Christmas in Le Court des Anges – Disney Photo of the Day

Christmas in Le Court des Anges is a beautiful sight…until you look at the ground level, and see that the gorgeous court has been turned into a veritable gift shop during the Christmas season. This presents difficulties in composing an unobstructed shot and resulted in an odd crop here. Normally, I just avoid shooting areas with so much clutter, but the decorations here just beckoned me to shoot them. Such a beautiful area–it’s too bad Disneyland uses it as a gift shop at Christmas.

Sorry for the lack of substantive updates recently. I am working on two large Disney projects right now that have consumed all of my free time, but they’re both just about finished! I think you will agree that the results will be worth the loss of other updates, although it pains me to not be writing daily articles reflecting upon our amazing Christmas experience at Disneyland. In the meantime, please bear with me as I put the finishing touches on these other projects!

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