China Booth Menu & Review: EPCOT Food & Wine Festival

China’s Global Marketplace is a booth at the 2023 EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival. This Walt Disney World dining review will look at the menu prices, share food photos, and offer thoughts on what is–and is not–worth your money.

This is one Global Marketplace that is inexplicably popular, drawing long lines and waits in the sun, despite a menu that is underwhelming year in and out. While the menu changes annually to varying degrees, it’s been a while since China completely overhauled the menu.

Personally, I think it would be cool to make feature Chinese foods sold at Shanghai Disneyland. Synergy is practically a four-letter word among Disney fans, but I think this would’ve been a cool and well-received synergistic ploy. For example, who wouldn’t want to try a Peking Duck Pizza in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head like the one served at Pinocchio Village Kitchen in Shanghai Disneyland?!

Here’s what you will find on the food menu in 2023 at the China Global Marketplace:

  • Crispy Duck Bao Bun with Hoisin Sauce (NEW)
  • Pan-Fried Chicken Dumplings with House-made Sweet-and-Spicy Sauce
  • Dandan Noodles: Spicy Pork with Sichuan Sauce, Peanut Butter and Sesame


  • Passion Fruit Bubble Tea (nonalcoholic)
  • Fiery Dream: Citrus Vodka, Triple Sec, Guava Nectar and Spicy Hot Honey Syrup
  • ByeJoe Punch: Chinese BaiJiu Spirit, Piña Colada Mix, Lychee Syrup and Sparkling Water
  • Fireworks: Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila, Citrus Vodka, Orange Juice and Mango Syrup
  • Brew Hub Lychee Foo Draft Beer, Lakeland, FL

Now our photos and reviews of each item from the China Global Marketplace at the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival.(Note: these have not yet been updated with fresh reviews of the new items at the 2023 EPCOT Food & Wine Festival. Stay tuned for that!)

Chicken Dumplings ($5.00) These are essentially the same pot stickers you can order at Lotus Blossom any day of the year. They’re also pretty similar to what you could get from the freezer section of your local grocery store–for about the same price for a full bag.

Skip this. You can do better.

ZiRan Beef Bao Bun ($7.25) — There was a relatively generous amount of well-seasoned and appropriately tender beef here, which is the main reason to order this.

Unfortunately, the bao was rubbery and dense. Not sure we were unlucky with the preparation or how long it was sitting under the heat lamp, but I ended up eating the meat by itself. Either way, it’s not worth the gamble.


Crispy-fried Pepper Shrimp with Spicy Sichuan Noodles ($7.50)A healthy portion of noodles perfectly prepared with the right amount of sauce and garlic. The shrimp has a very light breading and are reasonably well prepared (read: not rubbery) as compared to the Food & Wine Festival norm. Ultimately, it’s a “fine” dish, but nothing to write home about.

Plus, the price is a bit steep. This is yet another item to skip at the China Global Marketplace.

Ultimately, the China Global Marketplace once again fails to impress at the Epcot Food & Wine Festival. While our reviews are far from glowing, they’re also not nearly as negative as some other booths–like Italy.

In China, the food is simply phoned in and unambitious. It’s still perfectly passable, just a poor value for money and a waste of stomach space if you’re trying to eat your way around World Showcase. On the plus side, nothing here is actively bad–it’s just not good and not worth the money, wait in line, etc.

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Your Thoughts

If you’ve tried any of the marketplace items in China, what did you think? Favorites? Least favorites? What was and wasn’t worth it? Anything on the menu you’re excited to try this year? Do you think Disney should just bail on the current menu, and go for things “authentically Disney, distinctly Chinese” from Shanghai Disneyland? Hearing from you is half the fun, so please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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