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Instagram is a fun way to quickly share photos from your phone, with the ability to push photos to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Flickr, as well as “Like” and comment on photos directly in the Instragram app, meaning that there are lots of opportunities for social engagement via Instagram! A lot of people are sharing Instagram photos from Disneyland and Walt Disney World, including us here at! You can find Sarah (who posts ONLY photos from the parks) on Instagram @sarahbricker and Tom @tom_bricker.

If you’re just getting started with iPhoneography or taking photos with your phone, you’ll want to read our Disney iPhoneography Tips. We (well, mostly just Sarah) take iPhoneography pretty seriously, so those tips should help raise your camera photography game!

To take your photos to the next level, we highly recommend the Olloclip Quick-Connect Lenses (Fisheye Lens, Macro Lens, Wide-angle Lens) for iPhone 4 and 4S (or if you have an iPhone 5, we recommend the Olloclip Lenses for iPhone 5). We both LOVE this three lens set that includes a fisheye, wide angle, and macro lens for the iPhone. It’s a bit expensive at $70, but if you want fun and cool iPhone photos, it’s a must-have accessory!

If you are really serious about iPhoneography, there are a ton of other app and “gear” suggestions in that Disney iPhoneography Tips article. Check it out!

Your Thoughts…

Are you serious about iPhoneography, or more casual about it? Are you on Instagram (if so, share a link to your profile in the comments). Share your thoughts below!

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