Disney Parks 2016 Christmas Merchandise


Christmas is here at Walt Disney World and Disneyland! Well…at least in the gift shops. In this post, we take a look at holiday merchandise that is available in the parks. While the actual holiday seasons at Walt Disney World and Disneyland don’t kick off for another week-plus, Disney certainly is not going to stop you if you want to give them your money. And, when it comes to this year’s Disney Parks Christmas merchandise, there are plenty of things you might want to give them your money for.

We spotted this merchandise in Disneyland (it started being put on shelves about a week before Halloween, and by now Christmas merchandise has taken over entire sections of stores), where it can be found in The Emporium, World of Disney, and countless other shops around the resort.

At Walt Disney World, you’ll find it in the same places, plus Mouse Gear in Epcot, Ye Old Christmas Shoppe in Magic Kingdom, Discovery Trading Co. in Animal Kingdom, Mickey’s of Hollywood in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Days of Christmas in Disney Springs. A lot of these items are likely in many other shops around Walt Disney World, as well.

What are some of the highlights this year? Let’s take a look…


I like this a lot. I’ve always loved the Victorian Disney Christmas stuff, and this is a nice example of that.


Over the past few years, Disney has used more vintage-inspired Mickey & Minnie designs for Christmas merchandise. I’m a big fan of it.


This “line” (if you want to call it that) has been among the most popular Christmas merch.


You may not be able to tell, but these dishes have the same vintage Mickey & Minnie. This whole line is thoughtfully designed, and really nice.


At the other end of the spectrum…there’s this. If you bought one of those hideous “2016” tie-dyed shirts, here’s the totally bland ornament to go along with it.


I would say that this ornament is only sold at Disneyland, but I’m not sure if that’s the case given how much Walt Disney World stuff I see in Anaheim…


Like this.


I would say the last thing Olaf needs is caffeine.


Olaf and whatever his female counterpart’s (girlfriend? wife? sister?) is continue to make appearances on merchandise.


I collect the Hallmark Muppet line of Christmas ornaments; might have to expand the horizons of that collection to justify buying this.


I’m not sure what’s going on here. This reminds me of what would happen if you mixed Minnie Mouse, a strawberry, and the Hershey’s Kiss mascot.


I think this cutesy style is “a thing.” There is a whole rack of ornaments like this.

They would never last in our household, because the dog has already decreed that anything plush is his mortal enemy, and must be destroyed.


A particularly soft Donald plush.


The shirts above and below are my favorite pieces of Christmas merchandise this year.


I think I’ll probably get this shirt, if only because it’s long sleeves, which seems more practical than a Christmas t-shirt.


Here is a prime example of declining quality. I purchased these (almost) exact sleep pants ~5 years ago. Back then, they were actual patchwork. Now, they are not only more expensive, but the “patches” are screen-print on a solid piece of fabric. Lame.


These are among the coolest new pieces of Disney merchandise available this Christmas.


I don’t know what any of these things do (I guess the one above is a gravy boat?), but they still look cool.


Unfortunately, Flower is not represented in this line. That seems like a gross oversight. I cannot imagine what you’d want on your Thanksgiving table more than a gleeful skunk.


Part of me really wants to have kids to justify buying trains, LEGO sets, and all of the other awesome things I’m “too old” to buy myself. I assume raising kids is rewarding in other sorts of ways, but this seems like the ultimate payoff to me.


There’s also a really cool (per Sarah) pair of black ears with a plaid bow. I forgot to take a photo of that one, but I’m sure we’ll own it and you’ll see photos of it on Instagram soon enough…


There are a ton of Mickey & Minnie Mouse nutcrackers, and some of the designs are really inventive. There’s also an Olaf one, if you need some nightmare fuel.


That’s a wrap on our look at 2016 Walt Disney World & Disneyland Christmas merchandise. If you have any questions about any of this stuff, or anything else, let me know!

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What Christmas merchandise items are your favorites? Do you have thoughts on any of these items? Have any questions about the holidays at Walt Disney World or Disneyland? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments below!

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