“it’s a small world” holiday Photos, Video & Review

Disneyland ResortDisneyland (park)Fantasyland'it's a small world' holidayDolphins jump in front of 'it's a small world', which is lit for the holidays here. For more 'it's a small world' holiday, check out this page, which includes my video of the attraction! https://www.disneytouristblog.com/its-a-small-world-holiday-photos-video-review/

“it’s a small world” holiday is an overlay to the classic “it’s a small world” attraction in Disneyland featuring Christmas and other international holidays. This overlay premiered in 1997 and due to its popularity, the overlay has been enhanced several times since then as decorations are added and changed. Unless you’re living under a rock, if you’re a Disney fan, you’re probably aware that the facade of it’s a small world becomes a veritable wall of light during the holiday season as it is illuminated with over colored light bulbs.

The most substantial addition to “it’s a small world” since it debuted in 1997 is a large snowman in the finale room that was added in 2011. This 14-foot tall snowman is made of crystal snowflakes and lit with thousands of lights. The snowman stands atop a 10-food-wide snowflake and holds an illuminated “icicle” sign that that spells out “Happy Holidays” in colors that change as guests float past. The snowman replaces a Christmas tree that was made of horizontally-aligned snowflakes placed in decreasing sizes from bottom to top.

In addition to the beautiful facade, the substance of the attraction itself is also transformed, with everything from the attraction’s title song to large set-piece props in the attraction being added and changed. There are even real bubbles that float down upon guests! Disneyland goes through 75 gallons of bubble juice to make bubbles throughout the season in the South Seas scene!

Overall, “it’s a small world” holiday is one of the most awe-inspiring attractions in Disneyland. We’re probably biased as big “Christmas people,” but I think “it’s a small world” holiday is an improvement over the standard incarnation of the attraction (which I also enjoy!). It’s incredibly detailed, features a great holiday soundtrack, and the exterior is one of the most photogenic things at which I’ve ever pointed my camera. Few things are as impressive during Christmas in the Disney theme parks as “it’s a small world” holiday!



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