the water parks. We also get 5 visits out of them because we go to the parks twice each visit and use the park hopping feature. We have bought passes from Undercover Tourist every time and there has NEVER been a problem. Best value for your money.

  8. Mark D. says:

    If you are traveling with a child between the ages of 6-18, you could get tickets during open enrollment for the YES (Youth Education Series) program. They are only available certain times of the year (last 2 years: Jan-Feb and Jun-Oct), but are by far the best discount I have ever seen.

    There are some limitations to the tickets like they cannot be upgraded and have to be used within 7 days of your class, but you can get and 8-day ticket for under $200!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      I’ve heard this from someone else, too. Great tip!

    • anita says:

      where do i find this discount?

      • shirley cormier says:

        We go to disney every year.Went this year from Jan29th to Feb12th. Stayed at Coronado Springs Loved it.We are from Canada East Coast and it cost so much for air far and Disney tickets that we would not be going next year. Please let us know how and where we could get cheaper tickets. Mabe then we could go.We are seniors and we bouth love Disney. Thank you

      • Kimber says:

        Shirley. We are from the east coast as well. If you are flying out of YHZ check the Sunwing and Air Transat sites. No baggage fee and direct flights. We paid less than $470 per person round trip for the end of March.

      • Kim Ann says:

        YES = Youth Education Series. Do a search for this, then look for “individual enrollment”. I signed my son up for a class in summer 2014, and the discount was about 15% off regular prices, way better than any regular discount tickets. Our class was canceled, but they let us keep the discount tix. You are allowed one adult discount ticket per kid registered, and they will allow 2 adults if it’s an only child, I think. If you flake on the class, I have heard that they revoke the discount, but I don’t know if that’s true, I have heard otherwise as well.

        From the reviews, it seems the classes are engaging and usually involve priority entrance to about 3 attractions as well.

    • Teri Wagner says:

      I am taking my children and grandchildren to DisneyWorld for a special vacation this year. I am paying for the accomodations with my timeshares (3 years worth). There are 18 of us in all and we are going for 1 to 2 days. How do I find out more information about the Youth Education Services tickets? I have to watch every penny as I am on a fixed budget.
      Could you please advise. I have never been there before.
      Thank you. The childen’s ages are from 6-17. There are 7 adults.

      • Tom Bricker says:

        My understanding is that the Y.E.S. “loophole” has been closed in that the tickets are now only good for the participating child in individual enrollment, but I could be wrong.

        Basically, you register for a program and have the option to purchase discounted park tickets after you register. The program itself has a cost, though, negating savings on the tickets.

      • Disneybound says:

        I just booked our YES experience this morning. We are doing individual experiences, and NO there is NO extra fee. The price is included in the (super discounted) tickets. I was so stunned by the whole thing I actually called Walt Disney World to make sure it was legit. …It is!!

        So excited to give this a try. And if it isn’t all I think it will be, I still got a great rate on tickets. Win-win!

    • april says:

      please send more info on how to purchase youth education series tickets. thx

      • Sarah says:

        I actually did an advanced internship for YES in 2000. I know they have undergone some changes but they are a great way to see the parks with students. It can be the educational component to a Disney trip. Having the YES Program makes Disney an easier sell to school boards when considering a Disney trip. I hadn’t heard of being able to sign up as individuals. We mostly had school groups and brownie troop like visitors. I know they have a special home school week. The Yes program offers people many behind the scenes opportunities. Just a sample of what they used to offer is I taught America’s Story at MK, Disneys animation, Disney’s Production Sciences at Studios and Science and Synergy at Epcot. I believe some of the offerings have changed.

      • Tom Bricker says:

        Individuals could (and can) sign up, but from what I understand, this was being abused as a way to sign one kid up for the program and then get discounted tickets for large groups, with the discounts well exceeding the cost of the one kid to participate in the program. I believe this loophole has been closed.

        As for the program itself, I’ve heard great things about YES. Definitely a great way to turn a Walt Disney World trip into an educational experience!

      • MIke says:

        I have a question about the YES program. I will be traveling with 6 kids between the ages of 7 and 17. There will also be 4 adults (church group situation). Is this YES program something we could use to purchase tickets for all 10 of us?

      • JW says:

        Just google it, thats what I did. For our 3 tickets we will save about $150. Incredible deal.

      • Wendy says:

        Does anyone know if tickets purchased through the YES program can be fast pass enabled, and will we receive them in advance so that I can make fp reservations before we go?

    • JR Peterson. says:

      We’re going in Feb. my granddaughter is 7. I need to check this out

  9. Meche says:

    Is there any good deal if you are only planning on visiting the disney parks for 2 or 3 days?

  10. cindy cedillo says:

    Hi. My husband and i are planning to take a family vacation. Probably 5 nights. We have 6 kids so a family of 8. We want to have a great time. At the same time try to save as much as we can. What do yall recommend?

  11. lAURA says:

    When you buy tickets through AAA, when do you receive them? Are they on your Key to the World when you check in at your Disney hotel, or do you have separate paper tickets? Thanks!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      If you book a package through AAA, I assume you’d receive them at check-in, although I’m not entirely sure. Might want to check with AAA!

  12. Belinda says:

    Need some guidance here we are planning on a two week vacation in 2015 mostly adults but 3 children ages 7 an 2 an 3 mentally challenged adults want to have 5 days at Disney we also want to try to cut down the parking fees what would u recommend we are planning this in oct 20 an also would like to know about the yes discount pla

  13. Traci L says:

    Hi Tom. I would love to take my two daughters and one grand daughter to Disney but I am COMPLETELY overwhelmed with all the choices. There is just so very much to take in! I want to make the most of my trip and do the right thing to be able to do that but even reading ALL of your information and researching I am still completely lost and overwhelmed. Do you do a “one on one” to help people like me??

    • Lacee says:

      Traci, there are plenty of travel agents who specialize in Disney and their services are free. Disney pays them a small commission to help you. They will look at your travel group and suggest resorts, giving you prices for all types of options. They will recommend when to go, where to stay, what tickets to get and which dining plans are best. They will even book meals and make touring plans for you. Check it out.

  14. PJ says:

    I just researched tickets and found that AAA was cheaper than Undercover Tourist

    • Tom Bricker says:

      For which tickets (3-day, 5-day, etc.) and are you comparing prices after tax? In my experience, it’s really rare for AAA to be cheaper.

      • Faz says:

        I saw the same thing yesterday. I spoke to AAA and their tickets were $286 for 6 day MYW tickets…. BUT, I checked today, and they are $296!! Do they change every day?? I was surprised to see this!

  15. Scary69 says:

    I just went to undercover tourist and tickets to disney for one day cost more than the game admission. :-/

  16. Bazile says:

    Since y’all aren’t military, just wanted to add that the Stars and Stripes tickets (which are only valid for people staying at Shades of Green or a Disney resort) aren’t the only discounted military tickets. For the past several years Disney has been selling Armed Forces Salute tickets, and Shades of Green also sells discounted regular Disney tickets for those staying off site. Which is a better deal is really dependent on how long you’re staying, and what you want to do. Shades of Green has info on all the military tickets on their website. And as an extra discount if you buy your tickets at either a base ITT office or at Shades of Green, you don’t have to pay sales tax on them. I know you can buy the Armed Forces Salute Tickets at the gate, though I’m not sure about other military tickets, but you have to pay tax. My husband and I used Armed Forces Salute tickets in 2010, and got 4 day water park fun and more tickets for $124 each total. For an extra $25 per ticket we could have added the park hopper option as well. Prices have gone up some, but they’re still a better deal than gate prices. The only con was that the tickets we bought at Shades of Green had to be activated at the gate before use. We stayed at AKL, and they said they could add unused activated tickets to the Key to World card, but once the tickets been used they can’t. Keeping up with two cards wasn’t that big of a deal, so we decided against going to a park to activate the tickets and then taking them back to add to our Key to the World. I mean seriously, who’s going to have a fresh WDW ticket in their hands standing in front of a park gate and resist the urge to go in the park? And as far as discounts go, if your one of those weIrd people who actually goes to non-Disney attractions while in central Florida, Shades of Green sells tickets to Sea World, Universal, etc.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Thanks for the detailed explanation of the military ticket offerings!

    • Erin says:

      Hi all, I just thought I would add to the military ticket info. There are actually two seperate types of discounts that you can get. For the seriously discounted “Salute” tickets, an active duty/ Reserve military member MUST be with you at the gate to exchange the tickets where they will check his/her military I.D. The second less discounted option is to buy at a military base or through Shades of Green. You don’t pay tax and maybe save $10 per ticket. A member of the military can purchase these and give them to you for use WITHOUT them present. Here’s a link for more info on the military tickets.

    • Mike B. says:

      Regardless of where you buy the Armed Forces Salute ticket (on base at an ITT office or at Shades of Green) they must be activated before you can enter any of the gates. Keep this in mind and head for the assistance booth FIRST on your first day of using the tickets. You only need to do this once. We used these tickets last year and didn’t activate them first – it added a few minutes to our experience. This is done to verify the identity of the military member so also – don’t forget your military ID card – they do check before activation. The cost of this ticket is great! It is by far the best deal out there for military members and retirees! You can’t beat this price!

  17. Suzanne says:

    My husband is a police officer. Do you know about a uniformed officer discount on park tickets? Someone mentioned it to me, but I’ve not found any information about it. Thank you!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Sorry, I have never heard of that. You might try contacting Disney directly. Or perhaps he has a union rep who might be able to help?

  18. Jessica says:

    So I’m wondering….Can you buy 10-day tickets and use them for two people over 5 days???

  19. AmyK says:

    I bought 3 one day park hoppers off craigslist sellers this past Spring Break 2013 successfully! I saved over 120.00 and while its a risk, it worked out great for us. These were individuals who got stuck with extra tickets when family members did not show up.

    • MARY says:

      Hi AMY! there are so many people in criaglist selling tickets for Disney, do you still have the telephone where you buy them??? I really need for 9 people. THANKS

    • K says:

      Hi there. We are a large family heading down in Dec. Would you share that number with me as well? Thanks!!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      “These were individuals who got stuck with extra tickets when family members did not show up.”

      …I’m guessing that means the person from whom she bought the tickets doesn’t have a constant inventory, so the person’s phone number won’t do any of you any good.

      If someone on Craigslist *does* have constant inventory of Disney tickets, they’re a scammer, so you wouldn’t want their phone number, anyway! :)

  20. CarlaS says:

    Okay I am a little bit confused. I have a husband and four children and we are planning to visit Walt Disney next year but doing my research, those tickets are very expensive. We are planning to stay out there 7 days 6 nights. Any suggestions ??

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Walt Disney World tickets are not cheap. If you plan on going to the parks all 7 days, a 7 day ticket from Undercover Tourist. Parkhopper gives you more flexibility, but it probably isn’t necessarily if you’ll be there 7 days.

    • Lacee says:

      Carla, Disney offers special deals all the time, get a travel agent to help you or go to the Disney website to check out when specials are offered. You can save a lot of money staying offsite, but Disney offers a lot of good deals if you stay in their hotels. You can buy a package that includes all of your meals and everything. Disney is not cheap but you could probably get by with a shorter trip, say 5 park days or so, and skip the park hopping. It is not necessary at all and cost mega bucks for a large family.

  21. Kim V says:

    HI. I really enjoyed your tips. My husband and I would like to plan a first time trip for us and our three children for 2014. We heard that Feb is a great time to go. We are very flexible in our dates(we homeschool and my husband’s job schedule can be arranged). In your opinion, when is the least busy and least expensive way to go if we were to stay at the park? Remember that we are clueless as we have never been there. :)
    Thank you for your reply!

    • Lacee says:

      Get a travel agent to help you. Their services are free and they can walk you through step by step. Also, there are plenty of websites out there that have crowd calendars, but basically if you go when everyone else is in school and there are no holidays crowds are lower and prices are lower too. There are special deals all the time, such as free dining in September!

    • Tara says:

      We go in January and February. The second week in feb and beyond is extremely busy, it is spring break for South America and it is what we call out of the country month. Prices also change the week of Presidents’ Day and past spring break.

      Best time, January and first week in feb

  22. Alecia says:

    Is the discounted annual premium pass offer for DVC members still avaiable? How did I miss this??

  23. ANN says:

    Can the no expiration tickets be used at Disneyland AND Disney World?

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Last time we tried, we could. You might want to call up Disneyland to confirm that this is still the case. They have been changing things with their tickets recently…

    • Becca says:

      2 years ago, You could use Disney World Tickets at Disney Land, but not Disney Land Tickets at Disney world….. Gate agents stated the world ones cost more, so they transfer…

      • Tom Bricker says:

        I have heard recent reports that with the switch over to RFID tickets at Walt Disney World, the system at Disneyland can no longer “read” how many days are left on the WDW tickets, nor can they call WDW to find out this information. So if you buy new Walt Disney World tickets, don’t expect this to work. However, if you have older, non-RFID Walt Disney World tickets still, it will still work.

  24. Paula says:

    I have a question about Disney tickets? We’re going on a family vacacation this coming June 14th to Siesta Key. We plan on visiting The Magic Kingdom for only one day. We will have 3 kids and 2 adults. Any discount on tickets for only a day?

  25. Jake says:

    I’m not sure if i am looking at the right thing, the tickets are only about 3 dollars cheap than the website, am i doing something wrong?

  26. John says:

    We are going for 9 days and wondering if I should just purchase an AP. What is the general discount for a hotel room? I have 5 kids so we are getting a suite, so even a 5% discount is a substantial savings for us.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      There’s a good chance that it would make sense for one person in your party to purchase an Annual Pass. As for general discount, it varies widely. Make sure to compare discounts to see if room-only is the way to go for you.

    • Paul says:

      Did you go yet? We have 6 kids and just seeing how you did with costs or discounts. Ty

  27. Tami says:

    I’m from California and my family is traveling to Florida for a conference in July. We have set aside two extra days for visiting Disney World. What I’m wondering is whether the annual pass or 10 day non-expiration pass would apply for both Disney World and Disneyland since it would make more sense to buy either of those.
    Any help/suggestion is appreciated!

  28. maria says:

    Those Tom Brocker work for Undercover Tourist, He sure make alot of comments.

  29. maria says:

    Does not those

  30. ifat says:

    as i am so confused by to many tips and idea i would like if it is possible to ask simply…
    we are already in orlando and want to go to two parks and maybe seaworld or wet and wild… which option is the best option for us tickets wise…

    • Lacee says:

      Sea World has nothing to do with Disney, you will have to buy 2 days at Disney, one day at Sea World, etc. You can save a lot more money by just concentrating on Disney since the price per day goes down the more days you buy. Disney water parks are better anyway.

  31. claudia says:

    Hi Tom ,
    I’m planning on going to Orlando Florida with my husband and two kids. I want to get tickets but it seems they are so expensive. We going for 5 days. I’m very confuse with the park Hooper. I’m trying to save . What can you recommend ?I don’t think I can afford to go to parks every day. What parks are recommended for a 4yr girl and a 8 yr boy. I want them to enjoy there first vacation to the fullest.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      If savings is your primary concern, skip the Parkhopper option. The difference in cost between a 4-day ticket and a 5-day ticket isn’t substantial, so I would really try to do both.

      If you need to cut a park for some reason, depending on heights and fondness of animals, I’d either cut Disney’s Hollywood Studios or Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Animal Kingdom is great for animal lovers, whereas Disney’s Hollywood Studios has a lot of stage shows and a number of attractions with height restrictions (I think the 8 year old would be fine, but a 4-year old might not). Best of luck!

  32. Ray says:

    Do you know if military discount tickets can be used without the military ID holder present. My brother, who is active military has offered to purchase the tickets for us at a substantial discount but he will not be going with us, can we still use the tickets?

    • Tom Bricker says:

      That would be something to ask Shades of Green. I’m fairly certain they can be *used* without the military ID holder present, just not purchased. In the past, my father has purchased me military tickets and I did not enter the park with him. But that’s been a while…

    • denise says:

      When I called (as my dad is military) they told me the military person has to be present on the first time use but then any remaining days of use on the tickets after they do not have to be present. Maybe try calling disney customer service a few times. Sometimes you call and get once answer and call again and get another answer…my experience at least. :-) Great special with the 3 or 4 day passes though they have going now for that price!!!!

    • Mike B. says:

      The military member must be present to activate the cards and verify their ID card.

  33. Krissy says:

    Does the military discount only apply to active duty?

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Nope! So long as you have a valid ID, you’re eligible. Same goes for staying at Shades of Green (which is Deluxe quality).

      • Sherry Calcagno says:


        We tried to use my husband’s military ID last year (no longer an active member) and the travel agent told us only active military member can get the discount. Was she wrong?

      • Tom Bricker says:

        My father is retired military, and he is able to purchase the tickets. So long as your husband is active or retired, he should have no issue.

      • Mike B. says:

        Active duty or retired plus some categories of disabled veterans can purchase the tickets. The Shades do Green web site has the full list of qualified members that can purchase the tickets.

  34. Stephanie says:

    We took advantage of the DVC promotion for 2013 as well! We saved a ton and we should get at least 16 days on the passes with just our regular trips scheduled!

  35. Dave Vest says:


    Forgive me for being a skeptic, but the prices that undercover tourist charges is about $150 cheaper than Disney for what I need. Is this truly a guaranteed site. I don’t want to lose money. It sounds too good to be true. Dave Vest

    • Tom Bricker says:

      This is the case because Disney just raised its prices on Saturday and Undercover Tourist still has stock at the old prices. As soon as their stock is gone, the prices will be a bargain, but not this much of one.

      To answer your question directly, they are 100% legit. I’ve purchased from them, as have thousands (millions?) of others over the years.

  36. Mindy says:

    I need to buy 6 Magic Your Way 3 day tickets from a website called OrlandoFunTickets. Do you know whether this is a legitimate site? Thank you.

  37. Michelle says:

    Would you purchase from Orbitz they have the best rate right now they have a 3day w/2free(basically 5day) Magic your way hopper with water park if you purchase 4 adults for $1276.76. Or do you know a cheaper better place.

    Also my husband has a DD214 will that get us the military tickets, if so where and how can I get those, do I have to wait till I get to Florida b4 I can get those?


  38. Jennifer says:


    We are going to DW in September and my company has a corporate deal with where there is a pretty good deal for 4 day tickets with free admission to the waterparks. Is this a legit site?


    • Tom Bricker says: is legit. Make sure to account for tax and compare, though. I haven’t heard of them being the cheapest option recently (unless you have a special corporate price).

  39. MARY says:

    Hello TOM! We are two families of 4 each one, this is our second time in Orlando and We just want to visit 2 parks, and they want for 3 park, if the other family buy tickets for five days, can we use the others 2?? It is possible?? if not, what do you recommend?? I really hope that you understand my english, Thanks a LOT!!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      That is not possible. Disney uses fingerprint biometrics to tie a ticket to an individual upon its first use.

  40. Amy says:

    I am going to Disney world this July. My son has a military ID. His Father is active duty. I am since remarried. I wonder if I can get tickets with my son’s military dependent ID. From what I am reading it sounds like I may not. I can’t find where is says anything about dependents buying tickets. He is 16 years old.

    • Andrea says:

      Was your son able to buy tickets?

    • Rissa says:

      I’m in the same boat as you Amy. I went to MWR ITT and they told me that the sponsor had to be present and my daughters could not buy the ticket for me and them. All three of my daughters have ID’s. They told me that the sponsor had to be going on the trip.

  41. Allison says:

    Hi, Tom—

    Great site, thanks. Two questions:

    I just went to Undercover Tourist and practiced checking out, and it seems kids’ tickets begin at age 3. Does this mean our 2-year-old can come along with us free? Say it’s so!

    Also, we can’t afford to go to Disney too often. We’re hoping to go for a week in August. This means the No Expiration tix are pretty useless for us, right?


  42. Paul says:


    There are 16 of us going (5familys of various sizes) and we all want to go to most of the different parks (eg Disney, sea world, universal and the waterpark). Question is do we need to buy different tickets or does the 10 day no expiration cover all the aforementioned parks?

    Also are these tickets valid in August?

    Thank you for your help.


    • Claire says:

      Hi Tom my husband ,8 yr old daughter and my self are going to Disney on tue …still very confused which tkts to buy .she s not into roller coasters just princesses …..should we buy our tkts separately …we are going for 5 days … Planning on a water park also we and wild better than the Disney one ???

  43. JKRMatt says:

    My husband is a Chemical Engineer for Chevron. We have heard about special “behind the scenes” tours for engineers and their families. Do you know anything about these?

    • Tom Bricker says:

      I haven’t heard anything about these tours, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. My guess would be that there used to be something at the Universe of Energy back when Exxon sponsored it.

  44. Micheal Scope says:

    Hi Tom,

    Thank you for the info. My girlfreind is coming over to visit me in Orlando in September. I wanted to show her Disney World but we don´t have alot of money. Shouls I buy two one day tickets from Undercover Tourist?

    Thank you!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      You’re just as well off buying the one-day tickets at the gate. One day tickets aren’t discounted, so there’s no benefit to using Undercover Tourist in this situation.

      Now, if you visit for more than one day, you should buy tickets from Undercover Tourist.

      • Melissa says:

        Hi Tom,

        This is a great resource! I have a quick question. I think you’re saying in the article that I can buy one 10-day ticket vs. two 5 day tickets for two adults to use for five days. Is that correct? I also see that you say the tickets are non-transferable, so I wasn’t quite sure. This would be a great savings on Undercover Tourist tickets!



      • Tom Bricker says:

        Unfortunately, no. When I say that tickets are non-transferable, that means that two people CANNOT use the same ticket. Each person in your party needs their OWN TICKET.

        Hope that helps! :)

      • Melissa says:

        Hope you don’t mind a follow up! When we went last year, we purchased our tickets through and received an individual ticket for each day. (7 park hoppers per adult and 7 for one child). We were fingerprinted, of course. Do each individual’s tickets have a code on them that distinguishes them to be uniquely theirs? Does UT send one ticket per person with the number of days loaded on it? Sorry for all the questions! Very helpful!!


      • Tom Bricker says:

        You receive a single ticket per person with all of the days on that ticket. That’s how every authorized ticket broker does it (unless you specifically purchase 7 individual 1-day tickets).

    • Kate Scope says:

      Hi! I’m Kate Scope. Just reading the blog and you’re name caught my eye. I have a brother Michael Scope, not many Scopes around, nice to know you’re out there!

  45. Ben says:

    $1 off is not that great of a deal. Are people really excited about $1USD off? lol

  46. martha says:

    Do you have to be current military to get the military discount or can you be a veteran?

    • Sabrina says:

      Not to jump on Tom’s answering but, to help you out, as long as you have a valid military ID you can be active duty or retired. Only the current/past active duty member and their spouse can purchase the tickets and/or qualify for other discounts such as on the room. However, not everyone has to have a military ID if you are purchasing through promotions such as Stars and Stripes at a local ITT or Shades of Green (as long as the military member and/or their spouse is there everyone else in the party qualifies for the discounts as well).

      Hope this helps and didn’t make it more confusing!

  47. steve says:

    Hi Tom,

    Like everyone else, I appreciate your efforts in maintaining this blog.

    I am in Orlando with work for 3 months, with the family. We are from overseas but will have a long term rental in Orlando. Can we get an annual pass, or do you need to be a resident.

    Also, perhaps a strange one, do you know if they offer military discounts to overseas soldiers. I am from England.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      You can get an annual pass (just probably not at a FL resident rate). I have no clue whether there are ticket discounts for foreign military on regular tickets, but I do know there are no such discounts on annual passes.

  48. Rick says:

    If you have noticed a bump in your traffic- its me. We went to WDW for week last month and I can’t get enough. I used to have the control to go every other year, but the kids are old enough to keep up (almost) and I think I’m about to pull the trigger on the PAP. We only live abour 3 hours away so I won’t have the reckless cost of airfare. Thank you for your blog and updates. They are keeping me satiated while I can’t be there.

  49. MD Mizanur Rahman Mamun says:


  50. Olanike olubusi says:

    Am coming to Disney for the first time with my husband and two kids, we are spending five days, what type of ticket do you advice and wht discount do we get.

  51. Alex says:

    I am planning a trip come this November (’13). I found a site for tickets They are cheaper than undercover tourist, but wondering if anyone has had experience with this company? Would like to know they are legit prior to giving them my money. Thanks in advance for the time.


    • Tom Bricker says:

      Based on the limited info I found via Google, they are not actually authorized nor are they BBB certified. I wouldn’t use them myself, but go for it if you’re willing to take the risk. Please report back if you do!

  52. Sam A. says:

    Hey Tom! Thanks so much for your site. Excellent info. I’m going to Orlando for a conference and bringing my wife and 3yo son. They are going to DW on Friday while I’m in class, and we are going together on Saturday. So that’s a total of 5 admissions, and park hopper would be great. This conference is going to be every September going forward, so I’m thinking about the 10-day no expiration passes. Those truly never expire, right? Any suggestions if we are planning to go for 2 days every year (or possibly every other year) and adding our 1yo to the mix eventually?

    • Tom Bricker says:

      First, just so we’re clear (I’m not sure based upon the scenario you describe), but one ticket cannot be used for multiple people. A 5-day ticket is 5 admissions for ONE person. Not 2 for one person and 3 for another (or any other breakdown). This isn’t a policy that can be circumvented. The tickets are tied to individuals via biometrics.

      As for your question, correct, “No Expiration” tickets truly never expire.

  53. Allie Belan says:

    Are there any places I should be looking for 3 day passes to kingdom? We are going to try AAA, but they are 303.64 on the website after tax.

  54. Albert says:

    Tom – Great info – thanks – so I read right – what is the best deal (and where) for an upcoming 1 day at a Disney attraction for mom, dad, and 16 yr. old?

    Thanks Again – Albert

    • Tom Bricker says:

      For 1-day tickets, you might as well buy them directly from Disney at the gate. Third parties don’t have them cheaper (and in some cases, they charge more). Sorry that there aren’t any deals for you! :(

  55. Natalie says:

    I was looking into the no expiration tickets and couldn’t find it on the Disney website. Are these tickets only available at undercover tourist?

    • Tom Bricker says:

      I don’t know what’s going on with these tickets. Disney said months ago (at the beginning of 2013) that they were doing away with them, and even took them off signage at ticket windows in the parks. They were still available, just unadvertised, so presumably Disney was doing away with them.

      Then, the new pricing came out, and the No Expiration tickets were included on it…which suggested that they weren’t going anywhere.

      So…I have no idea. If these are tickets you want, I’d buy them sooner rather than later, because who knows when they’ll disappear completely–even from Undercover Tourist.

  56. 5iphon says:

    I do not be aware that the way I appeared listed here, however considered that submit seemed to be good. I really don’t recognise what you do however unquestionably you’re going to some sort of well-known blogger cleaning soap are usually not presently. Kind regards!

  57. Dave H says:

    Hi Tom,, thanx for taking the time to assist all the people who ask you Q’s re. Disney tickets. I am yet another to add to the workload….! We leave the UK in 3 days time, and have purchased any tickes a yet. There are 4 adults, and 2 kids (both of whom are under three), our requirements being for the following:- Magic Kingdom, Typhoon Lagoon (3 persons only, this one), Universal Studio’s (again 3 persons), Sea World, and Epcot. We are staying for 14 days, and do not wish to visit more than one park per day. We would like to be able to spread the days over the whole 14 day duration. So, Tom, can you please advise me on the cheapest way to do this? If you need to ask anything of me, feel free to email on the address provided. I appreciate you will be busy with other things, and I should have checked this out before now, but, I have only just finalised our budget! Many many thanks, Tom….Best regards Dave

    • Dave H says:

      Tom,, sorry, forgot to add possibly Busch Gardens to the list! I suppose there is not just the one ticket that covers all these, is there? They being run by more than one outfit? Cheers mate!! Dave

  58. Brittany says:

    We are florida residents so we visit Orlando at least 3x a year. We do the weekday select pass for 210 plus tax and it’s good for the year. We only go in the off season so the block out dates arnt an issue.

  59. Amanda says:

    Hi im going to florida this year and was just wondering if its cheaper to buy a one day ticket on the gates or do u no where I can buy a one day ticket online fir a family of five thanks

  60. Lisa says:

    I just saw that tickets start at 3 years old, my daughter will turn three the last day of the trip, is she free? and if anyone askes her how old she is she will say 5!! Do I need to prove her age ?

    • Traci says:

      I know the answer to this one!
      If she is 2 on the FIRST day of your trip, she will be considered 2 regardless if she turns three any other day of your trip and therefore free.
      Same goes with children about to be 10 (the age Disney considers Adult).
      p.s. make sure she wears her BIRTHDAY BUTTON on your trip for some special surprises / comments from Cast Members!

  61. Carrie says:

    Hi Tom,

    We have never been to Disney World but are planning a trip in January. We have a 3 and a 4 year old and were planning on going to Magic Kingdom for the day and another park possibly.

    Since I’ve never been, what parks should we go to, what pass should we buy? We were considering Sea World too – is this in the park hopper pass. (we will be in Orlando for 3-4 full days after staying in Pompano Beach).

    Any advice?

    • Traci says:

      Hi Carrie,

      Sea World is not part of Walt Disney World and therefore not part of the Park Hopper option.

      I would definitely recommend the Magic Kingdom, but with children that small I don’t think I would park hop. You will need to take into account travel times between parks as well as time to eat and rest with small children. There is so much to do and see at the Magic Kingdom, especially with the New Fantasyland, that I doubt you’ll have time to park hop somewhere else.

      If, however, you are planning more than one day, definitely buy a multi day pass with the park hopper option.

  62. MommelissaB says:

    Any word on if MyMagic Bands will be available with tickets purchased from undercover tourist or AAA?

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Undercover Tourist has indicated that their tickets ARE compatible with the Magic Bands. No word on whether the same is true with AAA. I assume so, but you’ll want to check.

  63. Jane says:

    Where / how can I purchase cheap tickets for disneyland California? I want to go for at least 3 days. Any suggestions?


  64. Terica says:

    We are annual pass holders and dvc members. Are there any discounts for us on buying tickets to the parks?

    • Tom Bricker says:

      If you’re annual passholders, why would you need to buy additional tickets? For friends accompanying you? (If so, no, there aren’t any additional ‘friends and family’ discounts for you.)

  65. Sarah says:

    We are going to Disney in September 2013 and are trying to figure out the best tickets to purchase. We are DVC members and sometimes go more than once per year, but are not sure that will happen this year, so we are deciding between the 6 day park hopper ticket (which appears to be $349.95 through the undercover tourist) and the 10 day non-expirational park hopper (which appears to be $723.95). We have always purchased the non-expirational tickets, but it looks like the 6 day park hopper may be a better deal…$61/day vs. $72/day for the non-expirational. I know that ticket prices will likely go up next year, but I’m not sure if they will go up enough to make up that difference per day. Would there be any other reason to buy the non-expirational ticket that I am missing?

    Also, if we buy tickets through the undercover tourist, can we add those tickets to our room key or will we have to use the paper ticket the whole trip?

    Thanks so much!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      No, you should buy whatever is cheaper for you, per day. In your case, it’s the 6-day (I think you mean 5-day?) ticket. No additional benefit of the 10-day no expiration tickets besides guarding against inflation, which probably won’t be that much!

      As for combining them with your room key/Magic Bands, it depends upon when you’re going. Disney is in the process of transitioning everything to the Magic Bands, and by October, it sounds like they’ll be in the final stages of testing.

      Undercover Tourist tickets ARE able to be added to the Magic Bands!

  66. George Pryor says:

    Visiting Florida September 26 – Oct 6. Looking for price for 6 4 day passes with park hopper and two one day passes. Please provide price please. Would like to have the water parks included on 6 of these tickets

  67. Tara says:

    Can you tell me when you purchased the dvc premium pass for 399. We are dvc members and would love love love that deal? My trip is the second week in January 2014. (We go every year in either January or February). Also I got a 4 day disney ticket for my birthday, but would like to exchange it for the premium? How do I do that?

  68. D'Carib says:

    I am still not sure which tickets to purchase. My vacation is for 8days and 7 nights and I have 3 kids(9-girl, 7-boy, and 5-girl) and my boyfriend. Which tickets do you think is best for us?

    • Tom Bricker says:

      If you don’t mind spending a little extra, I recommend the Park Hopper. It’s just a question of whether you want to spend everyday in the theme parks, or if you want to do some things outside the parks? Interested in water parks? It’s tough to make a recommendation without knowing your plans/interests.

  69. Debbie says:

    My husband and I are driving to Disney World in mid October, it will only be the 2 of us. We are planning on visiting the parks Monday thru Thursday, Downtown area on Friday. What type of tickets would you suggest to purchase. NOTE: We are already booked at a hotel, just looking at tickets, also my husband is a Viet Nam Vet and also a senior citizen (70 yrs. Old) would this make any difference. Thanks

    • Tom Bricker says:

      If your husband has a military ID, you should look into purchasing tickets from Shades of Green (see above in the article for more details).

      • T. Bennett says:

        Hi Tom! We are a family of 9 (seven children) and are planning our very first trip to Disney World for the first week of December. We already have reservations at a nearby resort, courtesy of a good friend loaning us his timeshare, but we’d like to know where we can find a good value or savings on tickets for our size family, if that is even possible? We plan on taking our own food in each day, thereby saving money on meals, but even the 5 days of ticket passes can get pretty pricey. Any advice you could share would be more than appreciated!

  70. Weldon says:

    We are going to Orlando in Nov. We are a group of 7, age from 45 to 70. All good shape. We plan on spending 4 to 5 days at the parks. We would like to see Epcot, Universal, Magic Kingdom.
    Does one ticket cover all these venues? If so what ticket do you recommend? How much extra is the Park Hopper?

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Islands of Adventure (where the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is located) and Universal Studios Florida are not Disney theme parks, and are not included in the tickets referenced on this page. The Walt Disney World theme parks include: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Disney also has two water parks: Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. Hope that helps!

  71. Hoff says:

    One thing to couple to the ticket purchases are what are you going to do at each park you will visit? We used to travel to FL from NC 4-5 times a year from 2003-2010 to go to Disney for 2-3 days. I hanven’t pulled the trigger on an annual pass yet, but at the end of each year and wonder why didn’t I buy one? But now that Disney has raised the prices and split off the water parks the annual pass looks less appealing and our trips have lessoned because of the cost changes. But we have become very efficient with our time in the parks to where we have purchased a single day park hopper pass and gone to 3 parks. If you are not looking for an immersion of just Disney experience where most of the day is just wandering around, plan your trip in the park. What rides do you want to go on, where to eat if you are going to leave figure on a time. For us there’s less to do at Animal Kingdom, but because of its size it takes longer to get around, so we skip it all together most visits. We find better rates at Disney neighbor hotels like the Hilton at Downtown Disney. If you buy your tickets there you get the extra magic hours. If you plan ahead when you will be there you can move through the parks pretty good.

  72. tanya says:

    Our family of 5 is planning a 1st week of Dec. trip to Disney. We will have 5 days of Disney. I am wondering about crowds and the Disney Christmas “Party”. Is there a place to get discounted tickets on that? and is it better to arrive just for that at Magic Kingdom vs spending the day there as well?

  73. Rebeka Fanti says:

    Hello Tom,

    This article was very useful for me. Thank you so much. But I still have a couple of questions. I live in Saint Louis, MO and my family is coming from Brazil to Orlando so I am going meet with them there. We will spend about 10 days and we would like to cover most of the parks including Universal Studios and Sea World. Disney Tickets do not cover those parks right?
    How many days do you think we should spend at the Disney Parks? we would like to go to the water parks as well. We are very active and we walk a lot so I think that might be an advantage.

    Thank you!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Disney tickets do not cover SeaWorld or Universal.

      I’d recommend a day for each park (get the Parkhopper to take advantage of differences in operating hours) at Walt Disney World. I probably would pick one water park rather than doing both, but if you do both, add a day for each of those, too.

  74. eunice says:

    How many days do u think it will take to visit all the parks..? Whats the price for 2 adults and one child..

  75. Dwight says:

    We live in So Cal and haven’t been to Disneyland in years and wanting to go back to Disneyworld/Epcot+ so were thinking of giving ourselves an extended 35th Anniversary RV trip to Florida(staying both at the Fort and outside Camp Resorts). It seems the Premier Pass would be advisable(both Disneyland and all Florida attractions), are there ways to find discounts for those rather costly (1000.00 +/-) Premier AP tickets? Would it be better to purchase these AP’s first then try to get Fort Wilderness Discounts via the AP? or try to find AAA discounts?
    Thank You for any info….

  76. Eva says:

    Great site with information. Can you tell me if undercover tourist also sells tickets for the special events. We are looking at attending the christmas party in November soon. Thank you.

  77. Judith says:

    Planning my Valentine’s vacation. Four days at Disney’s Parks. Any recommendations about five or seven days tickets for new qnd my husband. Two day’s MK and one day Epcot, Animal and Hollywood. Thanks.

  78. Judith says:

    WOW I just made a comparison between the parks site and the site here and I easy can save 200 dollars. Are this really a official disney universal and sea world tickets? I would love to benefit from it. Please reply. Thanks

    • Tom Bricker says:

      It’s not an official Disney/Universal/SeaWorld site (since they’re all owned by different companies, it couldn’t be an official site of all three), but it is *authorized* by all of those entities, which is key. It is completely legitimate and trustworthy.

  79. Aimee Alfonso says:

    Quick Question! My friends want to lend my boyfriend and I their annual passes that they haven’t used in over 6 months. Will the system still have their prints on file?

  80. Tom S says:

    Does the Undercover Tourist site accept payment using the Disney Rewards Redemption card? Or do you have to buy tickets from Disney directly to use your Rewards Card?

  81. cj says:

    I have just been to disneyworld in october it is the best. My price to get in for three people for as many days as I want to go that also included free parking cost me nothing. No deal can beat FREE. I just wish I could go more but I live 20 hours away. The way you get in free you need to know someone who works there my son and his wife work there lucky me lol.

  82. Sharonda Kennedy says:

    I went directly on the website to purchase tickets for two parks, 2 adults, one 8 year old, and my total with tax was $575.10. I went on Undercover to compare the same exact tickets and Undercover was more totalling $589.95. I am not understanding this, thought there would be some kind of discount. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Disneykid says:

      I just did the same thing because I am planning a trip in April. And the undercover tourist was more for me as well, I guess they really don’t offer a better discount. It could be a way for them to get better sales.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Undercover Tourist can’t offer discounts on 1-day or 2-day tickets to Walt Disney World. Right below each ticket option they have, it says what they’re discount is (Save $___ off gate price).

      For the 1-day and 2-day tickets, it says “This ticket is slightly higher than the gate price.”

      If you’re only going for 1 or 2 days, buy tickets directly from Disney. All other tickets are discounted through Undercover Tourist.

  83. Jeanne says:

    Are no-expire tickets no longer available?

    • Tom Bricker says:

      They’re still available on Undercover Tourist. Just scroll to near the bottom of the Disney tickets on the ticket page.

      Disney doesn’t advertise the no-expire tickets, and you can’t purchase them via Disney’s site. I *think* you can still purchase them at the ticket gates at Walt Disney World, but I’m not entirely sure. I haven’t had any reason to try recently.

      Hope that helps!

  84. Mark says:


    has anyone purchased from Orlando Fun Tickets and if so, were they reputable or not?

  85. Anna says:

    What’s the best deal for 2-3 days for people from another country?

  86. Kasia says:

    We are group of 9, 6 adults and 3 minors we are looking at a 4 day park activity can you tell me what would be our best option?

  87. Jonecir says:

    Hi Tom, nice information on your blog.

    We’re a group of 8 (four adults, two 13 year old girls, one 15 year old girl, and one 9 year old boy). We’re going there from Jan 2 – Jan 5/2024. What is your recommendation? We’re planning to visit the following parks:
    Universal Studios
    Magic Kingdom
    Islands Of Adventure
    Epcot or Animal Kingdom

    Thanks a lot.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Of those, only Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Animal Kingdom are Disney theme parks. You could do them each on separate days, getting a 2-day, one park ticket. Alternatively, if you wanted to be a bit more ambitious, you could get a 2-day Park Hopper, which would allow you to do both Epcot AND Animal Kingdom in the same day. I’d probably try to do this.

      Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure are both part of Universal Orlando, so get a 2-day ticket for that.

  88. liza says:

    Thanks for all the great info. We’ve recently purchased a 2nd home in FL and split time between FL and PA. Anyone have experience with getting FL residence tickets if your drivers license is still from out of state? The WDW site says you can show a mortgage statement or utility bill. Can I also purchase tickets for visiting cousins at FL residence prices?

    • Tom Bricker says:

      You need some form of proof–so if you don’t have ID, you will need the utility bill. They won’t take your word for it, even if it is the truth.

      As for the visiting cousins, technically no, but you might find a Cast Member who will do it.

  89. Darcee says:

    Thanks for the info! We’re planning our first trip in February. We want to give the trip to the kids for Christmas. So if we purchase through undercover tourist, they will mail us tickets? Another person mentioned that they added them to their key to the world cards. Can someone clarity what that is and if they are doing that or if we will get tickets in the mail. I’m a little nervous about purchasing through someone other than Disneyworld, but it sounds like they are legit. Also, anyone know where to look for good deals on a rental car? Thanks so much for the help!!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Yes, they will ship to you. Alternatively, you can pick-up the tickets once in Orlando. I don’t recommend this option, as it’s a waste of time.

      I haven’t added the tickets to a KTTW card myself, but it should be as simple as taking the tickets you receive to guest services in your hotel (or inquiring about it at check-in) and having them reissue your room key with the tickets on it. Same goes for having them added to your Magic Band.

  90. Disneykid says:

    I was just on the Disney site as well as the undercover tourist site and the 5 day hopper pass was cheaper on the disney site even after tax was added.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      5-day Park Hopper w/ tax on Disney’s site: $370.62
      5-day Park Hopper w/ tax on $349.95

      Perhaps you’re not comparing the same tickets? I just did the comparison myself on both sites and this is what I saw…

  91. Rose says:

    If I order Disney World tickets today 12/11/13 would I receive them by 12/19/13. I live in LA.

  92. Susan Niederer says:

    We plan on doing Universal Sunday and MOnday December 15 and 16. We are leaving for Jacksonville tomorrow 12/19. I guess there is no way we can get tickets in time, right?

  93. Aakanksha Gurav says:

    Hi I will be reaching orlando on 21st dec 2013. We are a couple with 13 year old son. please suggest me how to book a disney land tickets. we have a plan of 5 days in orlando. We are confused to book the tickets. We are AAA members.

  94. Stefanie says:

    Hi Tom,

    I’ m from Canada and i’m planning to go to Disney the two first weeks of august 2014 with my husband and our five children.

    We want to do Walt Disney, Epcot and few others but what do you suggest us? You seem very good at planning with the best prices. Since we’re a family of 7 and we’re planning to eat there, any suggestion will be the welcome. We will stay in a villa close to Walt Disney .

    Thanks for your attention,


  95. David says:

    My wife and I are going to Disney (1st time for me) right after New Years. We are not staying on the park premises, we’ll be next door at the Bonnet Creek condos. Since I’ve never been there, my friend (who owns a time share at Bonnet Creek and goes to Disney several times a year) recommended that I DO NOT get the Park Hopper pass to save some money. You recommend it, saying that you may want to do the rides at one park and then have dinner at another. Are the Disney Restaurants the best places to eat? What about non-Disney, off-site restaurants?

  96. Beckie Chakkalakal says:

    Pretty! This has been an incredibly wonderful post. Thank you for supplying this info.

  97. ZZ says:

    Hey Tom! Were wanting to go this year, it will be Me, My wife, and our kids ages 11 and 13, when purchasing tickets, how does it actually work? do I purchase each ticket for ea. person separately??? we’re staying 3nights 4days, what would be a good option for my family???? no water parks… I’m seeing pricing but not understanding: >>>>Please Help

  98. Sabina says:

    Buying a five day ticket. Upon entering a park can I leave and return on the same day. Thank you.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Yes. If you get the Park Hopper option, you can re-enter a different Disney park. If you don’t get that option, you can only re-enter the same park.

  99. Beth says:

    If I bought tickets from undercover tourist, could I still link them to my magic bands? We are staying at grand Floridian and boardwalk next month.

  100. Keith says:

    Is it true that if you have a utility bill with your Florida address and another document with a Florida address you could get the resident discount? we are in Florida for 5 months each year, but officially live in Iowa we have Iowa divers license. would I be able to get tickets for my 2 grand kids along with my wife and I.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      My understanding is that you are correct. They will accept a utilities bill plus another piece of mail/document as proof of residency.

  101. jaimeb says:

    what would you recommend for a family of 4 . 2 adults and 2 kids . we plan on 5 or 6 days of going to the parks . what would the best pass for us to get ?

  102. Giovanni says:

    Hi, We are a family of 6(My wife and I, My kids are 15, 12, 6 and 5 yrs old)from Utah, this will be our first time in Disney World and planing to be there between mid-June to mid-July and want to spend 10-15 days in FL and take advantage of those days the best we can and saving the most we can :-)
    What would be your advise in how many days to visit the parks in Disney and other parks/places around there. Also what should we do about tickets, etc. I’m thinking that renting a house for 15 days may be a good way to save some money. What would you do if you were in my shoes??? Thank you in advance for you time and advise.

    • Joan says:

      Florida Sun Vacation Homes has great homes close to Disney. I rented from them 3 time and planning to again this year.

  103. Viktor says:

    Hi we are to 18+ adults and we are 4days in orlando tell me what u recomend us for how long to buy tickets…. :)

  104. jess says:

    hello, congrats for your blog, i need some advice: i will travel from sunday 18 to 22 but i could not find hotel on 18 because i donot know my Disney seems to be crowd the sunday 18!,,,,,do you think there is a chance last minute i could get room? i am also worried about the tickets, dont want to make a huge line niether get them to expensive ,,,,thanks!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Tickets shouldn’t be a problem–just buy them in advance from Undercover Tourist. As for the room, did you check out other hotels like the Swan & Dolphin, or try with a travel agent? That might help.

  105. Great site. I waited too long to buy Disney World tickets from Expedia but the undergroundtourist site seems to be fantastic. I am leaving on Tuesday and hope for an easy time picking up the tickets. I also like the undergroundtourist app which shows you where the lines are (which is my biggest pet peave).

    Thanks Again

  106. It is actually truly a fantastic in addition to useful little bit of information and facts. I am delighted which you contributed this convenient data about. You should continue to be you up to date similar to this. Many thanks for discussing.

  107. Mike says:

    I just saw your comment about 2-day tickets through undercover actually being more coslty than directly through Disney. Do the benefits mentioned (e.g. Mailed to us, fastpass) make it worth the slightly higher cost? We have been to the parks before, so looking to spend more time at other attractions and only spending 2-days at Disney. Thanks

  108. Ash says:

    Thanks for the site really helpful. One question which I haven’t seen asked/answered. I will be at Disney World for 4 days and generally will visit one park per day, but might want to visit a second park one of the four days. Can I buy a 5 day pass to accomplish this or do I NEED a park hopper. My calc suggests that it would be cheaper to buy a 5 day, use it twice one day; for example once for MK and once for EC, then use the other 3 days for single park visits.

    Your comments are appreciated.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      What you want to do would save you money…but unfortunately it won’t work. You either need to buy Hopper for all days, or purchase a 4-day non-Hopper ticket and just not go to the second park on that one day.

  109. Car says:

    The information presented is no longer correct.
    1) The break-even point for an annual pass is now approximately 18 days.
    2) Undercover Tourist is almost twice as expensive as the listed prices on Disney.

    • Car says:

      Okay, I see the differences on Undercover Tourist – what is the difference between the Expiration tickets and no Expiration tickets? No-expiration = good forever, or does the Expiration tickets have to be used up consecutively?

      • Tom Bricker says:

        No-expiration tickets are good forever. Tickets that expire must have all days used within 14 days of the first use (so pretty much consecutively).

        No expiration tickets are a good way to guard against future price increases (lock in costs, sort of like the “Forever” stamps) if you’ll be visiting again down the road. Disney increases ticket prices every year.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Care to share your math?

      1) Break even point is between 11 and 12 days.
      2) Undercover Tourist is cheaper across the board, with the exception of 1-2 day tickets, which are a few dollars (certainly not double!) more expensive.

  110. nate says:

    if we buy our tickets thru Undercover Tourist but stay at a disney resort do we recieve the extra magic hours?

  111. Dale says:

    I have a family of nine. Two adults 7 kids and I would like to buy a three-day pass but the prices are way too expensive. The most I would be able to buy is a two-day pass… I wanted to see what the cost would be if I used Undercover Tourist and all I would save is twelve dollars. Is there any way I could get a cheaper cost? Do you know what I should do?

  112. Tim says:

    I am planning to stay at a Disney resort, but, to save money, plan to purchase tickets through undercover tourist. If I do this, will I be able to use the extra magic hours? Or, do I lose that benefit by purchasing through undercover tourist? If that benefit is lost, is there any other benefit to purchasing tickets through Disney?

    • Tom Bricker says:

      You WILL be able to do Extra Magic Hours with tickets purchased through Undercover Tourist. The only requirement to do Extra Magic Hours is stay in a Disney hotel. Ticket source makes no difference.

      There are no additional benefits to purchasing tickets directly from Disney.

  113. Peter D says:

    It’s amazing how often you can link to Undercover Tourist with a referrer ID and still have it sound like you genuinely recommend them.

    Just make a note: Yes, I receive a kickback, but still they’re the cheapest. That makes it more credible for me to click YOUR link.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Of course they’re affiliate links. I don’t think it’s any big secret in this day and age that websites have them. In fact, we have a link at the bottom of every single page on this website disclosing as much. But really, it’s common sense that product links on the majority of websites online are affiliate links.

      That doesn’t change the fact that we’ve used Undecover Tourist ourselves on multiple occasions, that they’re the cheapest, and have great CS. The post makes a number of ticket recommendations beyond buying from Undercover Tourist, including Annual Passes or buying 1-2 day tickets from Disney, and there’s no commission for any of these things. If people think the post is biased despite this because of the affiliate ID, that’s their decision.

      • Ben E says:

        Tom, I think it’s great you make a tiny bit of money from affiliate links while providing such awesome and FREE information to folks like Peter! Keep up the fantastic work on the site.

  114. julie says:

    Hello. Hope someone can help me out with some information.In 2000 my husband, son and I purchased 3 day hopper passes with no expiration date. We bought them at the gate and they encouraged us to buy the 3 day saying that they were good for a lifetime, no expiration. No one fingerprinted us or as I recall asked us for ID when we entered on the second day (I dont remember the first day entry) anyway we still have 2 adult and one child passes with one day left. Can I use them for myself, son and another son being that I dont think there was a way to trace them to an specific individual? Thanks for your time and asistance

    • Tom Bricker says:

      So long as they were never tied to your fingerprints (and they most likely were NOT at that time), anyone can use the final day on those tickets. They will still allow you to redeem them!

      • Sue says:

        my son in law has partial disability from an injury when he was in the air force. Does he qualify for the military discount?

  115. Kathy Socko says:

    I will be going to Epcot center for one day with family from Florida. How much would a ticket cost me and are there any discounts. I am a teacher and my husband works for the city of NY.

  116. Jen says:

    Great site. Quick question. First trip to wdw, we are staying at the hilton that offers extended hours but is not a disney resort. If I purchase tickets on undercover tourist will I be able to make fast pass reservations before we leave? We planned this trip ver last minute (35) days and going unfortunately at a busy time with littles. Trying to make it as tolerable as possible. Thanks in advance

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Undercover Tourist tickets are eligible to make FastPass+ reservations prior to your trip so long as you’re staying on site! You just need to have the tickets in hand, so the sooner you order, the better. Not sure how the Hilton is treated as far as on-site v. off-site goes, given that it has EMH.

      • gz says:

        Your site has been very helpful but this is incorrect.

        You can’t do FastPass+ in advance UNLESS you are staying on site. You can do it the same day only.

        I just went through 3 disney agents whom all told me that, after their website and app told me the same thing.

  117. Kim says:

    If I buy a 10 park hopper from, am I able to upgrade to no expiration before leaving the park?

  118. Karen C. says:

    We are planning a trip for November 2014. Do ticket prices generally increase yearly? Should we buy them now, anticipating another upcoming increase?

  119. Ezra says:

    Hi Tom,
    Thanks for all the info. Just to clarify, my understanding is that you can only make fastpass plus reservations if you’re staying on site. I’ll be staying off site for my trip, but buying tix in advance through undercover tourist. Are you saying that I can make fastpass plus reservations in advance, because the disney people say I can’t. Please let me know, as I’d love to make then in advance, if possible.
    Thanks for all the useful info!

  120. Nicole says:

    Have a trip planned to Florida end of march first week of April. What would be the best to do with kids aging from 8-17. Just want to get the most out of our trip. I know you cant see it all in one day, would you go back for more than one day? Thanks for all your help!

  121. Tonia says:

    Thank you so much for sharing all of this useful info! Will definitely be using this and the trip planning guide for our 1st ever family vacation to WDW. On a side note here – makes me sad to see how many people posting on this sight think it’s okay to go to Seaworld. Spend your money toward the WDW trip and don’t support the abuse of the Seaworld animals 😔

  122. Bill Gravatt says:

    I see repeated references to Under Cover Tourist providing the least expensive tickets. I am looking for 5 day passes (not Park Hopper) for 4 adults and 2 children. Under Cover Tourist cost is $1820.22 including tax and shipping. At Disney my cost is $1548 plus $5 shipping. What is the difference between these packages???

  123. Juliane says:

    Hi Tom,

    I just compared Undergroundtourist prices with the official Disney prices online and the Disney prices are cheaper by $6-10 which adds up for bigger groups….

    • Tom Bricker says:

      You’re probably not comparing identical tickets. Unless you’re looking at 1-2 day tickets, Undercover Tourist is cheaper for apples to apples tickets across the board.

  124. Juliane says:

    Hi Tom,

    I also checked out the following page

    which seems to have GREAT prices. Do you know them? Are they trustworthy? Thank you!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      I have never heard of that site before, and if you notice, you have to participate in a timeshare tour and lecture in order to receive those prices. Stay away.

  125. Florencia Palacios says:

    Hi! What I’ve seen in undercover tourist’ website is that tickets cannot be used in consecutive days, are you aware of that limitation?

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Tickets definitely can be used on consecutive days. I don’t see this language anywhere. What, exactly, are you seeing?

      • Helen says:

        Hi Tom
        Found your website, amazed at the time you have invested educating WDW lovers. Hope you can help me. Me daughter, husband, 2 children, ages 7 & 9 are planning WDW trip Mach 30 to April 3, staying at Port Orleans Riverside. Is it better to book directly thru Disney or thru AAA?
        They are want the meal plan and 3 day pass.

      • Tom Bricker says:

        I think it’s typically best to use a Disney-authorized travel agent, as they will continue working for you *after* you make the booking (looking for discounts to apply, giving advice, etc.). Disney itself does not do that.

        If you need further advice or a travel agent to book for you, feel free to email my wife, Sarah:

  126. As a Floriida resident purchasing tickets as a treat for my son, daughter in law and two grand childdren, who live out of state, does the Florida pricing affect only myself and wife who live in Florida or does it cover the whole faamily. I do not want to buy tckets under some Florida resident plan and find out at the gate upon arrival that the tickets are not valid for those who come from outer state.

  127. Tommy says:

    I am trying to buy tickets for my family to go to Disney World in April. One site I found that seemed to have the best price was Orlando fun tickets. Is that a reputable site? Their prices were a little bit better then undercover tourist, which seems to be the site most people feel comfortable with. I want to save money but I don’t want to get ripped off.

  128. Jillian says:

    I saw something on about the “Magic Kingdom” club, but cant seem to find it on google…Does it exist. (it is a discount type club businesses take part in)

  129. Jillian says:

    Does the magic Kingdom club exist? I read somewhere its a discount club businesses take part in, but cant find it anywhere

    • Tom Bricker says:

      The Magic Kingdom Club used to be a club for American Express Disney Visa holders. It died with the AMEX Disney card. I’ve never heard of it in any other context.

  130. sharon says:

    Hi Tom,

    have a trip planned to california first of may. We want to visit disneyland for 1 day ( 4 adults + 1 child). Will I be able to get a discount using undercover tourist tickets. thanks!

  131. Mike H says:

    Very confused… just walked through pricing on Disney’s site to the payment form and 5-Day park hopper for 2 adults, 1 child were 1141.68. The same was 1454.85 on Undercover… am I missing something? I went to the very end of processing each without paying, so I assume all fees, taxes, etc were showing. What gives? And thanks!

  132. Harris says:

    What if I am going for only 2 days of parks? Primarily interested in Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Not sure I truly need park hopper. Will be me, my wife and 14 year old daughter. Our plan was to go to Magic Kingdom one day, Epcot next. We drive to Miami next morning so only need 2 days for 3 people. Anything we should do?

  133. Mark says:

    Are you able to use Disney gift cards towards the purchase of park tickets on the Undercover Tourist site? We saved many hundreds of $ 2 years ago when we bought disney gift cards from Giant eagle and 20 cents of each gallon of gas for every $50 in gift cards. Saved a TON! Thanks!

  134. BIANCA says:

    Hi everyone! My husband and I are planning to go to Orlando April 30th for 15 days. We are looking for a hotel at Lake Buena Vista. It´s a couple trip! The last time both of us went there where 20 years ago so it´s kind of first time.
    MY QUESTION: What do do in 15 days? How many days we should buy to visit the main parks, do we need to rent a car or can we use the hotel shuttles (We have no idea how that works…), we also want to relax (just pool and drinks!).

    • Ginny k says:

      I would suggest that you buy a 7 or 8 day ticket. Go to the parks 2 days then take a day off and relax and enjoy the pool etc. A rental car is probably a good idea because you can come and go when you want. Shuttle schedules are not usually that good. Check Expedia for hotels, there are many hotels in the WDW area.

  135. I love reading through an article that will make men and
    women think. Also, many thanks for allowing for
    me to comment!

  136. Ginny k says:

    Just returned from my 60th visit to WDW. We are huge fans of Disney. We do the annual pass for one and my husband is able to buy a 4 day park hopper military ticket for $169( he is retired military and can buy up to 6 tickets) my annual pass that just expired got me 19 days at the parks and 19 days of free parking – at $15 a day that is a great savings right there. We have a timeshare at the Hilton Grand Vacation Club and try to get to WDW as often as possible Also received about $135 in discounts on shopping and at restaurants (10 per cent with pass). The annual pass is a very good choice for us. Will be buying another one on our next visit. We have never tried a broker for tickets but sounds good. We also make an annual trip to Disneyland and buy military tickets.

    • Not says:

      Ginny K,

      Can you tell me how your husband’s military discount enables him to that discount and how he purchases the tickets? I need five tickets for next week and would love to get that kind of deal–although we only need two day hoppers.

  137. Adriana Romero says:

    Like you said so many options, we will only be there 1 maybe 2 days and I would like to take my adult daughter. What would be the most economical way to do it. We are visiting someone in Daytona and they have some kind of local pass, not sure what that is. What would you suggest we get for 2 adults and 1 senior. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We will be there in August. Thank you so very much.

  138. Jaime says:

    Ok so my family is planning a trip for January 2016 (2 adults& a trip13yr old boy) what I’m wondering is if we get tickets with our tax refund in 2015 will the tickets still be good for the next year? Also are they hooked up with the magic bands or do we have to carry the tickets everyday? Oha ladlast question with getting tickets elsewhere if Disney has room or dining discounts do you still qualify for them or do you not qualify bc you got tickets elsewhere? Sorry so many questions.

  139. D4 says:

    I actually just got done researching 4 and 5-day park hopper and base tickets through Disney, undercover tourist, expedia, and AAA. AAA quoted me prices WITH tax actually, and were all-around the best value of all the sources mentioned for both 4-day and 5-day tickets, whether park hopper or base, EXCEPT for the 4-day park hopper, which was slightly better at

  140. Charlotte says:

    My fiance & I are going to Disney for our honeymoon!!!! This will be our very FIRST time going to Disney. We’ll be going for 4 days, 3 nights. What will be our best/inexpensive option????

    Help, please :-)

  141. Sabina says:

    We are staying at the Animal Kingdom. How do we get groceries delivered to our room? It was mentioned in one of your earlier blogs. Thanks

  142. Torey says:

    Hi there Tom,

    We have a large group of 55 people visiting Orlando Fl 11/25/14 – 11/29/14. We plan to visit Disney 2 Days, Universal 1 Day and day at The Holy Land Experience. How can we purchase group tickets at a discounted rate because omg Disney prices are ridiculous when you purchase directly from them?

  143. Avril P says:

    Hi Tom

    My husband, daughter and I will be travelling from South Africa to WDW in July 2014. I came upon this UK website and wondered if you had heard anything about them…

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Haven’t heard anything about that site, but I’m not really familiar with the various sites for international guests. Good luck and have a great trip, regardless! :)

  144. Billy W says:

    Thanks for all the great info! My question is, do I have to specify a date that we’ll be at the park? Or isn’t there dates of use on the actual tickets. I’m taking my kids there for one day once I get to FL next month. Sorry, first time for us :)

  145. Nicky says:

    Hi Tom,
    I want to go to Disney for just one day for 5 people (3 adults and 2 kids). Would you consider using Are they ligit. They appear to have great deals; I assume because you have to commit to do a 2 hr timeshare presentation.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      I am not sure whether they’re legit (they’re definitely not authorized), but I never would recommend sitting through a timeshare presentation for discounted tickets. Things are rarely as advertised with those…

  146. Steve says:

    Tickets are expensive and hopping between parks wastes a lot of your precious vacation time. Getting out of each park, taking the transportation and getting into another park will take at least an hour and probably more. All the Disney parks with maybe the exception of Animal Kingdom take at least a full day to see and even then you’ll probably miss some things. My recommendation is to buy the base 5 day tickets, do the 4 parks and then return on the last day to the park you like the best.

  147. Lisa says:

    Hi, Thanks for this website, it has been a great help!
    We are 4 adults and 2 children travelling to Orlando from the UK in August. I last visited in 1992 when I was 17 so I’m very much out of touch!! I have has a look at undercover tourist and think the 4 day plus water fun will suit us. Can you clarify, does this mean 4 days in into Disney parks plus 4 separate days into Disney water park (so 8 days in total) and do Disney sell of all of the ticket options that undercover advertise on the gate?
    Many thanks Lisa :-)

  148. B says:

    Planning a SHORT 2 night trip. 2 adults and 1 child over 3 and 1 under 3. Any suggestions on tickets?

  149. A.H.S. says:



  150. Judy pennick says:

    Tom, thanks for all the info! Have you ever heard of Magical Getaway? I am retired military, but unable to walk around Disney too much, tooling, will buy tickets in base for the kids and their mom, but just wanted a day pass for me, they have one for $25, which was $100. Not sure? I checked BBB, no complaints, but they are not BBB certified.

  151. Judy pennick says:

    Oops, that should have said too long!

  152. Janice Pletscher says:

    Dear Tom: I plan to take my entire family of 8 adults and 2 children (8 & 12) next fall or winter for just two days. Would you kindly recommend what tickets would be best to purchase. Thank you for all the time you spend on this blog.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      The 2-day tickets directly from Disney are the way to go. There aren’t discounts on 1-2 day tickets.

  153. diane terrell says:

    I currently have reservations but am thinking of changing to annual pass to get the hotel discounts and free memory maker. Can I just get one annual pass for me and upgrade the kids when we get there? That way I’d get the mm free and the room discounts esp since they are a better discount. Also seriously thinking of doing the TiW.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      You only need one Annual Pass to take advantage of the AP offers. No need to purchase one for everyone in your group! Have fun! :)

  154. Dave says:

    If you buy tickets from a party other than disney, can you link those tickets to a magic band?

  155. Gina says:


    There are 13 of us plus one child and one baby going in November. We also want to take in Universal Studios. Some of us will get the 5 day pass for Disney World and others only the three day pass as we will be visiting Daytona for a day. Do you recommend a one or two day pass to Universal? Any and all information would be great/

  156. Basma says:

    I’m planing to take my family to Orlando next August
    We are a party of 4 adults and 2 11 years twin boys

    We will stay for 7 nights ( 6 days )
    That means only 5 or 6 parks

    2 days will be disney something park + 1 disney water park
    +1 day universal + 1 day seaworld

    What is the best offer for disney that we can get ?
    Not so keen on the hooper ( my husband is very firm on one park a day policy )

    But fast track is a must for the kids

    Thank you

  157. Stephanie says:

    I’m not sure if I did something wrong but I priced a 6 day park hopper plus water park and more tickets for 5 with the Disney website and the Undercover website and the Undercover website was 800.00 dollars more. This is my first trip to disney. I’m trying to save my family as much money as I can. But the Undercover website claimed it was saving me 65.00 per ticket but how did it go over SO much? Do you have any other ticket websites? Or did I click on something wrong? Its for 3 adults and 2 children.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Make sure you’re comparing identical tickets. Things like Park Hopper, expiration, etc., all make a big difference in price.

  158. Nikki says:

    Hi Tom,

    Can you spell it out like I’m in 1st grade? I will be in n town for six days and don’t want to get bored. What is the cheapest option to visit all parks whenever I want. I’ll pay for an annual if it’s cheaper. Moreover, do you have the website link for undercover tourist?

    Thanks so much for keeping up with your blog!


  159. Andrea says:

    We are going to Disney with two kids ~ a 9 year old and 3 year old who looks like a 2 year old. We are debating not buying the 3 year old a ticket since she is so little and won’t be able to ride many rides. What is the risk in this? I don’t want to miss out on savings and have to purchase at the gate if anyone finds out.

  160. Marissa says:

    I was looking at undercover tourist prices today. They offer a 4 day base ticket with free upgrade to a 5 day ticket it says. but the cost of that ticket is the exact same cost as their 5 day ticket, so how is that getting a free upgrade? Am I missing something?

  161. Crystal says:

    Can tickets/FastPasses be purchased through your company and picked up at Magic Kingdom?

  162. Dina Morrissey says:

    I have park hopper tickets from 1996 with 1 day left on each one of them. Would I still be able to redeem the one day left on them and how would I go about doing this? And where would I go on Disney property to do this?

    Many Thanks


    • Tom Bricker says:

      Yes, you will as long as those are the non-expiration tickets (I think all tickets were in 1996, but check them to be sure). Go to Guest Relations outside the park.

  163. Amanda says:

    So im looking into purchasing our hotel+flight through priceline, and our park hopper tickets through undercover tourist. I guess im not understanding how the wristbands/tickets are set up if your fingerprints need to be used..? do I have to link my tickets to the “my disney experience” website and they take care of all this upon check-in? im pretty confused with all this new technology lol

    • Tom Bricker says:

      That’s exactly how you do it. Once you receive the tickets from Undercover Tourist, you link them to your My Disney Experience account via the app.

      As for the fingerprint, that is tied to your account the first time you enter the park. Don’t worry about that right now.

  164. Lacey Alexander says:

    This information was very helpful. My family will be traveling to Disney World for the first time. We are taking 2 adults plus our 3 children: 5, 2.5, and 1 month :) I have done extensive research on Pinterest about tips and tricks to make our vacation fun, yet not stressful. We leave in 2 weeks, and I am still searching for the best way to purchase the tickets. Here is my thought and you tell me what you think: Purchase 5-day DMW tickets for 2 adults and 1 child and no park hopper passes from Undercover Tourist. My question: Will I be missing out on shows and parades at night if I don’t park hop? I am just worried about my little ones park hopping a minimum of 3 days (that’s the package that’s offered on UT) to watch the shows at night. Help!

  165. Deanna says:

    So I read that it might be possible to get a more substantial discount on tickets AT a AAA in Florida. Is that true? I am looking to buy 3 adult 3 day tickets for Oct 2014 and see a feature to buy online through AAA but found some people suggesting to go to the actual AAA near Disney. Any word on this? Also can you find discounts for MNSSHP tickets? It’s 3 adults and 2 under 2 so thankfully no cost for them…. Thanks!

  166. Sebastien says:

    I’m looking for a Disney vacation for August 7 days, I’ planning to have disney hotel + park + dining plan. Do I get better a price if I book Everything with Disney as a package or I book Disney hotel + dining with with Disney or AAA and parks with Undercover Tourists?

    • Tom Bricker says:

      It really depends on whether it’s the standard “Magic Your Way” package (in which case buy the tickets separately), or a room-only discount (buy them separately) or a discounted package like “Free Dining” (buy the tickets with the package) that requires purchase of tickets to get the discount.

      You can read more about Walt Disney World discounts to get an idea of how they all work here:

  167. Corey Herrick says:

    I noticed this comment on your site: “So, yeah, Walt Disney World tickets can be over $100 per day, but only if you buy a single day ticket directly from Disney.” Is there a two day ticket that can be purchased for less than $100 somewhere?

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Two day tickets are available and will save you a bit, but you really see the biggest savings once you do 3+ day tickets.

  168. Statix says:

    Just a quick question I hope you have time to answer. I’m looking at spending 3 days at WDW and one day at Universal. I wanted to do Epcot day one, Universal day 2 then AK and MK days 3 and 4. If I buy the 3 day Magic-Your-way pass do all 3 days have to be consecutive or just used within the 14 days from first activation?

  169. Velvet Brookins says:

    This will be my families first visit to DW (August, 2014 for 4 days), but I’m not sure exactly what I should be purchasing. I have a 6 and 8 year old and my daughters best friend who is 9 will also be going. My 6 year old son is mildly autistic so he is more so like a toddler but loves water and animals. My daughter is 8 and is pretty easy breezy and loves just about anything. As does her friend. My husband also has a DD214. Any suggestions?

  170. Thomas hickey says:

    I am inundated with all the options, and need some guidance. I need WDW tickets for 3 days for 7 adults, one of which is a military veteran, not a retiree.

    What suggestions do you have?

  171. Shawn says:

    How do you get the Fastpass+ option on the undercover tourist website?

  172. Laura B. says:

    Regarding the break-even point on APs, unless I’m seriously missing something, as few as 6 total days at the parks can make the AP a good option.

    3-day/park hopper w/tax: $344 (x2 = $688)
    Standard annual pass w/tax: $675

    So at only 2 trips over two long weekends, I’m already saving money with an AP (It’s even more savings at 3 separate trips using 2-day park hoppers).

    I realize that not everyone can make several smaller trips each year, but for those that can, an AP becomes a great value VERY quickly! I’m single, and live between Atlanta and Greenville, so it’s easy for me to take 2 days off of work and catch a cheap RT flight from one of the airports nearby, thus allowing for multiple trips.

    My point is, for others in similar situations, they might find the AP a great value for even a small number of days, as there’s still a savings.

  173. Anbomajay says:

    Hello we live in Europe, we(a family of 4) are traveling with 2 kids (7 and 4) from the 2. 7.2014 and want to spend 5days in Disney::.We need help on how to get discount tickets and a good hotel since we are on a budge, late with our booking and fairly new .Your respond will mean the world to us, cos we are kind of confuse after ready so many articles..Hoping to hear from you soon….Thanks in advance .

  174. Pat Rheaume says:


    We are going to Orlando by the end of July. We will be 2 adults, a 4 years old daughter and a 5 months baby. we are planning to stay for 6 nights. We will not stay at the disney hotel. I have couple questions for you…

    What kind of ticket do you think will fit better for us?

    What is exactly the park hopper? is it a shuttle? (sorry my main language is french)

    The fastpass+, is it a way to cut the lineups?

    thanks in advance:)

  175. Pat Rheaume says:


    We are going to Orlando by the end of July. We will be 2 adults, a 4 years old daughter and a 5 months baby. we are planning to stay for 6 nights. We will not stay at the disney hotel. I have couple questions for you…

    What kind of ticket do you think will fit better for us?

    What is exactly the park hopper? is it a shuttle? (sorry my main language is french)

    The fastpass+, is it a way to cut the lineups?

    thanks in advance:)

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Park Hopper allows you to visit multiple Disney parks in the same day.

      FastPass+ is a ride-reservation system, somewhat akin to being able to (partially at least) skip lines.

      A 6-day ticket is your best option, and it’s up to you whether you think you’ll need park hopper or not.

  176. Ricardo says:

    Do you ship tickets to Brazil ?

  177. Pat rheaume says:

    Thanks for your answers….

    Ill go for a 6 days and probably take the fastpass… But from which source do you recomand to buy? There is plenty of them

  178. Carrie says:

    I am planning a trip for the 1st week in August for myself and 3 children (12, 13, 15). Do you know anything about Disney’s Youth Education Series? It looks like I can save quite a bit by registering in a class but I wanted to see if anyone has any feed back on this program because it looks too good to be true.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      I don’t have any experience with “YES,” but if you read through some of the other comments, you’ll find many people are fans of it. I will say that it is not a scam–you just have to judge whether the savings are the extra time for the class.

  179. corrie says:

    I have extra days on lifetime tickets we purchased at disneyworld (Fla) about 14 years ago…taking a trip to disneyland(CA)…can I use them there?????

  180. Kevin says:

    One comment about undercover tourist vs. buying from Disney (similar to Mark’s above). Undercovertourist is 2-6% cheaper than direct from Disney (bigger discounts, it seems on park hopper and water park add-on’s). However, from undercovertourist you are purchasing with a credit card at 1-2% cash back. From Disney, you can use a gift card for which you should be able to get 5-12% off the price, depending how many hoops you want to go through. If you don’t want the (small, IMO) hassle of gift cards, undercover tourist is the way to go. But it’s something else to consider.

    • Robin says:

      How do you buy from a gift card with 5-12% back? Planning on booking my vacation this week and not sure which one to buy my tickets from.

  181. Liane DuPont says:

    Hello, quick question. We are going to Disney May 2015. We are staying at a friends house. Can we purchase tickets from undercover tourist if we are not staying in the park?


    • Beth says:

      Yes, you can buy tickets from Undercover Tourist without staying at Disney. I have bought from them for years – they are great, and the savings can’t be beat! One suggestion tho is to sign up for the newsletter – and go through their special Link to Undercover Tourist. You’ll find the special Link prices are a little cheaper than going directly to the Undercover Tourist website. Try to get them as soon as you are able before another price increase! You never know when that will happen – they usually announce it the day before!

  182. austjetgirl2014 says:

    Hi All,
    I’m an aussie coming to Orlando in early November. Have been to Disneyland 5 times but first time down to Orlando :)
    Just wondering, is undercover tourist ok to buy tickets from if I’m purchasing from outside the US with a non US address?
    Also, I’m wanting to buy 4 day park hopper for me and a 3 day park hopper for a friend who is arriving a few days later (she is from the US). Will this be an issue buying 2 x tickets on my credit card but the tickets need to be in 2 seperate names?
    Any help appreciated and LOVE your site!

  183. Tushima says:

    Hi i never been to disney world and im planning on visiting june 2015 and im renting a vacation house so that we can do other things as well.. so it will b 7 of us my youngest will b 1yrs old. I was thinking hopper ticket 1

  184. Venkata s Kalahastri says:

    Hi I am planning to visit Orlando on October 10th with my wife and 7 year old daughter. I would like to go for the 5 day Disney package. Can you please advise me on the best way to buy the ticket as well as the best theme parks?

  185. Steven says:

    Undercover Tourist has a deal for buy 4 days and get the 5th free. I’m looking at going in April of next year for a week, but don’t want to be at the park all 7 days. This option would work great. But my question is, if I buy passes during this calendar year, do they have to be used in the same calendar? I know they aren’t no-expiration tickets, but how do I know when the expiration would be? I don’t see anything on the website.


    • Tom Bricker says:

      Unless there’s a restriction on the specific tickets that says otherwise, they can be used at any time. As to expiration, the clock starts ticking after your first use of the tickets.

  186. Jackie says:

    We are planning a Disney trip to Orlando May 2015. My husband is military – but Canadian. Are there discounts for Canadian military as well as the US military?

  187. Nora Alexander says:

    I searched for the article title and discovered this, never thought
    i’d find my answer

  188. Oliver Smith says:

    Terrific Read, I liked the earpiece x12 part

  189. 2Busy4Fun says:

    My employer is holding its annual manager’s meeting at a Disney World resort this year. I’m bringing my husband, but unfortunately we can’t extend our stay. We may have a little time after we recover from our flight, but our only full day will be on Labor Day! Although there are a few attractions we’d like to see, it hardly seems worth adding a park hopper ticket for a single overcrowded day. The rest of our week there will be evenings only. Any suggestions? Also, can I find park schedules and maps on-line in advance? Thanks!

  190. Robin says:

    I am interested in buying tickets from undercover tourist but how does buying the dining plan work?

  191. Sole says:

    Hi Tom,
    Great work yoou’ve done! I am planning a visit to DW in September and did visit Undercover Tourist ti buy the tickets, but comparing to Tickets2you, the same tickets were cheaper there (by almost USD 200!). Is that possible? Are you familiar with Tickets2you??
    Thanks for your help!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Although they claim to be authorized, my understanding is that they are not on Disney’s official list of authorized resellers. Anyone can claim to be authorized. I personally have never done business with them nor do I know anyone who has. They might be perfectly legit. I wouldn’t roll the dice, though. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

  192. Jenny P says:

    Do you know if I use the undercover tourist to purchase my tickets if I am able to book my times and shows through the Disney website to plan my itinerary?

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Undercover Tourist’s tickets are FastPass+ ready, so you will be able to use the My Disney Experience app, etc., to plan.

  193. maria says:

    I am planning on going with my 3 yr old son for 3 days. Can you tell me what is the best cheap tickets to get? We have never been and don’t know whack parks to go to . thanks

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Hi Maria,

      Please follow the tips in the post to determine which tickets to get, and where to buy them.


  194. Justin F says:

    Question: My grandfather is veteran and might not be able to make it to the Dland trip anymore. Can we still get in with his discount if he already bought the tix?

  195. Matt says:

    Years ago maybe 2004/5 I bought a 10 day non expiring parkhopper ticket in orlando. I have since used tbat ticket in anaheim (as a park hopper) twice. When I bought the ticket I made sure to ask if it would be good at both and the agent assured me that it would. It would appear that this is no longer an option however i wanted to know if i buy another 10 day non expiring park hopper for orlando if it would again be honored in anaheim

    • Tom Bricker says:

      No, it most likely will not. You still might be able to find a Cast Member who will make an exception, but by all accounts, they no longer have a policy to honor WDW tickets at Disneyland.

  196. Marcia says:

    Hi Tom,
    Is ticketmomma a legitimate website for disneyworld tickets?

    • Tom Bricker says:

      I don’t see anything on their site indicating they are authorized, so I assume not. I have never used them, though.

  197. Sheryl says:

    Does anyone know if cast members can buy annual passes for “friends and family”?

  198. Jen M says:

    It seems that I could get a 4 or 5 day pass for less than a 3 day with Hopper. Do you know if it is possible to use the 4 or 5 day pass in 3 days with visiting 2 parks 2 of the days? (So still only going 3 days but hitting an extra park two of the days totaling 5 parks)? It seems if I’m willing to pay for 5 parks on 5 different days I should be able to do 5 parks on 3 days but nothing seems to indicate such. Thanks!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Clever idea, but it can’t be done. Disney already locked down that loophole–only one day on a ticket can be redeemed per day.

  199. Andy says:

    Hi Tom,
    This will be my first visit to Orlando for 4 days and wanted to cover 4 major attractions like Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Universal Studio and LEGOLAND. Due to lack of any combo tickets between these parks, I found a website who provides up to 40% discounted tickets on the condition of attending a seminar of some sort. Are these tickets legitimate and advisable.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      These types of “offers” have been going on with regard to tickets since at least the early 1990s. I don’t want to call them ‘scams’ across the board, as there might be some that do actually provide the tickets, but I wouldn’t roll the dice on it. At best, it’s like a gimmicky timeshare presentation that goes on forever with a bunch of hoops to jump through to actually qualify. Sorry!

  200. Appreciate it pertaining to expressing ones landscapes. This can be really wonderful in addition to expect of which will probably be very much ideal for us

  201. Stacy Carlin says:

    Hi Tom,
    I am a Florida resident taking my 4 yr old to Magic Kingdom for her birthday in October (she has pricess fever right now). Was planning on only going one day or maybe another half of a day. The only other park What ticket should I get? It will just be my husband and I with her.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      If you’re getting a 1 or 2 day ticket, it doesn’t really matter where you buy them. Your best option is honestly just from Disney directly at the gate when you get there, as you can’t save money via the authorized sellers on 1-2 day tickets. Have a great time! :)

  202. Betty says:

    I am a Florida resident and I am an annual pass holder. My son, his wife and my granddaughter are coming down to visit in Oct. Is there any extra discounted tickets since I am a resident pass holder for my family. Thanks

  203. scott says:

    The question that I have not been answered on this post when purchasing the Park Hopper 10 day with 10 day water park option with no expiration. Can I use 2 days a Disney and 3 day at the water park will I still have 8 days of Disney and 7 day of water parks to use later. So that I could actually use 20 days if I use one 4 major park one day and one water park another day?

    I have seen that process on one Web page but it’s not widely talked about as an option. It would make for a huge savings.

  204. Joanna says:

    Hi There. Long story short, I sadly only have 2 days to spend at WDW over Thanksgiving Break. Do you have suggestions for getting any kind of discount for the 2 days we will be there?

    Undercover tourist tickets for that short of a visit are actually *higher* than gate or Disney website tickets…

    Any help is appreciated!

  205. A Dav says:

    Love your blog, you’re saving us HUNDREDS of dollars! My question: if I stay in park, use Undercover Tourist for my tix, can I still get a Dining plan, and MNSSHP tix? It gets a little confusing at this point…

  206. Duane says:

    We are going with the idea of 3 hoppers and 1 AP for our trip in October. We are then planning on getting my wife an AP at our return trip in April. Then both will not need renewing at the same time. The extra benefits certainly justify my Ap in October with the return in April. Parking alone would cost over $100 for the week.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      I think that’s definitely a good strategy. The perks of the AP can definitely make it worth it for 1 person in your party to have one, even if the economics otherwise wouldn’t be there.

  207. lisa says:

    we are planning a 5 night trip to Disney World this December for Christmas. If I purchase tickets from how will they tie into the bracelets (magic bands) and fast pass?! Confused.

  208. Rae Crook says:

    My family of 2 Adult daughters & my husband are taking a holiday to Orlando & Disneyworld from Australia in April 2015. I have looked @ all of your information in your blog & thank you it is amazing. My question is I have checked out the prices on Undercover Tourist for our tickets 8 day park hopper for hubby & i & 10 day hopper with water park for my 2 daughters. Whilst they are only $32 cheaper on the Undercover Tourist than what they are from Disney itself. The difference is I can add the photo magic pass to my tickets on the Disney site itself saving me $50 on this price for purchasing it ahead of my trip. Do you know if this can be purchased for the same price through Disney if we have purchased our tickets through Undercover Tourist? Also if we are not staying in a Disney resort are we able to pre-purchase the magic bands or can this only be done when we get there & therefore not have them customised? I would appreciate any assistance.

    Thanks Rae

    • Tom Bricker says:

      PhotoPass can be purchased regardless of ticket source. Magic Bands are not necessary; I don’t recommend that those staying off-site purchase them, as you can simply scan your ticket instead of the band. The Magic Band is really no more convenient, it’s just that you can wear it on your wrist…which I suppose is convenient for some…

  209. Rebekah says:

    So, If I have a group of 4 people and we all want to go for 2 days in a row, would purchasing an 8 day package work for that and the tickets be split up or would they not be valid and we have to buy 2 tickets apiece?

    • Heather says:

      You would have to buy a 2 day ticket. The tickets are linked for only 1 person to use them. No sharing or transferring them.

  210. TheRef says:

    Is there still such a thing as a regular FastPass for people who purchase tickets at the gate or is FastPass+ only available? It’s been 3 years since we went and I would like to be prepared.

  211. Jessica says:

    I tried last week. I found them on a Facebook ad, I never heard of them before. We went to Disney and it all went smoothly. We really saved a lot on this trip! I think you can add them to your list of recommended resellers. Their prices are astonishingly low

    • psywzrd says:

      Anything more you can add to help people confirm that these guys are legit? The prices seem too good to be true and when that’s the case they usually are.

      • Tom Bricker says:

        I can’t say for sure, but based on the IP address, I believe “Jessica” works for the site mentioned. I would avoid it.

  212. steven says:

    wondering also about the dining plan. heard you cannot purchase dining plan with any tickets other than those purchased through disney. is that true?

  213. David says: looks cheap. Are they legit and FastPass+ enabled?

    • psywzrd says:

      Wondering the same thing myself. They do take PayPal which is good because they offer protection to the buyer. They claim that the tickets are FP+ enabled but you don’t get the tickets in advance (you get vouchers so you can pick them up down at WDW). Prices seem too good to be true.

  214. isha says:

    Hi, am planning to go to Disney for one day, what’s d best ticket I can buy at the cheapest price

  215. Marcia says:

    Just back from a few glorious Disneyland days. Thanks again for all the information and inspiration that really enhanced our experience.

  216. Cathy says:

    Has anyone ever bought tickets from Orlando Fun Tickets

  217. Leslie says:

    Have you used or know anything about They are the cheapest I’ve priced so far but am concern about the legitimacy. Also, do I get an actual ticket or the arm band? I really like the arm band option. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  218. Andres L says:

    Hey Tom, looking forward to get my annual pass, we are FL residents, and trying to get the best price. I been trying to get the proce from costco, AAA, etc, but it all seems to fall within the $675.21, which is the same as the disney site…. any advise? thanks

  219. nikki says:

    My family is planning three days at the parks. After looking at Undercover Tourist and talking with AAA, we’ve found that a 3-day hopper is more expensive than a 5-day Magic Your Way ticket. We are going to purchase the 5-day (no hopper) but use it three days and will use the other two days to ‘hop’/visit two parks in one day.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      You cannot use the ticket that way. Disney’s system will not allow multiple ‘days’ on a non-hopper ticket to be used in a single day.

      If someone at AAA told you something different, they are wrong.

  220. Krishna says:

    where can I get good deal on hotel flight ticket vacation package for walt disney world? is it better to buy vacation package or separately for flight hotel ticket?

  221. Lyndsay says:

    If we purchase our tickets through Park Savers, can we buy the memory maker photo package separately on site at DW?

  222. Arvind says:


    I’m planning to visit Hollywood studios and Magic kingdom later this month. How much do they charge for car parking?

  223. Monica says:

    I don’t get it, the base price for a 1 day ticket is more on the discount sites than at the gate. Even the multi day hoppers are more than what I saw online at Disney, 391 at the discounter and 344 at Disney direct. What am I missing is the benefit?

  224. VIjaya says:

    Hi Tom,

    Our family is planning for Disney Trip to Florida in the month of May 1st week. Its a group of 7 people. Can you please suggest me the cheapest tickets and the best parks to visit. Kids are of age 11,12 and 17. If you can suggest us a best hotel too that would be appreciable.

    Your guidance will be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

  225. Letty says:

    My family and I are heading for the week of Thanksgiving. I am looking to save money or tickets to the parks. How can I make sure these website you recommended are real?

  226. Tricia says:

    Great site – I’ve sat up ’till the early hours planning! 22 days and counting. Please can you tell me if we can buy annual passes from the UK and where from. I’ve enquired and not had any success. If we wait until we are in Orlando where is the best place? Thank you for any help.

  227. Mike says:


    Can anyone tell me the benefits or difference between FL and all others? I just went on their site, and the prices are the same. Is it because of the holiday season? If so? shoulnt they just remove the FL resident “discount” site? Thanks.

  228. Carolyn says:

    Can you help to determine if the following website is legit? Their prices are a lot less than the sites you have listed. I am only in the Kissimmee area with my 4 yr old granddaughter for 2 days in Feb 2015. Thanks.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      I can’t say for certain, but it doesn’t pass the smell test for me. They have no address listed on their site, very little information in general, and if you Google the name of the site, you won’t find any BBB info or any reviews on other sites.

      I’d saying you’re rolling the dice if you buy from them. I wouldn’t do it, personally…

  229. Katherine says:

    We are 7 people going to Orlando for 24-30 December. 4 adults, 2 (+65) and 1 child. What would you suggest? Where would be the best place to purchase our tickets. We are travelling from South America.

    Thank you,


  230. Carol says:

    Hello everyone. Tom, love your posts as always. Here’s my experience:
    I have purchased WDW tickets for my family twice from UndercoverTourist. Everything has been fine. The UT customer service was good the one time I had a question. You can link your tickets/ cards to your Disney account online & they will be on your magic band. I highly recommend (insist even) bringing the physical tickets with you (just in case). My husband’s magic band was not showing a ticket at Typhoon Lagoon. I got very nervous but presented the plastic card ticket & it worked/ it was fine. So bring your tickets as back up.

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Great tip. I think Walt Disney World has gotten better with the Magic Bands in the last couple of months, so problems aren’t nearly as regular as they once were, but they do still occur. In other words, for the time being, your advice is still spot-on. Perhaps by next year, it won’t be necessary…

  231. Tracy says:


    Last year we bought our tickets through Orbitz (to Disneyland), got the voucher emailed to us to print out and we had no problems exchanging this for our tickets.

    Their site is currently showing tickets to Disneyworld: *3-Day Base Ticket + Park Hopper + 2 DAYS FREE for $344.00

    This is about the best price I have been able to find anywhere, but I want to know if it will be just as easy to exchange the voucher for tickets. I know it should be, but just curious, if anyone has any experience of using orbitz.

    They also have tickets to Disneyland: 4-Day Park Hopper Bonus Ticket – Get a 5th Day FREE for $289, which I will probably buy again.


    • Tom Bricker says:

      Orbitz is definitely reputable, so if you find a good deal on there, I would not hesitate to book. Just keep in mind that Orbitz (typically) charges a booking fee. It’s something nominal like $5, but you might look a little to see if you can find that same deal on another reputable site without the booking fee.

  232. Carol Downey says:

    I see the list of parks for the Park Hopper but I do not see Universal Studios listed is that a separate ticket altogether ?

  233. Micros128 says:

    Hi, Have any of you seen in previous years if on Black Friday or Cyber Monday websites like Undercover Tourist or Park Savers make discounts?

  234. Catherine Magee says:

    Where do you purchase your annual passes…any discounted places or through WDW directly?

  235. Not so happy says:

    December 6, 2014 at 11:56 pm I read this blog and some of the comments. thought Undercover Tourtist is a good place to buy ticket. Since I am first time, don’t know the ticket purchase process quite well. Here seems tell me what expect to happen after I order online, so I ordered ticket on Undercover Tourtist, but it still haven’t shipped out after 5days, yes I choose free shipping, but I only expect it use slow shipping method, I don’t expect it process the ticket that slow. And with only $10-$15 for a >$1500 order, do I really need to save that $10-$15 instead of goto where you can use target gift card to save at least $75 and it is the official site.
    I really recommend people purchase ticket on official site.

  236. Claire says:

    We’re going to The Magic Kingdom for 2 days next week. We’re traveling from the UK at the end of this week. What are the best ticket options?

  237. Amy says:

    My family and I are going to be in Orlando for a wedding and have one extra day to go to Disney. I know my three year old will be thrilled! I’m wondering if it’s worth it to purchase tickets ahead of time? We were thinking of going to Magic Kingdom and unfortuntately we only have the one day to visit the park.


    • Tom Bricker says:

      The reason it would be worth it to purchase in advance is so that you may make your FastPass+ selections early. As I point out in the article, that’s a really big deal. However, for a 1-day ticket, you aren’t going to save any money by purchasing in advance. What you’ll be saving is time.

      Hope that helps–have a great day in the Magic Kingdom! :)

  238. Jisselle says:

    We will be visiting Disney over Christmas and only have 2 days to spend at the Disney parks … We will be staying at one of the Westgate Resorts and was told that I can purchase Disney Tickets directly from them when we get there. It will be cheaper as they do not charge for tax? Your thoughts?

  239. Ken Colby says:

    I will be going to Disney World for 3 nights and two full days in Feb15. I have 2 tickets left from my last visit where I had to leave early. They are park hopper tickets that I bought in April of 1994. As I understand they do not expire so I would need 2 more tickets for my wife and I to use during my 2 day visit. Am I correct in thinking I only need to purchase 2 additional tickets? Also, is there a problem with the new system at Disney accepting the old tickets? The two new tickets would be Base tickets since I can use the old park hopper tickets to move around on my final day. Does this make sense?

    • Tom Bricker says:

      You are correct on all counts. Disney will still accept the old tickets from 1994. It might be a bit of a hassle, but they will honor them.

  240. Jillbert says:

    We’ll be in WDW hopefully by end of April to first week of May. Thanks for the tips.

  241. Clyde says:

    PerkSpot - –
    Use to be a site where corps can sign up to give their employees discounts but now it is wide open to the public
    Cheaper Undercovertourist by a few dollars.. greats deals on Hoppers passes and 100% legit!

  242. Margaret says:

    If I buy tickets online this week how long are they good for? Want to make sure they don’t expire at the end of 2014 since we are going to Disney in February 2015.
    Another blog has recommended Best of Orlando to purchase Disney tickets. They seem legit and as of today are about $20 cheaper, per ticket, than Undercover Tourist What do you know about them?

    • Tom Bricker says:

      Unless otherwise stated, the “clock” (so to speak) on tickets doesn’t start until you first use them. So, you could buy today and not use them until 2016 and be just fine.

      As far as I know, Best of Orlando is legit. When comparing prices, did you factor tax and look at like options? I haven’t seen them have cheaper prices in the past, but I haven’t looked recently.

      Have a great trip!

      • Margaret says:

        Thanks for pointing out about the taxes. They are not included in the price on Best of Orlando. Therefore, their final price is about the same as Undercover Tourist’s.

    • Delia says:

      Thanks for that information me and my husband are also going with my 3 children in February so having the information to this discounted site helps!! :)

  243. Ariel says:

    Dear Tom,
    You have a really nice blog.
    I was looking for tickets, and found this page: with really nice prices. we are 8 people. Do you know it?
    Best regards

  244. Gina says:

    Do you still recommend passing on the MagicBands if staying at the Dolphin? I thought our teenagers might have an easier time keeping up with them in the parks. Also, I understand there are some benefits if using the Magical Memory Maker – if wearing a band some of your pictures and videos are automatically linked.

  245. Ashley says:

    Is there any way to buy the tickets separate and still get a package with Room & Dining? I know that sometimes the dining package can actually be more than what we pay without it, but for us it’s about convenience. We’re planning a trip in early February 2016 (luckily we’re in Louisiana and have a week off for Mardi Gras!) with 7 adults and 3 children. Last time, not having to budget or make any decisions concerning dining made our trip much smoother and less stressful for everyone.

  246. Mike says:

    You have recommended three discount ticket companies from which to buy tickets for Disney World. What is your opinion about “Tickets 2 You”, and why do you not recommend them?



  247. Ed Johnson says:

    Thanks so much for all the helpful info on this site! I’d be lost without it. I see you recommend the park hopper tickets, but if I bought the 6 day base ticket for a 5 day trip, could I use the 6th day ticket to hop a park during my 5 day stay? My kids are younger so I don’t think I’d use the hopper option more than once or twice at the most.

  248. BRANDI says:


  249. Mindy A. says:

    Re: Undercover Tourist tickets:

    I just purchased Buy 3 days, get 1 free park hopper tickets from them in November for our trip last week. Had NO PROBLEMS whatsoever. They came quickly, I was able to book my fast pass selections as soon as I linked them to our My Disney Experience account, and they were the cheapest price I found! I was worried, having been our first time using them, but didn’t have one issue. Our tickets came up as 4 day park hoppers, as they should, and worked just fine linked to our Magic Bands as well. I high recommend Undercover Tourist!

    • Delia says:

      Hello thank you for that information. I am planning our family vacation in February and we have 3 kids, ages 3, 6 and 9. Do you recommend doing the park hopper for 5 days?

  250. Mindy A. says:


    We just bought MORE tickets from Undercover Tourist last night for our next trip in February. Highly recommend…

  251. Fritzie says:

    Hei Tom. Thank you for all your informations.

    I have some questions that I hope you can answer. We are a family of 4 with two small children. A toddler and a 6 yrs old. We are staying in Orlando for 14days, but thinking of only spending 7 days in Disney World.

    What ticket do you recommend we buy? I was thinking the 7day ticket. And another question, which parks do you recommend for us to visit.

    Thank you.


  252. Pattrick says:

    I want to bring my 2 grand kids age 5 and 7 to disney.We can only be there for 2 days, what would be the best tickets to buy?

  253. Shannon says:

    HELP! I have a question that I cant seem to find the answer to anywhere! We purchased our entire vacation package, including tickets, through Disney’s website (I know! I should have read this blog first)! We purchased a 7-day base ticket, which we later found out, after reading this, could have been purchased cheaper through an authorized broker. Can we add on the park hopper or water parks and more option through an authorized broker at a discounted price or will these options have to be added on through Disney’s site where we made our reservations?

  254. Steven Jones says:

    I was wondering if anyone has heard of or used pleasure ticket for buying Walt Disney World tickets and if they are a legitmate supplier.

    I would appreciate any info on them ASAP.

    Thanks in Advance

  255. Sara says:

    Question — is the only place to buy an annual pass through the disney world website? Thought there was a AAA location in Orlando that sold the annual pass at a discount, but I want to make sure I get the FastPass option also.
    Thank you

    • Tom Bricker says:

      FastPass+ comes with all valid park tickets, so if you find another place that sells valid APs, you’ll have it.

  256. Tim says:

    I can go through my company and get a 5-day ticket for the price of a 3-day ticket. This includes park hopper and I believe fastpass as well. For 2 adults and a 5 year old, it ends up being $950. Does that seem like a pretty good deal to you?

  257. Susie says:

    Is it legit to buy tickets and book a disney resort thru orbitz? If so how do you get your tickets with the voucher they email.

  258. Chris says:

    I am taking my two teenage kids to Disney in the fall and will be staying in the park. I checked the ticket prices from Disney and from Undercover Tourist, and could only find a discount of $18 per person for a 7 day hopper ticket? Why can’t I find the same savings you talk about?

  259. Patrick says:

    I am not happy with Undercover Tourist. Not only was it the eighth day after paying for our tickets before they shipped, we had asked, twice, for them to send us the ticket numbers once the tickets were ready so we could start making FastPass+ reservations. We were assured that they would do this. Well, they didn’t. What’s more, their phone system was down for a two-day upgrade that is now in its sixth day, so we could not talk to anyone. The message you get when calling claims that they will respond to voice messages. Not in our experience! Likewise we are getting no replies to email, and the links to online chat that used to pop up on the website have disappeared.

    We had less expensive options for our tickets, but went with UT because we thought we could get our ticket info early (because they told us so). With the pittance you save through any of these sites, we will be purchasing our tickets from Disney from now on.

  260. Pam says:

    I am looking into tickets for my family to visit Disney this spring. We are FL residents so I was looking into purchasing the 3 day FL resident pass with park hopper option. After reading this I thought I would check some of the sites you provided.

    The FL resident ticket I can purchase is 3 day Park Hopper for a total of 174.13 – around 47.00 a day. After looking at the 3 party options, around 350.00 for 3 day park hopper tickets, I am much better off purchasing from Disney online direct. Unless I am missing something? This will be my first Disney trip so its possible that I am wrong.

  261. Victor says:

    Tom — for a 3-day (non-hopper) pass for 3 people, none of the authorized dealers besides Disney seem to offer more than a $5 or so “all-in” discount, if there is any discount at all … if that is true, what’s the benefit of going through these 3rd party providers other than to save $5?

  262. Mary says:

    We have a large group(8 adults, 6 children) and will be spending 3 days at Disney World. Can more than one person use the same ticket in a given day? Instead of buying separate 3-day passes for everyone in our party, we thought of purchasing 4-day tickets (which comes with 5th day free) and having multiple people use the same ticket on the same day.

  263. Mary says:

    If we purchase 5-day Magic Your Way Tickets, can we use them to enter a different park on the same day it was used elsewhere?

  264. Henry says:

    If we purchase the tickets from undercover tourist, are we able to make FP in advance? We will stay in a non-Disney resort hotel.


  265. Cecilia says:

    Hi. Is visitorlando a legit site to buy the tickets?

  266. Sherry says:

    Can you tell me if you have to have the Disney passes in hand to reserve the fast passes? I am from Canada and it may take 2 weeks for me to get the passes. Is there a number you get from a reseller to activate the FP right away?

    • ces says:

      I used Park Savers to buy my ticket one week before my Feb 2015 trip. On the third day, I received the confirmation number via email. Using My Disney Experience app, I linked this number to me (the user) and started reserving Fastpass attractions. When I finally arrived at Disney, I went up to a ticket booth, showed them the confirmation email and I was issued the ticket.

      Undercover Tourist will not ship outside the US/Canada so this was the best option. And the best it is!

  267. Sandy says:

    Yes! Annual passes are addicting! Once you have the AP discounts, Tables, and multiple trips planned in a year, it’s hard to let all of that go!

  268. Matt Garcia says:


    Great blog! great info! I just had a question. We were thinking of getting tickets through Shades of Green, but I was wondering if getting tickets through them, how does the MyMagic+ system work or are we not able to use it? They said that they don’t come with the magic bands so does that mean we cant use fast passes?

    • Tom Bricker says:

      I don’t have experience with the military tickets, but you should be able to connect them with your My Disney Experience account just like any other tickets. You don’t need Magic Bands for FastPass+.

  269. nessa says:

    Some of you need to do your own home work. It seems like y’all want Tom to plan your trip. Use Google ppl!!!!

  270. Social Voucher says:

    Let’s start with the bad news: Disney has hiked the price of “Magic Your Way” tickets. The good news is that it doesn’t mean your trip to Disney World has to cost more. Chances are, you were going to spend more than you had to for tickets, anyway, so this is a perfect opportunity to rethink how much Mickey you really need.

  271. Christal says:

    I am planning my first disney vacation. I was very surprised to see that undercover tourist, despite being recommended by MANY blog sites was actually more expensive than buying from Disney! 2 day adult hopper pass. The difference was less that $10, but why bother? Orbitz had a great price as did expedia and I called and was told yes they can be linked to for your magic band.

  272. Ruth says:

    I’ve spent hours going through all of this information on tickets and am now more confused then ever. We will be in DW in November and want to include the MMCP in our trip which I understand will be a separate ticket from the 3 day pass that I was thinking of getting. We want to do Universal for 2 days as well a Sea World. We will be there for 10 days,4 adults and 2 kids 11 and 12. We are staying in a private home. Would the park hopper be of good value? don’t have a large budget and don’t want to make a mistake on buying the wrong tickets.

  273. Jen Haas says:

    DON’T ORDER TICKETS FROM THS COMPANY, FOR SEVERAL REASONS!!! I cannot begin to explain how disappointed I was with my experience with Undercover Tourist. I ordered my tickets to Disney World at 1:30 CST on Thursday, 02/12/15 at 1:26 PM, and I only ordered them from Undercover Tourist because they advertise on their website “E-Ticket Delivery”, it also states “Please allow at least 72 hours for processing before arrival.” Had the site not stated 72 hours, I would have just bought them from the ticket stand at Disney! With 72 hours, that would put my delivery NO LATER than 1:26 PM on Sunday, 02/15/15. I even called after I placed my order and the girl said you should receive them within 24 hours, everyone usually gets them within 24 hours, and I thought well that’s great, cause we are arriving in Disney on Sunday 02/15/15, and I would love to have the whole day at the park, but if it takes the 72 hours, then I should be in the park by 1:30 that day. Well, 24 hours passed by and no tickets, so I called Undercover Tourist again, and she said don’t worry they will come in, they are “Processing”. So at 48 hours I called again and she said that no one has ever had a problem with this before they should arrive overnight and be in my email the next morning. So, I figured If no one had a problem before that it should be ok. So I wake up the next morning and still NO TICKETS! I called and she said wait until 1:30 CST (which would be the 72 hours) before they could do anything. So I waited until 1:30 CST as she told me to do and still not tickets, I call again and she says that they will be available at Will Call on Monday. I explained the only reason I bought these was the 72 hour E-Ticket or I would have bought them at Disney in person. There was nothing she could do she said the office was closed (I had called their emergency after hours number), my boyfriend spoke to her as well and we got nowhere. So now we have 3 kids who are at Disney World but can’t go in, truly a nightmare! She called me back and said they would refund our card on Monday morning for the ticket amount and that we could just go to the parks and buy the tickets. She said it would take 3-5 days for the refund to go thru. Now, who has an extra $2000 just laying around to fork out for more tickets. I basically called them thieves, my hands were tied and at this point everyone including the kids are very upset! I spoke to the Customer Service Agent at the Disney hotel we were staying in and she said she had heard so many bad things about Undercover Tourist and that many guests had problems with them. She said Disney could not help me since the tickets were bought thru Undercover Tourist. At around 6:00 CST the tickets showed up in my email, and we went to the parks. Prob around the 3rd day we went to the front desk to link my boyfriends band to our charging account, after a few minutes of the agent looking thru the computer she asked if we had any problems getting into the parks, I guess the tickets didn’t seem legit, she told us not to mess with anything if we hadn’t had any problems cause something wasn’t right. So I just have to wonder what kind of scam this company is running! Beware and don’t buy your tickets from them no matter how many good reviews you have read, don’t let this ruin your trip!!

  274. BW says:

    I need clarification on something, please…. I’m not 100% sure if I will need a 4 day or a 5 day based on the following example:

    We’re planning on getting the hopper tickets with the water park option. If we are there a total of 5 days but go to the parks on days 1-4 and water only on day 5, do I get the 4 day hopper plus water or do I need to get the 5 day hopper plus water? I’m getting confused by the “fun visits”. It states you get all the parks plus one of the following with each “5 fun visits”. I’m not following what a fun visit really is…..

    Thank you!

    • Tom Bricker says:

      You need a 4-day ticket. The number of days on the ticket refers to entry for the 4 main theme parks. The “fun visits” are all of the places outside of those 4 parks. Hope that helps!

  275. Nicole says:

    Help! Not sure what to do. Staying at the Swan from April 27th -20th. Right now my Husband and I are just going. We MAY decide to take our daughter who will be 9 months by April. Anyways – was thinknig of getting the park hopper pass along with the photo package. If I do the park hopper pass with one of these discount websites how do I do the photo package? I would only do the photo package if my little one comes with us. Since the Swam ins’t techinically a WDW resort does this affect the fast pass or anything? I don’t believe we can have the magic bands but not sure what the magic band is anyways!!

  276. leanne says:

    hi, I am confused. You mentioned that tickets can be used for future vacations but on the Disney site it says that all tickets and options must be used within 14 days? Can you clarify this? if I buy a 10 day ticket option do they have to be used within 14 days?

  277. Vicki Wallace says:

    Hi there, I am emailing from New Zealand. We are coming to Orlando in July and looking at a 5 day hopper pass. I have read back through the emails above and cant see where we would do the fast passes. Do we book the tickets first?? Then do the FP? Could you please advise what the steps are? Lastly thank you so much for this website!! Cheers

  278. Vanessa says:

    Can I really trust Undercover? I’m afraid if I buy tickets from Undercoverd and something happen, Disney will not solve the problem and I’ll loose my money and maybe days at the park… How do I make sure the tickets are valid before we go and it will work when we get there?
    My trip is at the end of May 2015.

  279. Adam says:

    I’m sorry but i’m just wondering if you can buy 10-day tickets and use them for two people over 5 days? I have been searching for this answer for days and can’t find one. Thank you

  280. Trish says:

    I have read so many of your articles in the past couple weeks and now I feel like I know more about Disney then my travel agent! However I do have one question that I keep getting conflicting answers on, but I trust you the most after how much your articles have taught me! My travel agent booked 2 magic your way tickets with park hopper option and 2 magic your way tickets with water park fun and more option. I am going to Disney in May and I would like to do the regular parks each of the 4 days in the mornings (to hopefully capitalize on fast passes) and have the option to go to a water park on at least 2 days if the weather gets too hot. My question is, can I go to one of the four regular Disney parks AND a water park on the same day with one of my magic your way tickets with water park fun and more option? Does this ticket technically act as 2 tickets (one for regular ark and one for water park)?

    Thank you for your help, I am so enjoying your blog it has been a great help!!

    (I also have frogg toggs coming in the mail for those warm days by your suggestion, can’t wait to see how they work!)

  281. Samantha says:

    Where should we be getting the annual passes at a discount?
    Most of the places I’ve found only offer the tickets at a discount.

  282. Anthony says:

    Hi Tom,we are going to Disneyworld for the very first time from Australia,unfortunately we are only there for 1 week,i have joined undercover tourist already,my question is what ticket would you suggest just for 4 days?we arrive in early november 2015.I have read your blogsite ( very informative for a seasoned dph ) there are 8 adults in our party ( no kids ) woo hoo for a change,nah we’re all kids hey lol. Thanks..Ant.

  283. MIke Vaillancourt says:

    Were going to Disney the last week of April, my wife and I were meeting up with the kids and grand kids. I need to get 2 tickets for us for: Magic Kingdom, Universal and SeaWorld, can a hopper be used for these?

  284. handy gomez says:

    hi, i am with group of 9, 3 children child ages 2/3/7 and 6 adults we only want to go to the three main parks universal, magic kingdom, and sea world what would you recommend we already have a place to stay so it would only be for the tickets and we dont want to pay so much please let me know TIA

  285. Sarav says:

    Great info to know for a first timer. website says they will send vouchers to email and it actually need to be redeemed for actual tickets at the Disney World Resort Box Office. Can this voucher be added to Magic band experience?

    I am planning to book park tickets using Park Savers or Undercover Tourist and resort purchase through Disney.

    Please let me know if my plan works out.

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  288. Ruby says:

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  293. Heather says:

    you can only use 1 ticket a day. Their computer is set up that way :(


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