EPCOT Center Photo Search!

Do you have old EPCOT Center photos?

If you have “vintage” EPCOT Center photos, we want your help! In celebration of EPCOT Center’s 30th Anniversary on October 1, 2012, we’re looking for old EPCOT Center (or Epcot) photos and park maps or various other ephemera scans from your personal archives to compile into an article celebrating 30 years of this legendary Walt Disney World theme park.

As of 2013, we’ve collected a lot of photos, and we’re primarily interested in the following at this point:

    • Wonders of Life
    • CommuniCore
    • Restaurants
    • Universe of Energy
    • Horizons
    • Spaceship Earth Reflecting Pools
    • Topiaries
    • Journey into Imagination (entire pavilion)
    • Murals
    • Entrance Plaza

But we’re open to any photos, send whatever you have, and we’ll use what we can! It doesn’t matter whether people are in the photos or not–people add interest to a lot of these photos since their clothing helps establish the period. So dig out your old scrapbooks and pull those shoe-boxes of family vacation photos out from under your beds, and help us out!

We’re looking for photos of anything and everything EPCOT Center related. Whether it’s a family photo with people in it, a landscape shot, or a seemingly mundane photo of a restaurant menu or some signage. It doesn’t matter whether you have 1 photo or 100 photos. We want it all! We are, after all, EPCOT Center nerds!!! If you’re not sure of whether the photos you have will work for this project, please send them anyway!

Depending upon how many photos you have, it may take multiple emails. We also use Dropbox, so you can get photos to us that way. Alternatively, if you don’t want to email them, but want to host them (or have them hosted already) on Flickr or another photo sharing site, please send me a link to your photo-page(s). If you’re using Flickr, make sure your photo sharing settings allow others to grab HTML links to the photos. Not all photos submitted will be used, but if you submit photos, you will be credited.

If you know of anyone who might have old EPCOT Center photos that they might be interested in sharing, please pass this article along to them!

Please note that any photos you provide will potentially be used on DisneyTouristBlog.com (and on DisneyTouristBlog.com’s social media accounts) for Epcot 30th anniversary blog posts. By submitting photos, you’re agreeing that you have the authority to allow us to use them (i.e. you took the photo yourself, your dad took it on vacation, a neighbor gave you some photos and doesn’t care what you do with them, etc.). I’ll spare you any further unnecessary legal jargon…

Know anyone who might have some old EPCOT Center photos to share? PLEASE help us spread the message by tweeting out the link to this page and sharing it on Facebook, Pinterest, or other social media sites!

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