New Momentous Fireworks at Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland is getting a new nighttime spectacular! To go along with the Castle of Magical Dreams, which replaced Sleeping Beauty Castle, the new “Momentous” fireworks will debut in June 2022. This post shares photos, video, and commentary about the new evening entertainment.

For starters, it’s been a while since we’ve had major good news to share about Hong Kong Disneyland. The park has had multiple closures, and reopened for what is hopefully the final time late last month. Its big additions have been delayed, with Arendelle: World of Frozen missing its scheduled opening last year and now likely to debut this year or next. Like its counterpart at Disney California Adventure, the Marvel E-Ticket is likely dead…or at least delayed indefinitely.

It’s been even longer since we’ve been able to visit HKDL. After making annual visits to update strategy and touring tips, our last visit to Hong Kong was scheduled for Spring 2020. We assumed that would be a safe bet for seeing the finished Castle of Magical Dreams. Obviously, that trip did not happen.

Fast forward over two years, and that trip still has not occurred and we don’t know when it’ll be able to happen (without quarantine). Hopefully sometime around the second anniversary of the Castle of Magical Dreams’ official debut.

Even if we can’t be there anytime soon, we’re incredibly excited about Hong Kong Disneyland making forward progress. We have a soft spot for this often overlooked park, which is now overshadowed by the newer and larger Shanghai Disneyland in its region.

If we could only visit one or the other, we’d pick Hong Kong Disneyland. It’s not necessarily the better of the two, but there’s something about it that we love. It has the charm and quaintness of the original Disneyland, and the atmosphere nestled among the mountains is unrivaled. It’s really a great little park in a world class city–plus it’s home to Mystic Manor, which alone justifies a vist.

Momentous replaces the Disney in the Stars fireworks at Hong Kong Disneyland, which had been on ‘temporary hiatus’ for the last 4 years. We last saw them in 2017, which seems like an eternity ago, but they ended only a couple of months later.

Disney in the Stars was a good nighttime spectacular, but it was also very much an old school Disney fireworks show. It was the park’s debut fireworks show, and had more in common with Fantasy in the Sky than any of the modern nighttime spectaculars at castle parks. Now that Hong Kong Disneyland has a larger “canvas” for projections, it makes sense to debut new fireworks.

Above is a behind-the-scenes video that really shows the scope and scale of Momentous. Obviously, the quality and emotional resonance can’t be judged until seeing the full nighttime spectacular in person, but this is much more technically ambitious than the Disney in the Stars fireworks. With the fountains, projection mapping, and other effects, it’s more like the nighttime spectaculars at Disneyland Paris or Shanghai Disneyland.

Finally, here’s Disney’s official announcement about Momentous, the new nighttime spectacular coming to Hong Kong Disneyland…

The Castle of Magical Dreams is brought to life once again, with the debut of “Momentous” in mid-June 2022. This magical nighttime spectacular that will take guests on a heartwarming journey of life through the lens of Disney stories and multimedia elements.

Momentous will feature projection mapping, water projections, theatrical lighting, lasers, choreographed water fountains, flames, pyrotechnics, and firework effects. It is the finale of the trilogy: the Castle debuted in 2020 and the first Castle stage show – “Follow Your Dreams” – launched last summer. Now, there’s Momentous.

The magical spectacle will light up the sky of Hong Kong Disneyland in the evening, inspiring guests and touching their hearts as it follows the lives of different characters with classic Disney music in new arrangements along with a brand-new multimedia experience.

Alex Clifton, executive director, entertainment and costuming of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, today revealed the creative influences behind this spectacular production, with details on the touching stories, rousing music and an overall magical multimedia experience.

“More than five years in the making by our world-class talents from Hong Kong, United States and around the world, the long-awaited nighttime spectacular will arrive in mid-June. ‘Momentous’ is a breathtaking, never-before-seen production that explores hope and inspiration, love and laughter, hardship and perseverance, reflection and celebration.

This magical experience will take guests on an odyssey of life’s cherished moments, as told through the lens of Disney stories, music and multimedia effects. We can’t wait for guests to travel on this journey with us and be reminded of how precious time is,” said Clifton.

Set sail on the journey of life with Disney stories and characters

The show will invite guests to celebrate each stage of life and cherish the time spent with loved ones. Guests will sail through the journey of life through a series of six chapters, along with images of approximately 150 Disney characters from almost 40 Disney and Pixar stories.

Grow with Disney characters

Chapter 1

The show starts as “Time Begins.” In this chapter, guests will witness tender moments of new beginnings with beloved Disney and Pixar characters, and celebrate the joyful innocence of tiny infants.

Some of the highlighted characters featured in this chapter are Tarzan and Kala from “Tarzan,” Dumbo from “Dumbo” and Riley from “Inside Out.”

Chapter 2

In the blink of an eye, babies soon take their first steps into childhood as shown in the “Time of Your Life” chapter. Disney characters brim with youthful energy as the show celebrates this carefree stage of life, with plenty of toys, color and laughter-filled moments.

Some of the highlighted characters featured in this chapter are Wendy from “Peter Pan,” Anna and Elsa from “Frozen” and Simba from “The Lion King.”

Chapter 3

As the beloved characters grow from children to young adults, it is “Time for Change.” This is a momentous stage in life as the characters embark on bigger journeys, leaving what they know behind to find out who they are meant to be, and taking a leap of faith to “Try Everything.”

Some of the highlighted characters featured in this chapter are Moana from “Moana,” Judy Hopps from “Zootopia” and Hercules from “Hercules.”

Sweetest moments in life

Chapter 4

Love is one of the sweetest and the most precious parts of life. In the next chapter, “Time Stands Still,” guests witness Disney characters’ heartwarming love stories that remind everyone just how special first love is. Guests will remember the tender highs and heart-wrenching lows that make young love such a pure and beautiful experience, one they wish they could pause and relive forever.

Some of the highlighted characters featured in this chapter are Jasmine and Aladdin from “Aladdin,” Eric and Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” and Rapunzel from “Tangled.”

Test of time – challenges in life

Chapter 5

Just as things are going well and running smoothly, life inevitably throws challenges and obstacles in our path, and everyone must face the “Test of Time.” In this chapter, guests watch as our beloved Disney characters are pressured by villains to change their course and give up on their dreams.

But with heroic determination and bravery, characters fight off evil temptations to make their dreams come true. In this triumphant moment, guests are reminded that they too have the power within themselves to take control of their fate, to stand up against evil, and fight for good.

Some of the highlighted characters featured in this chapter are Dr. Facilier and James from “The Princess and the Frog”, Scar from “The Lion King” and the Evil Queen and Snow White from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

Share your gratitude – Time to remember

Chapter 6

Through all the ups and down, there are always people who inspire every one of us along the way. The “Time to Remember” chapter is a stirring, emotional moment that invites guests to reflect on their own mentors and guides, as they watch the Disney characters’ stories unfold, making them thankful for those who have helped them in their journeys.

Some of the highlighted characters featured in this chapter are Miguel and Hector from “Coco” and Russell and Carl from “Up.”


In the Finale, guests will see the characters empowered to live a life full of adventure, love, and friendship: a celebration of all the moments that define Disney characters’ lives

Multi-sensory effects together bring the Castle to life

“Momentous” seamlessly introduces multi-sensory illusions to create a sensational, unprecedented nighttime storytelling experience. The stunning combination of multimedia elements, including projection mapping, water projections, theatrical lighting, lasers, choreographed water fountains, flames, pyrotechnics and firework effects demonstrate how this heartfelt and magical experience has been planned is like no other.

For the first time at Hong Kong Disneyland, the large-scale projection mapping technology will be used to bring the Castle of Magical Dreams to life. Watch in amazement as the Castle’s features are highlighted and transformed into parts of the story, morphing into the iconic image of Big Ben one moment and magically transitioning into a forest of towering trees the next.

The beautiful moat around the castle will adopt the characteristics of a choreographed dancer, moving in coordination with the animation, lighting, water fountains and other special effects. Water fountains will reach soaring heights up to 80 feet and fall to calming lulls that echo the show’s themes of life’s journey, timelessness, change, challenge and beauty. In addition to the fountains, vibrant water will also be represented in the projected media, giving guests an exciting new visual experience.

State-of-the-art lighting and laser effects will also capture guests’ attention in the show, helping to add moments of pulsating excitement, and, at other times, graceful romantic beauty, to enhance the storyline. The special illuminations at times create pixie dust-like sparkles of magic, as well as the feeling of being underwater. Meanwhile, dazzling pyro and fireworks effects add to the drama, helping to transform the Castle of Magical Dreams into a shining beacon during the show, and fully immerse guests in the most important stages of life’s journey.

Storytelling music – rousing lyrics that remind us to live the moment, love the memory.

Music has always been at the heart of Disney shows. This time, the production is fully decked out with an original soundtrack and a full orchestra to evoke a powerful and memorable performance. The soaring anthem, “Love the Memory,” has been specially created to encourage guests to celebrate each beautiful stage of life and to live each day to the fullest. In an ever-changing world, guests are especially reminded to take the time to appreciate their families and loved ones, treasure life’s joyful moments, and embrace the excitement of the future.

The compilation of newly-recorded songs provides the central heartbeat for this story’s journey, catering to each special moment, whether it be playful, inspiring, mischievous, heartwarming … and maybe even a little scary at times! The varied compositions enhance the storytelling of each moment, helping guests to soak up the full spectrum of emotions experienced on life’s journey.

A reminder on the cherish moments

“Momentous” encourages everyone to celebrate each stage of life and cherish being together with loved ones. It is a reminder that every momentous experience lives on in guests’ hearts, and shapes them into who they are meant to be.

Magical Nighttime Experience

With the launch of “Momentous,” the park will become the most magical and not-to-be-missed iconic nighttime event in the city. Adding even more magic, guests can enjoy several splendid experiences to enhance this extraordinary evening out, including the all-new dessert buffet at the Starliner Diner before the show begins, meet with favorite Disney friends at Enchanted Garden Restaurant or enjoy a picnic under the stars at the Disneyland Hotel lawn to make every delicious moment of the “Momentous” experience even more memorable.

Guests can also turn memories of this spectacular into souvenirs by purchasing the special series of light-up merchandise items and T-shirt with reflective color effect in park and hotel shops, some items can be personalized as well, allowing everyone to relive an unforgettable night of light, laughter, and love. Take this opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones, reminiscing about treasured moments together while sharing the experience of this special nighttime show and making new memories.

For the rest of your planning needs, consult our Hong Kong Disneyland Trip Planning GuideIt covers everything you need to know for a visit to HKDL, including reviews, strategy, packing, and more. If you’re visiting the city as well, please consult our Hong Kong City Guide on TravelCaffeine, our non-Disney planning site.


What do you think of Momentous debuting as the ‘finale’ in the saga of Sleeping Beauty Castle becoming the Castle of Magical Dreams? Excited for this new nighttime spectacular? Is Hong Kong Disneyland on your bucket list? If you’ve visited the park, what do you like to do most at Hong Kong Disneyland? Any tips of your own for exploring HKDL? If you’ve never been to Hong Kong, what interests you most about the park? Anything else to add? Any questions? Hearing from you is half the fun, so please share your questions and thoughts in the comments!

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