Disneyland “Magical” Fireworks Photo

The first time we saw “Magical” (Disneyland’s special fireworks spectacular for the summer), we were really impressed. We like Wishes!, but Magical seemed better. At this point, we didn’t know much about Disneyland, we had just taken a quick three-day trip to Disneyland because we were in Southern California for a wedding. Upon returning, we raved about Disneyland, to which many of our Disneyland-savvy friends remarked that if we liked Magical, we’d love “Remember… Dreams Come True!” I thought this was unlikely, but sure enough, when we did see “Remember… Dreams Come True!” we were absolutely blown away.

Technical details: this is a 197 second exposure of Magical from August 2010 taken using a 6 stop neutral density filter. Sigma 30mm f/1.4 lens on a Nikon D90.

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One Response to “Disneyland “Magical” Fireworks Photo”

  1. Troy says:

    This photo is amazing and I featured it in a post titled Disneyland Fireworks makes me smile which can be found at http://www.1ksmiles.com/disneyland-fireworks
    Again, a fantastic photo image. Thank you so much for capturing it for all to see.

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