Halloween Snacks at Tokyo Disneyland

Yeah, Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare is cool and the music in Halloween Pop’n LIVE is a beautiful ear-worm, but the real reason to visit Tokyo Disneyland at Halloween? The food. Okay, maybe not the reason, but one reason. For us, one really big reason.

We cover Halloween at Tokyo Disneyland elsewhere on the blog, but want to reiterate that this is a great time to visit Tokyo Disney Resort. In addition to the seasonal entertainment and food, guests wear some of the most elaborate costumes you can possibly imagine, with clever references to park attractions. There are also a variety of decorations that add great ambiance to the park.

The desserts and other snacks around Tokyo Disneyland are like an extension of the decor. During the Halloween season, the menus combine the kawaii-ness of regular Tokyo Disneyland treats with the spookiness of Halloween. The best way to think about it is as regular snacks ‘dressed up’ for Halloween. The end result is items every bit as awesome and delicious as normal snacks in Japan’s parks, but with a Halloween twist.

In this post, we’ll take a look at Tokyo Disneyland’s stellar line-up of Halloween snacks, awarding points for both the best-dressed and the best-tasting. While this post may not be particularly helpful from a planning perspective since many of these desserts and treats will change from year-to-year, we figured these are just too cool-looking to not share. Let’s get started…

At the front of the park, you can start out with perhaps the most…uh…interesting(?) item, the Beef Rib and Pumpkin Mashed Potato Cone at the Gazebo on Main Street.

To be perfectly honest, I had no clue what to expect with this one. Appearance-wise, it’s basically soft-serve ice cream, but with mashed potatoes. I wasn’t sure where the beef rib came into play, but I was optimistic. I love ice cream as well as mashed potatoes and ribs, so it only made sense(???) to combine the presentation of ice cream with the tastes of potatoes and ribs.

Fortunately, it was glorious. The meat was tender and its flavor mixed perfectly with the mashed potatoes. I ate this while also holding a cone of pumpkin ice cream, and it made me think that perhaps all foods should be served in cones.

Over at Captain Hook’s Galley in Fantasyland, there’s the Chicken and Pumpkin Pizza. That’s right, chicken and pumpkin. This pizza window has long been one of our places to eat in Tokyo Disneyland for their Seafood Pizza, which is amazing. In addition to that, their menu usually features one head-scratching ‘special’ menu option. Halloween continues this trend.

Most of these pizzas are best described as ‘shocking delicious.’ I’m not sure the Chicken and Pumpkin Pizza continued that trend, but it was good. Basically, this was just like a normal chicken sausage pizza, but with small chunks of pumpkin that didn’t do much to enhance or detract from the flavor. Not as revolutionary as their seafood pizza, but still enjoyable.

Over at Huey, Dewey and Louie’s Good Time Cafe in Toontown, you’ve got the Pumpkin Shaped Cream Scallop Sandwich.

Like other items at this spot, the presentation is really cute, but the portion is more suited for snacking than a meal. It also has a surplus of cream sauce, and too much breading relative to the scallop. It’s still fairly tasty, though.

For the next dessert, we return to Fantasyland-proper while staying in the same general area. We’ve long praised the Tipo Torta cart in front of ‘it’s a small world’ and describe the snacks they serve as being “like churros, except good” (sorry, churro fans).

This remains true with the Black Tipo Torta (Cream Cheese and Blueberry). Like all tipo torta, this is a warm, flaky pastry with a creamy center, and the cream cheese and blueberry do not disappoint in this regard. It’s like a mix of cheesecake and pie, and every bit has a generous helping of deliciously-soft pie crust.

We waited in line around 20 minutes for these (we also had the Sweet Potato Tipo Torta), and they were amazing. The Black Tipo Torta was basically a crust-heavy cross between a warm blueberry pie and cheesecake, and I think it was my favorite item we tried.

Up at Sweetheart Cafe, the park’s main bakery (and a good spot for breakfast on-the-go), the highlights are Jack Skellington Curry Bread and Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll.

The latter is a normal cinnamon roll drizzled with pumpkin sauce, so the flavor is not overwhelmingly pumpkin-y, but it still works really well. Probably because most pumpkin desserts lean heavily on pumpkin and other spices, but this felt very seasonal.

The curry bread exceeded all possible expectations, with the bread itself being soft, moist (almost like a pastry) and the meat inside adding even more to the flavor. Normally, the breads at Sweetheart Cafe can best be described as “filler,” but this was a bona-fide delicious snack.

The Jack Skellington Curry Bread is an obvious choice if you need something that’s highly Instagram-able, and the minced meat inside prevents this from just being a piece of bread that you gnaw on. At only ~$5 total for both of these desserts (they’re a package deal), this is also an unbeatable value.


Rackety’s Raccoon Saloon in Critter Country (the original talking raccoon) serves up the Critter Sundae year-round, and it’s always one of the best desserts in the park. As usual, it features seeds, soft serve ice cream, a churro, chocolate crunch, and corn flakes.

The Halloween twists are that this soft serve is pumpkin and milk, there’s a little chocolate ghost, and some sort of purple drizzle (taro? sweet potato? totally-artificial-goodness?). As always, this tastes delicious. You can never go wrong with pumpkin ice cream–or with this dessert.

All in all, Tokyo Disneyland brought its A-game once again with these Halloween snacks. We’ll be back tomorrow with the Halloween treats from Tokyo DisneySea…

If you’re thinking of visiting Japan for the first time and are overwhelmed with planning, definitely check out our Tokyo Disney Resort Planning Guide. It covers much more than the parks, from getting there to WiFi to currency and much, much more. For more photos and an idea of what we did day-by-day during our first visit, read our Tokyo Disney Resort Trip Report.

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