33 Best Cyber Monday Deals on Travel Gear

This list covers the 33 best deals on travel gear and gadgets, with great discounts on Christmas presents from Amazon’s Cyber Monday sale, including items with coupons and Lightning Deals. This buying guide features great tech gadgets and accessories that’ll help improve your trip to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and beyond!

If you’re looking for more substantial present ideas (that aren’t necessarily on sale and aren’t all tech), check out our Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Disney Fans. Want practical things that’ll help improve the quality of your vacation? Our Packing List for Walt Disney World has you covered, with many unique items that you never knew you needed!

Drawing inspiration from our earlier 30 Deals for Under $30 list, we’ve narrowed our focus here to only travel stuff while also limiting the list to only 33 items. As you may know, much of the same merchandise is discounted with each sale. Beyond that, we usually make these lists with our own preferences in mind, which means a lot of books and board games. To keep things fresh, we’re doing a list without those products, toys or household goods. Instead, we’re focusing solely on travel gear and trying to find as many new items as possible!

If you want a broader selection of the current deals, check out Amazon’s Cyber Monday Sale page for the biggest savings and most popular deals. Even then, the options can be overwhelming, as there are literally tens of thousands of items on sale. (If you’re not already a member, click here for a FREE 30-day Amazon Prime trial membership. Also a great way to watch Thursday Night Football!)

As always, we receive a small commission from Amazon for your purchases, so buying through these links helps support the site. However, neither the price you pay nor our recommendations (or lack thereof) are impacted by that. With all of that out of the way, let’s dig into the deals!

Nintendo Switch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Bundle + 3 Months Nintendo Switch Online – I’m guessing many of you either already have a Nintendo Switch or don’t want one. But there might be a third category who have never given it any thought, so allow me to make my quick pitch for the Switch.

The Switch is home to several of the best video games of all-time, and like the Wii before it, is the console for non-gamers. There’s something for everyone–from the laid back relaxation of Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley to the communal competitiveness of Mario Kart 8 or Mario Party Superstars to the bite-sized fun of Super Mario Bros. Wonder or Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze to the epic adventures of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom or Breath of the Wild. (As I’ve said before, those last two are downright educational.)

I take my Nintendo Switch everywhere, hence it being on this list of travel accessories. It’s great for planes, trains, and automobiles. Awesome for at night in bed. Excellent for couch co-op. There are tons of games that Sarah and I can play together, and virtually every first party Nintendo game is both high-quality and family-friendly. Seriously, if you have negative preconceived notions about video games, the Switch will shatter them.

If you’re still not persuaded, just consider this “homework” so that you can fully appreciate Super Nintendo World once it opens at Universal’s Epic Universe in Florida. You’ll enjoy that a lot more if you play Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros. and Mario Kart at minimum.

As for system recommendations, the above bundle is what I’d get if I were starting out. Mario Kart 8 is an approachable classic that’s a must-have, and you essentially get that game and the 3-months online for free. I would NOT recommend the cheaper Switch Lite–being able to play on-the-go or on the television is huge, worth every extra penny.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are deals on the OLED Switch + Super Smash Bros, but if you don’t have the system at all at this point, I think paying more for that is probably overkill–so put that 50 bucks towards another game, or something else. I’m happy to recommend more games in the comments for anyone who is curious, but the above list is a pretty great starting point!

New HSN/QVC Customer Discount – New customers of HSN can use the code HOLIDAY23 for $20 off their first purchase. New customers of QVC can use the code HOLIDAY20 for $20 off their first purchase. They’re separate sites, so you can do both. I’d recommend using this on Super Mario Wonder and/or Zelda Tears of the Kingdom since they’re recent releases that you’re unlikely to find discounted elsewhere. Don’t be surprised if you get error messages or the HSN/QVC sites try to default you to installment payments. I eventually got both sites to work for my own orders, though.

Slim Switch Case – If you’re going to travel with it, you want a case for the Switch so you don’t damage the screen or controllers. I strongly prefer the slim ones, which have room for the console and cartridges, but nothing else. This one is a few dollars off for Cyber Monday, as are several others.

Belkin Magnetic Portable Wireless Charger Pad w/ Kickstand – I’ve wanted one of these for a while, as I love the idea of watching something on my phone while flying and charging my phone at the same time. Other than that, this magnetic charger just seems convenient and easy. (If you don’t need the version with the kickstand, you can save even more–the normal one is 60% off!)

Airplane Seatback Phone Holder – If this works as advertised, it’s an amazing device. Although the reviews are positive, it reminds me of an “as seen on TV” product that won’t quite deliver on the promise. At 48% off for Cyber Monday, seems like it’s worth the gamble.

50% Off Beats Headphones (Various Colors & Styles) – Noise-cancelling headphones are a gamechanger for travel. We highly recommend them to anyone who is seated next to Megatron on her first flight…but hope they’re not necessary!

Apple AirPods Pro – Joking aside, these are the headphones I use. (Sarah goes with over-the-ear options.) I’m guessing our days of noise-cancelling headphones on flights are over for the next few years, but I’ve been seated around many a screaming and/or crying child and/or parent and have managed to sleep through it thanks to these little puppies.

Stuffable Neck Pillow – An ’emerging’ travel product is stuffable neck pillows, but we can’t recommend any currently on the market as they’re all an uncomfortable nylon material. This, however, is a cozy material that’s advertised as a blanket inside a neck pillow. Take out the blanket, fill the pillow with socks, and you’re in business!

Luggage Scale – Perfect for when you travel to Japan, stock up on stuff thanks to the very favorable exchange rate (not just Tokyo Disney Resort souvenirs–we mean everything), and want to make sure your bags aren’t over the limit. I’m sure there are other use cases, but that’s ours.

Packable Duffel Bag – See above. We have several of these in different brands, but prefer the Gonex or Amazon Basics. You’re not looking for anything fancy here–lightweight and packable, but durable enough that it can take a bit of abuse from baggage handlers. This is the sweet spot. If you want to put this atop your roller while navigating around the airport or train stations, we’d recommend an 80L or below. The bigger ones are too long.

Anker USB-C Fast & Compact Charger – This is an item I’ve wanted for a while to reduce space and redundancies, but I’ve been put off by the price. Definitely a case-specific device, but should be great for us to charge Apple devices and my Nikon mirrorless camera quickly. A good deal at 45% off, too.

Hanes Full-Zip EcoSmart Hoodie – Another travel must for me no matter where or when I’m going is a hooded sweatshirt for the flight, because airplanes are cold. (If I’m traveling somewhere cold, I just wear a coat that I’ll use upon arrival.) This one is warm and comfortable, while still being relatively light. 54% off for Cyber Monday makes it a no-brainer.

Rechargeable Hand Warmers 2-Pack – One of us uses handwarmers a lot when traveling anywhere that’s even mildly cold. The upside to this is it’s a reusable device that doesn’t use who-knows-what chemicals to magically work. The downside is it’ll take up more space. We’re on the fence. Maybe the fact that they look like mean owls will be what tips the scales towards buying.

Sherpa Lined Hoodie – If you’re really serious about staying warm and comfortable, there’s this. I love sherpa material, but this is beyond the bounds of what’s travel-appropriate for me due to its bulkier size. For at home, it’s perfect. (Turned inside out, it makes a purrfect cat nest, purr Yossarian.)

Apple Watch – Another gadget neither of us ever leave home without is our Apple Watches. While this may not seem travel-related, we love using ours to track steps (you know it’s a productive day at Walt Disney World when you break the 20K barrier!), as well as MagicMobile, Apple Pay and, when traveling internationally, IC cards for…pretty much everything! Not a bad deal at 28% off.

Apple AirTags – We use these to “track” our car (good for rental cars that can get lost in the sea of the TTC), checked baggage and camera bag (good for peace of mind), and much more that isn’t relevant to travel (Yossarian the Cat tracking).

We just picked up a new set to put in our stroller, which came at the recommendation of several readers who previously mentioned that Cast Members relocate parked strollers, making them difficult to find. AirTags should offer a great solution to this problem–we’ll report back on our results as soon as Megatron makes her first visit to Disneyland!

Mickey Mouse Air Tag Cases – Store your AirTags in style!

Anker Portable Charger with Built-in Lightning Connector 5,000mAh – Even before Genie+, we recommended bringing a backup battery pack to charge your phone while using My Disney Experience or social media at Walt Disney World.

As mentioned in another post, I ordered this on Black Friday. It arrived over the weekend, and I love it. Capacity is enough for me–I don’t use my phone that much in the parks, even when going all day. This is slightly smaller than the “lipstick” chargers and, critically, does not require a cord. Highly recommended!

Anker PowerPort Cube Strip with 3 Outlets and 3 USB Ports – Disney has refurbished many of its rooms, adding USB ports in the process, so this isn’t really necessary for those. It is for many off-site and older hotel rooms, though. Plus, this has fast-charging to get devices recharged quicker and USB-C.

Anker Magnetic Power Bank 10,000mAh Wireless Charger – Slightly more expensive than the options below, but the key difference is that this is wireless. Even though I just bought the built-in pocket charger above, I’m on the fence about getting this, too. If I have to do more Genie+ field testing once things change next year, I’ll definitely need the higher capacity of this one!

Anker Slimline Phone Charger 10,000mAh Battery (USB-C) — Even before Genie+, we recommended bringing a backup battery pack to charge your phone while using My Disney Experience or social media at Walt Disney World. This one has great capacity and the fastest quick-charging capabilities. This is the battery pack we bring to the parks now—perfect for the two of us.

Anker 335 PowerCore 20K Portable Charger – Double the capacity of the above charger and with USB-C fast-charging as the default. The downside is that it’s larger, but the value for money is great. (For only ~$3 more, THIS is the version we highly recommend. It’s the better of the two deals!) 

Philips GoZero Insulated Water Bottle — Florida water tastes awful straight from the tap, so it’s key to get a bottle with a filter. We love our Brita water bottles, but we have not tried the insulated metal GoZero bottle by Philips–it has great reviews, though! This bottle is durable, BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and uses a 2-stage activated carbon filter reduces odor, chlorine and leaves zero aftertaste. (Savings vary by size and color–the best deal we’re seeing is 37% off the larger green bottle.)

Repel Travel Umbrella – This is umbrella is so good that we’ve bought 3 4 of them this year. Technically, that’s because I’ve lost two of them, but that’s a minor detail.

TravelPro Luggage – TravelPro is the only brand of suitcase I use–it’s the perfect intersection of durability and value for money. (It’s not cheap, but it’s cheaper than Tumi or Briggs & Riley…or most of the crap you see advertised by influencers on Instagram.) TravelPro is the most popular brand with flight attendants, and for good reason—mine still looks new after years of heavy use.

Compact Hanging Toiletry Travel Bag – In all my years of traveling, I’ve yet to find a toiletry bag that I love. After doing way too much research, I’ve landed on this as the sweet spot for me, personally. There are a bunch of other options for people who pack more “product.”

Hanging Travel Toiletries & Makeup Bag – Speaking of which, someone in my life will be receiving this for Christmas.

Sukeen Cooling Towel 4-Pack – The cooling system on these towels uses moisture from the towel to draw the sweat away from your skin to keep you cool. We still prefer the Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad (and this color is also on sale for Cyber Monday–but it’s not as good of a deal), but some Walt Disney World fans prefer these. At nearly half-off, they’re definitely worth giving a try!

Mickey Mouse Handheld Fan 2-Pack (USB Charge) – These look adorable and are on sale for Cyber Monday. Personally, I’m not sure this is the most practical handheld fan on sale, but it’s definitely the cutest.

Foldable Handheld Fan – This is the fan that I’d get. Not as cute, but smaller–and space matters in your Disney backpack! Also on sale for Cyber Monday, and has amazing reviews.

Gonex Compression Packing Cubes – They key here is that these are compression packing cubes, which normally cost more and will save you even more space when packing. If you need the suitcase space, we recommend this set over the one below.

Packing Cubes 4-Piece Sets – Another staple of our packing list, we are fans of packing cubes and these are a solid deal. (With that said, there are a LOT of packing cubes on sale, so you might want to browse the results for “packing cubes” on the Amazon Cyber Monday page and see which sizes/colors/etc. best suit you.)

16-Pack Roll-Up Compression Travel Bags for Packing – We have never used these as we prefer something more durable since we travel frequently, but reviews are positive. It sounds like they save even more space, but for that you give up a bit of reusability. Totally a matter of personal preference. 

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Any deals you’ve found on the best travel-related products discounted during the 2023 Cyber Monday sales that we’ve missed? What have you scored thus far during the holiday shopping season? Will you be doing your holiday shopping now, or holding off for potentially better deals on Cyber Monday itself? Have any product recommendations (or dislike any of the items listed here)? Any questions? We love hearing from readers, so please share any other thoughts or questions you have in the comments below!

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