Disneyland Mickey Head Fireworks Photo

Disneyland Mickey Mouse Fireworks

The Mickey Mouse fireworks head is the perfect way to begin Disneyland’s fireworks, as it really energizes the crowd for the coming show, be it “Remember… Dreams Come True,” “Believe… In Holiday Magic,” or something else. It can be difficult to capture by itself, as two bursts shoot immediately after it (the beginnings of which you can see here) from either side of the top turrets of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Your timing has to be precise, otherwise you end up with other bursts in the frame, too!

I figured a fun fireworks photo would be a good way to reboot my “Disney Photo of the Day” series that I ran on and off last fall and winter. While I have long posted photos on Flickr, and more recently Google+ and 500px, I can’t think of a better place for the best of my Disney photo portfolio than here. So going forward, expect to see me to showcase one of my best new Disney photos here every day. While I’ll still post shots on the other sites, expect to see the cream of the crop right here!

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