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Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar is an Indiana Jones themed bar & lounge in Disney Springs at Walt Disney World. This review features photos from the new bar, my thoughts on the ambiance, and how it stacks up against other themed bars around Walt Disney World. If you’re looking to save some money, we have bad news, as Jock Lindsey’s neither participates in the Disney Dining Plan nor does it accept the Tables in Wonderland card. So you’ll have to subsidize your visit by hawking those fancy souvenir mugs on eBay!

If you’re wondering who Jock Lindsey is or what he has to do with Indiana Jones, you’re not alone. I would pretend like I knew who he was before Walt Disney World announced this bar and drop some knowledge here as filler, but you can read this Wiki instead. I suspect one of two things happened to bring Jack Lindsey’s Hangar Bar to fruition: 1) a different hangar bar concept fell through, and it was decided that Indiana Jones would be shoehorned in, or; 2) someone in Imagineering got really carried away with the Easter Eggs and obscure references and no one stopped them.

In general, Jock Lindsey’s has drawn a lot of praise for these references, its atmosphere, and deep thematic detail. In more than a few ways, it’s like Trader Sam’s: Disney Springs Outpost. This is equal part criticism, but mostly praise.

On the whole, these references are pretty cool and there is a lot to discover here, most of which will be lost on 95% of the general public. It’s always nice to see Disney go to such great lengths for the minority of guests that appreciate these details–details that define Disney’s best work–so no complaints there. The theme is a bit on the gritty side, but far from the point of it being random junk, so all is good in that regard.


In terms of overarching style, the bar is very similar to Trader Sam’s, with a similar self-aware and referential style. This tonal similarity is slightly disappointing as there are myriad other “bar genres” (not exactly the right term since Sam’s is a tiki bar and this is not, but whatever) that could have been exploited with deep theming. 

On the other hand, Trader Sam’s is an unequivocal success, so it’s tough to get too worked up that the same formula has been followed here. Ultimately, it’s different enough that each stand on their own. The other upside here is that there aren’t repetitive effects that wear out their welcome after 45 minutes or so at the bar. All things considered, we’d consider Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar a win, thematically.


The biggest problem with Jock Lindsey’s is the service. This is something that we purposefully leave out of most Disney restaurant reviews, because we feel service is typically hit or miss across the board. You could have exceptional service one night, followed by atrocious service the very next. The table next to yours could have terrible service while yours is impeccable on the same evening. Or vice-a-versa. You get the point.


This inconsistency is a problem unto itself (and one you’re less likely to find at Signature Restaurants—although it does happen even there), but because of it, we feel any anecdotes we could make regarding service are not representative of the whole, and therefore unhelpful.


However, in the case of Jock Lindsey’s, our service has been poor enough on 3 visits spread over 4 months, as has that of friends we know who have visited, that we are willing to comment on it. Inattentive servers and drinks that take way too long to arrive are the issue here, and this is a problem that has lasted well beyond an excusable “opening hiccups” period. Maybe it’s better now, or maybe you’ll get lucky, but we felt it warranted a mention.


There are a variety of signature drinks and (finally) souvenir mugs available. If the drinks are any indication, Jock’s “signature” is sugar.


The drinks are clearly aimed at “only drink on vacation” types, and in that regard, they are fine. Given the price points and results of the first couple sampled, we haven’t done any extensive drink menu testing here. 

Between the service and alcohol-light and sugar-intense nature of the drinks, getting buzzed at this bar will be a Herculean task. 


Fortunately, we were more impressed with (some of) the food…

With “Squid! Why’d it have to be Squid?” the menu team has taken some artistic license with Indiana Jones’ fears, and made him seem like more of a wuss. As Harrison Ford continues to prove he is a first class badass–crashing planes, fighting star wars, etc–even as he ages, this doesn’t seem fair. C’mon, isn’t one irrational phobia enough?!


What’s more than fair is this option. Despite a somewhat high price, Sarah and I were both very pleased with this calamari, as it had a bit of kick to it, it wasn’t overly-breaded, and the portion size was solid. We’d definitely get this again.


One of our friends ordered Brody’s Brats. The portion here is sizable–especially for the under $10 price, but the taste was only so-so. On the bland side and the meat didn’t have the normal ‘snap’ of a normal brat when biting into it. This is the best value for money option.


Another friend had the Rolling Boulders Sliders, which are 3 meatball sliders with yogurt sauce. He enjoyed these, but didn’t rave about them. 

jock-lindseys-hangar-bar-disney-springs-wdw-093 2

These are the Air Pirate’s Pretzels. Let’s not kid ourselves–these are bagels served with some house made sauces. Nothing to write home about, and the $10+ price is absurd for a few uninspired bagels. 


Overall, Jock Lindsay’s Hangar Bar scores big for ambiance and theme, and ultimately carries it to being one of the best bars at Walt Disney World. There are a few menu items worthy of consideration, but otherwise the bar could use some more tweaking. Our recommendation would be visiting Morimoto Asia or The Boathouse for filling meals and drinks, and then follow with a night cap at Jock Lindsay’s after you’re full and liquored up. That way you can nurse a single drink and shared plate while enjoying the ambiance, and without worrying about the service. This may irritate the management, but it also should send a message to those reviewing the bar’s performance numbers that something is wrong and the bar isn’t upholding its end of the deal.

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