Get Your Free Downloadable WDW Christmas Guide: 2018 Edition

We’re proud to announce that the 2018 edition of our free downloadable PDF guide to the holidays at Walt Disney World, titled Vacation Kingdom at Christmas, is available for you to enjoy. While we had hoped to get this out earlier in the season, we had a lot of updates to make. Some of you probably received your copies this morning, but for those who haven’t, we thought it merited an announcement.

Finally, after a couple weeks of painstaking “research” sampling new holiday snacks, watching entertainment, experiencing Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom, perusing Holidays Around the World at Epcot, paying our respects to Santa Gertie at Hollywood Studios, and more, we’ve finished our updates.

Jokes about research aside, we actually did spend over a dozen hours refreshing and expanding upon the guide, which is now 5 pages longer than last year’s edition. Given that we removed a few pages that were no longer relevant, that’s roughly 7-8 new pages, along with a few dozen new photos.

We’ve been doing this eBook for the last several years, but due to releasing the previous edition before we had a chance to fully experience the then-new Epcot International Festival of the Holidays or Flurry of Fun at Disney’s Hollywood Studios–and neglecting to do a subsequent update later in Walt Disney World’s Christmas season, we had a lot of new (to the eBook) ground to cover.

In addition to tackling those topics in full, we also provide info and tips for familiar favorites like Candlelight Processional and the aforementioned Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. We also revisit the Christmas Tree Trail at Disney Springs (it has improved since our previous, scathing review!), Jingle Bell Jingle BAM!, Minnie’s Holiday Dine, and much more.

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If you’re a tough sell and “free” is not enough, here’s our pitch for the eBook:

  • 90 Pages
  • ~200 Photos
  • Info, Tips & Tricks for Christmas in WDW Parks
  • 1-Day Free Yuletide Resort/Disney Springs Tour Itinerary
  • History of Christmas at Walt Disney World

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Here’s a look at a few pages from the 2018 Vacation Kingdom at Christmas eBook:

If you need up-to-the-minute info in addition to our Christmas eBook or simply don’t want to download the free PDF guide, we regularly update our Ultimate Guide to Christmas 2018 at Walt Disney World. Much of what you’ll find in the Vacation Kingdom at Christmas eBook also appears in that mega-post.

It’s pretty easy to download these Walt Disney World eBooks if you just pay attention and actually read the emails you receive and the instructions on the download page, but many people end up having questions. We are happy to answer the questions and provide support for those who have attempted to follow the instructions and, for reasons beyond their control, been unable to download any of the eBooks.

Your Thoughts

Have you downloaded your copy of our 2018 Walt Disney World Christmas eBook? Did you enjoy Vacation Kingdom at Christmas? Any Christmas at Walt Disney World tips of your own to add? Any questions? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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