FREE 2018 Disney Vacation Planning Video!

Planning a trip to Walt Disney World or Disneyland? You can now order Disney’s FREE 2018 Planning video! We like this video because it contains fun footage and info that complements the tips on our blog. To order, simply click the image below, which will take you to Disney’s official site to complete the sign-up form:

Signing up the Walt Disney World version of the video is also a great trick for receiving a targeted ‘unique offer code’! An easy way to get these exclusive discount offers from Disney is by signing up for the videos.

Unlike most “free” things, there are no strings attached to this one. It’s a pure freebie from Disney! This Disney Planning video will get you excited for your trip.

The video provides an overview of Walt Disney World or Disneyland (you choose), with beautiful footage of the parks, hotels, special events, and more. This video will tug at your heart strings (we all know Disney is incredibly skilled at this sort of thing), and sometimes this emotional approach is just what’s needed.


That’s right, “Welcome Bricker Family,” indeed! 🙂

While you’ll find some content here that will emotionally resonate, the fact is that’s not the goal of our blog posts. We weigh the pros and cons of everything from hotels to restaurants to tickets and beyond to help you spend your money wisely and get the must bang for your buck with posts like our Walt Disney World Planning Guide or Disneyland Planning Guide.

Unless you want your kids to view you as a drill sergeant, resources like this video are an awesome way of balancing out strategical tips & tricks on our blog, with something fun. Plus, it’s a nice keepsake…and did we mention free?! (Ha, we’re obviously over-emphasizing that bit, but seriously, how often do you get something totally free from Disney?)

If you are just starting to plan your first visit to Disneyland or Walt Disney World, this video can also be an excellent resource. It provides background info that’s helpful before digging into comprehensive material on blogs or unofficial guidebooks. Sometimes, we have a tendency to presume knowledge of certain things in our posts, and this video is a good primer to make sure you have that knowledge.

Even if you have visited numerous times, ordering the free Disney Parks Planning video is still a great way to get hyped up for your next trip.

We order the new edition of the video every year. Before each of our trips, we like to build anticipation by paging through our library of old souvenir books, watching the newest version of this video, and a handful of other specials we’ve collected over the years. While they aren’t incredibly helpful in terms of planning, they are fun, and that matters, too!

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