D23 Expo 2011 News Recap

It’s Monday morning and the Walt Disney Company’s D23 Expo 2011 is now a distant memory. By all accounts of those who were actually there, it was a great weekend, albeit one filled with long waits! Let’s take a look at the top news from the weekend!

Carousel of Projects

The Carousel of Projects was Disney Parks & Resorts both showcasing what’s to come for the worldwide parks. Much of this booth focused on Disneyland and Walt Disney World, specifically Cars Land at Disney California Adventure and the Fantasyland Expansion in the Magic Kingdom:

Inside the Magic with a walk-through of the entire booth:

Attractions Magazine with some excellent video of the Fantasyland Expansion attraction, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Cart:

Inside the Magic with a wonderful gallery of photos of the booth.


Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives Exhibit

Inside the Magic with a walk-through of the Archives booth.

Disney Legends Ceremony

A photo from the Legends presentation from Inside the Magic:
Tom Bergeron

Attractions Magazine with a video of the Rainbow Connection performance.

Inside the Magic with a video of Jodi Benson performing “Part of Your World”:


Parks & Resorts Presentation

Disney Parks Blog with a sneak peak at the Shanghai Castle and the Fantasy Faire projects at Disneyland:


Voices of the Parks

Inside the Magic with an awesome video from the Voices of the Parks panel:



Walt Disney Studios Presentation

Pixar announces two new untitled films: a dinosaur movie for Christmas 2013 and a trip inside the mind for 2014.

Major fan-fare for Marvel’s The Avengers; expectations are obviously very high for this film.

Fused Film presents an overview of the other films discussed at the WDS presentation, including John Carter, The Muppets, Chimpanzee, Frankenweenie, and many others!.


Buena Vista Street Presentation

Inside the Magic with a photo:
A Good Look at Buena Vista Street with Imagineers. #D23Expo #fb

Inside the Magic with another awesome photo, this time of the interior of a Buena Vista Street shop:
Interior of new Buena Vista St shop #D23Expo #fb

The Disney Parks Blog has more on the new statue of Walt and Mickey called Storytellers that will be a “bookend” to the Partners statue.


Monsters University

Stitch Kingdom with some new Monsters University photos.

SlashFilm with a “10 Things” article about the upcoming Pixar release.



Newsarama covers the “Cup of Joe” style Marvel presentation.

Inside the Magic with a photo of Stan Lee delivering a video-message.


Cars Land Panel

@otisdisney with a photo of the Cars Land panel.

John Lasseter announces a contest to find a picture of him as a Jungle Cruise skipper: JohnoftheJungle.com. Winner receives a trip to the grand opening of Cars Land!

Cars Land time lapse:

Important Details:

  • John Lasseter’s favorite attraction as a child was the Flying Saucers, which closely parallels Luigi’s Flying Tires, possibly explaining why this attraction is receiving so much attention.
  • The Junkyard Jamboree queue will be full of memorabilia from Mater’s adventures.
  • Radiator Springs Racers will span six acres.



Attractions Magazine with a video of talking Mickey meeting guests:

Cosmic Book News with a interview of the Avengers director:

A video of highlights from Movie Pool Movies:

Finally, we conclude with a look back at the Expo from DisneyD23:


And that’s all for the 2011 Disney D23 Expo! Hope you enjoyed our recap of the top news. See ya real soon–at the 2013 Expo!


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