3-Night Bahamas Disney Cruise Line Report

Our cruise report from the Disney Dream’s 3-night Bahamas itinerary covers a lot of topics, from Disney Cruise Line v. Walt Disney World, to whether Nassau is worth visiting, to the quality of entertainment and dining aboard the ship.

This report details our day by day experience aboard the Disney Dream as we departed Port Canaveral, headed to Nassau, Bahamas, followed by Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island), and everything we did along the way. Over the course of cruise report, we share some of our strategy for making the most of the experience, thoughts on the daily schedule, dining, shows, random anecdotes, and opinions of what we did.

If you don’t care what we have to say, that’s cool, too, as the cruise report include hundreds of photos of the Disney Dream, Nassau, and Castaway Cay. Among these photos are sunset shots from the ship, food photos of everything we ate on Disney Cruise Line, and more.

This trip report is written in a way that (we hope!) allows you to join us vicariously, but also numerous details for those of you debating whether Disney Cruise Line might be worth the money to you, or those who are planning your own cruises. (Spoiler alert: we had a great time on the cruise. Double spoiler alert: there are a couple photos of Olaf in it. You’re welcome.)

You can click on each link below to read through the cruise report. As to some of our past trip reports, this is a pretty quick read…

Part 1 — Destination: Relaxation
Part 2 — Stopping in Nassau, Bahamas
Part 3 — An Amazing Day at Castaway Cay!
Part 4 — Overall Thoughts & Walt Disney World v. Disney Cruise Line

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Have you ever set sail aboard Disney Cruise Like? What did you think of the experience? Which of the ships is your favorite? Ever done a land and sea cruise with Walt Disney World followed by Disney Cruise Line? Thoughts on dining aboard the Disney Dream? Any thoughts on Nassau, Castaway Cay, other ports, entertainment, or anything else we’ve covered in this cruise report? Any other Disney Cruise Line tips to add or recommendations? If you have questions or thoughts, please share them below and we’ll try to respond!

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