Welcome to Cars Land

Cars Land Paradise Pier Entrance

I was really excited to see Cars Land prior to our recent trip to Disney California Adventure, and it exceeded even my wildest expectations. I literally had chills when I first walked down Route 66 towards Radiator Springs Racers. Every positive word you’ve heard about Cars Land is true–it’s a land that will anchor Disney California Adventure (and Disneyland Resort as a whole) for years to come, and its flagship attraction, Radiator Springs Racers, is absolutely amazing. Easily the best US Disney attraction built since Walt Disney World added the Tower of Terror, and probably better than that, too. Possibly better than Splash Mountain before that. The only attractions that I’ve experienced that I wouldn’t place above Radiator Springs Racers are the sacred classics like Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean and Walt Disney World’s (or Disneyland’s) Haunted Mansion.

If Cars Land isn’t enough to convince Walt Disney World regulars to finally visit Disneyland Resort, nothing will (and here’s hoping it stays exclusive to Disneyland Resort for that very reason). Cars Land and Buena Vista Street, along with other small–but significant–changes at Disney California Adventure since our last trip have catapulted Disney California Adventure to near the top of our Disney theme park rankings. If someone would have told me two years ago that I might prefer Disney California Adventure to Epcot or the Magic Kingdom (Disneyland is easily my favorite park–Disney California Adventure is good, but it still doesn’t challenge Disneyland for #1), I would have thought they were crazy. DCA still isn’t perfect, but what guests experience there today is a stark contrast to what opened in 2001.

I could–and will–gush over Disney California Adventure at great length, but for now, here’s a simple photo of the most jaw-dropping entrance to Cars Land, through Pacific Wharf.

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