Disneyland Spring 2012 Trip Report Pt 1

Alice in Wonderland, an attraction that has become my favorite Disneyland dark ride, was next on the agenda. Even though I’m not a fan of the animated Alice in Wonderland movie (and I haven’t seen the Tim Burton flick), I have an odd affinity for the art of the original Alice in Wonderland. I also like the music. Since these two aspects of the movie are present in the attraction, I guess the attraction has become a favorite of mine.

As we waited in line, we were in front of a small child who was at first really excited to be going on the Alice in Wonderland ride. Then, as he got closer to boarding, he wanted to ride with us. Throughout the queue, he had been rather…uh…affectionate(?) towards Sarah and me. He grabbed onto our legs and tried to hold Sarah’s hand. This didn’t bother either of us at all, but I wasn’t really sure how to react to it. If I had kids, I probably wouldn’t want random strangers interacting with them, so I tried to just pretend I didn’t notice him. When we finally got on the ride and his mother prevented him from joining us, he burst into tears. Luckily, we were out of there when the waterworks started!

It was time to use our Space Mountain FastPasses, so we headed over to Tomorrowland after spending some time doing other attractions, all of which had incredibly short waits, in Fantasyland.

Next, it was time to cross yet another item off my trusty “Storied Disneyland Foods to Consume” list. This time, that food would be the Plaza Inn fried chicken. Although I wasn’t incredibly hungry, I decided to reward myself after a day of “healthy” eating by getting my own fried chicken rather than sharing with Sarah. If I could eat a corn dog, churro, and fried chicken all in one day (plus various other junk along the way), it might prove my theory that I’m invincible!

The Plaza Inn fried chicken. Where do I begin? The Plaza Inn fried chicken is the end-all, be-all of fried chicken. I don’t know what the secret ingredient in that breading is, but the fried chicken is the culinary equivalent of crack. The chicken itself was moist, perfectly breaded, and the flavor was out of this world. There is a restaurant in Indianapolis that serves “gourmet” fried chicken, and it doesn’t even compare to the Plaza Inn fried chicken. At least in my opinion. Sarah seemed much less impressed by the fried chicken, but she doesn’t much care for fried chicken.

Sarah ordered the Pot Roast. She thought it was dry and tough. I have to admit, I wasn’t overly impressed by it, but Sarah has the art of cooking pot roast down to a science, so everything pales in comparison to hers. Plus, the glorious fried chicken was sitting on the same table as the pot roast, and nothing could compete with it. It was as if she brought a knife to a shootout.

We ate outside at the Plaza Inn despite the cold weather so we could enjoy the sunset as we ate. It wasn’t amazing to photograph, but the sunset is always a pretty time of day. After we finished eating, we headed to Indiana Jones Adventure for a quick ride before we had to return to Disney California Adventure for World of Color.

Having almost been shut out of World of Color on a rainy (and uncrowded) day last November, we had picked up World of Color FastPasses earlier despite the low crowds. My favorite spot to view World of Color is the front row, but I was a little hesitant to do this because it had gotten pretty cold (if I recall correctly, it was in the high 30s or low 40s), and I was only wearing a polo. Ultimately, I decided to “man up” and view World of Color from the front. I would dry off and could get warm later. I couldn’t go back in time and watch World of Color from the front row later.

Although I was behind some people, which made photography tough, I still had a great view. After a few unsuccessful shots, I decided to just enjoy the show.

World of Color is always amazing, and this show was no exception. That is, until about 10 minutes in when Buzz Lightyear “blasted off” to infinity and beyond. The water from that blast off was carried into the audience by the wind, and I got soaked. I have never looked forward to the Pirates of the Caribbean fire scene so fondly!

I was so cold and wet after World of Color, and we were both so tired, that we didn’t even both sticking around to take photos. It was incredibly early (both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure closed at 8 pm), and normally we would have found something to do for a few more hours after such an early closing. However, on this particular night, the early closing was actually nice. We headed back to our hotel, and went to sleep almost immediately.

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