Aulani – Disney’s Hawaii Resort Trip Report

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Our Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa Trip Report covers our first visit to this resort in Ko Olina, Oahu. The report covers our thoughts on the resort, photos from the visit, and random tidbits. For this particular visit to Aulani, we stayed 3 nights, spent a lot of time at the resort, ate at every restaurant, lazied in every river, slid in every water slide, and drank at every bar…ALL IN THE NAME OF RESEARCH! 😉

We’ve had a lot of questions about Aulani from a variety of different (for lack of better term) “demographics,” and we think this is because it’s a resort with a lot of depth thanks to the work of the Walt Disney Imagineers in creating an authentic environment that would celebrate Hawaiian culture and history, while also being a luxurious destination that would appeal to both families and more ‘typical’ tourists to Hawaii seeking a romantic getaway. All of this flowery language probably sounds like a press release, but really it’s just meant to explain why we think there’s so much interest in Aulani. In a way, it breaks the mold on the formula of the resorts on Waikiki Beach, and there’s a lot of curiosity about what Disney has done in Hawaii.

Hopefully, this report will provide some insight into the things about which you’re curious. Accompanying the rambling text that will more likely raise more questions than it answers will be hundreds of photos from Aulani, including lots of food, spa, lazy river, and other photos. Besides the typical vibrant landscape photos that are common on our blog, we will also share photos of the details that make Aulani a worthwhile place to visit in Hawaii, whether you’re a Disney fan or not!

The first installment of the Aulani Trip Report is now live!

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Click the links below to go to each installment…

Part 1 – Aloha Awakea, Hawai’i!
Part 2 – 4 a.m. Jetlag Photo Shoot (Coming Soon…)
Part 3 – Sarah’s Spa Day & Tom Rocks Out (Coming TBD…)
Part 4 – The Gremlins of Aulani (Coming TBD…)

If you like the photos you see in this trip report and are interested in seeing more or purchasing prints, or downloading images, check out my Disney Photography Gallery! If you’re new to our trip reports, make sure to check out our past Disney Trip Reports to read about more of our adventures at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Resort, and Disneyland Paris.

If you are planning a trip to Disney’s Aulani Resort & Spa in Hawaii, we highly recommend reading our Aulani — A Disney Resort & Spa Trip Planning Guide for comprehensive advice for Aulani and beyond!



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