Disney Treasure Cruise Ship Preview: Adventureland on the Ocean

Disney Cruise Line has revealed its next new ship, the Disney Treasure, which will feature Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel characters and stories plus surprising synergy with attractions from Walt Disney World and Disneyland. This offers a sneak peek at the latest addition to the DCL fleet, with important dates, concept art, and details, plus our commentary about what it brings to the fleet. (Updated January 15, 2024.)

Like the Disney Wish, the Disney Treasure is being constructed at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany and will also be powered by liquefied natural gas. At approximately 144,000 gross tons, the Disney Treasure will be slightly larger than the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.

When it comes to pertinent planning info, the Disney Treasure will embark on its maiden voyage, a seven-night Eastern Caribbean cruise from Port Canaveral on December 21, 2024. Following that, the Treasure will offer an inaugural season of 7-night itineraries to the Eastern and Western Caribbean from Port Canaveral, Florida. All guests can now book the Disney Treasure cruise ship’s inaugural season voyages.

Now let’s turn to some background that’ll hopefully help contextualize the Disney Treasure as we walk you through key areas of the ship. The big thing to know is that the Disney Treasure is the sister ship to the Disney Wish that launched last year. Whereas the Wish was a dramatic departure from the legacy ships, this is more iterative.

Since this site often trafficks in Walt Disney World comparisons, think of the Treasure and Wish as being akin to the Yacht and Beach Club, whereas the earlier ships are the BoardWalk Inn. Highly imperfect comparison, but should convey the general idea of what to expect in terms of similarities and differences.

Adventure, capers, and thrills serve as the architectural and thematic foundation of the Disney Treasure, which DCL and Imagineers say is to honor Walt Disney’s legendary passion for travel and exploration. On board, guests will find fan-favorite spaces from the Disney Wish, infused with this theme of adventure and inspired by memorable Disney stories like “Aladdin,” “Coco” and “Zootopia.”

Disney previously described the Wish as its “Castle at Sea.” Well, in that case, it’s only logical given the forgoing that the Disney Treasure would be “Adventureland on the Ocean.” Except that’s not what Disney is calling it, because it doesn’t fit neatly into that package.

In part, that’s because many of the characters and attractions on the Disney Treasure are found in lands outside Adventureland. But then again, there’s a bunch of stuff aboard the Disney Wish that wouldn’t be in a castle…or even a Disneyland-style park. So I think Adventureland on the Ocean is more or less apt. (Depending upon what else is revealed, simply calling it Disney Cruise Line’s “Theme Park at Sea” might be most fitting.)

Let’s start with dining aboard the Disney Treasure.  In addition to the return of two beloved Disney Cruise Line rotational restaurant concepts found on the Disney Wish (1923 and Worlds of Marvel), the Disney Treasure will introduce a brand-new family entertainment restaurant.

Plaza de Coco will be the world’s first theatrical dining experience themed to the Disney and Pixar film, “Coco.” The story of Miguel and his familia will continue where it left off on screen as they gather in Mariachi Plaza to take guests on two nights of colorful, music-filled journeys that celebrate family memories and togetherness with festive dinner menus of modern twists on traditional Mexican fare and a lineup of live entertainment.

Plaza de Coco is the Disney Treasure’s alternative to Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure, which is one of the highlights of the Disney Wish. Based on the concept art and video that was shown, the layout and style of this show looks very similar to its Frozen counterpart.

While Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure is one of my favorite things about the Disney Wish, I’m not the least bit disappointed that Plaza de Coco is replacing it. Every time Coco is featured in a nighttime spectacular, it’s a showstopper. The music is so good and high energy, and just makes everyone want to dance. (The Coco segment was far and away the best part about Harmonious, and every nighttime spectacular or parade in the parks that features Coco is better for it.)

Between that and what’s sure to be beautiful costuming, Plaza de Coco is sure to be a hit. My one hope is that there’s a giant Pepita puppet that “flies” around the dining room (a la Olaf in Arendelle…or Pepita in Magic Happens at Disneyland!)

Suffice to say, Plaza de Coco is one of the things for which I’m most excited aboard the Disney Treasure. Personally, I would’ve loved to see it replacing Worlds of Marvel, but I can understand Disney Cruise Line wanting more differentiation among the rotational dining.

The Disney Treasure will continue Disney Cruise Line’s innovative family dining concept, where guests experience one of three imaginative restaurants each night, accompanied by a dedicated service team that joins them throughout the voyage, adding a level of familiarity to their dining experience.

In addition to three main family restaurants, the new ship will feature quick bites, casual dining, 24-hour room service, specialty treats, gourmet cafes, upscale dining just for adults, and more. One of those new “and more” additions is Jumbeaux’s Sweets, inspired by the popular ice cream parlor featured in Disney’s “Zootopia.”

Families will come together to enjoy both new and timeless, beloved Disney Cruise Line entertainment aboard the Disney Treasure, immersing guests in worlds both real and imagined, through interactive storytelling, character encounters and Broadway-style theatrical adaptations of inspiring Disney adventures.

Let’s take a look at the different entertainment spaces aboard the Disney Treasure, starting with the Grand Hall atrium (above and below) that’ll first greet guests as they come aboard the ship.

The Grand Hall will be the key to unlocking a trove of captivating new entertainment, including dedicated shows, character encounters and musical performances. As the story unfolds for guests on the Disney Treasure, the “Aladdin”-themed Grand Hall will serve as the ship’s most prominent gathering space, inspiring wonder and exploration during each voyage.

I’m curious as to how an Agrabah-stylized Grand Hall will play in person. As you can see from the concept art, the columns and the centerpiece atrium light fixture are designed to evoke Aladdin, while also retaining a luxurious and modern appearance. That’s a really tough needle to thread, as usually these are two very different types of architecture–I’d normally expect Agrabah to feature a lot of ornate detail, patterns, and texture. Still, I’m hopeful and optimistic that Imagineering can stick the landing on this, as the concept is really intriguing and much better, in my view, than the atrium of the Wish.

Named for the lioness matriarch from Disney’s “The Lion King,” Sarabi will be a central hub for a multitude of daytime activities and adult-exclusive evening entertainment. The uniquely designed two story space will evoke the natural beauty and openness of the savanna and will feature cruise line classics such as “Match Your Mate” and “Family Time Game Show,” and new favorites that debuted on the Disney Wish like “Villains Game Night.”

This is Luna on the Wish, which is a nice-enough space but falls a bit flat. Like Agrabah, I think Lion King or savanna-inspired design would normally be richly-detailed (see Animal Kingdom Lodge). Again, I hope there’s enough depth to make this interesting, but even if not, it’s a fairly low-stakes flex space.

The Walt Disney Theatre is an opulent show palace that will come alive with original Broadway-style productions “Beauty and the Beast” and “Disney Seas the Adventure,” both of which are Disney Cruise Line fan-favorites.

The former will bring Belle’s enchanting adventure to life on stage by incorporating imaginative elements from the live-action film and the classic animated feature, while the latter will be an original musical spectacular that features beloved characters from Disney and Pixar stories alongside rousing renditions of iconic Disney songs.

The third, all-new production for the Disney Treasure is “The Tale of Moana,” featuring set design and music with elements of Pacific Islands culture that inspires the classic coming-of-age tale. This production will immerse audiences in a transformational adventure across land and sea.

The Tale of Moana will feature puppetry that soars to mythical heights, including a fiery Te Kā on a scale Disney Cruise Line has never before produced. When Moana meets Te Kā and restores the heart of Te Fiti, the giant Te Kā puppet will shed its fiery shell and become the gentle island goddess, Te Fiti herself.

Moana and Maui will perform the song “Warrior Face” for the first time in the stage show when the demigod teaches Moana how to face her fears before entering the Realm of the Monsters to face Tamatoa. “Warrior Face” will join classic favorites from the Grammy-Award winning soundtrack in the stage show, including “You’re Welcome,” “We Know The Way” and “How Far I’ll Go.”

The Tale of Moana will begin in modern day on the fictional island of Motunui, in a set design filled with hints of brilliant cultures of the Pacific Islands that will appear throughout the show.

The show is narrated by the spirit of Gramma Tala, who will introduce her granddaughter; through vibrant dance and songs in a mix of languages including Tuvaluan, Tokelauan and Samoan, guests will learn how the ocean chooses young Moana for an incredible journey to restore the heart of Te Fiti.

The Walt Disney Theatre will transform from the island of Motunui into the open ocean as Moana’s journey moves from her home to the great voyage that she’s longed for her entire life. Twinkling stars will swirl overhead and a giant, glowing manta ray will emerge and soar above the audience as a newfound sense of courage fills Moana. The manta ray is the spirit of Gramma Tala, illuminating the way for Moana on her journey to save her people.

Hero Zone and the Wonderland and Never Land Cinemas, popular spaces from the Disney Wish, will provide family entertainment aboard the Disney Treasure.

Hero Zone will offer a progressive sports and recreation venue where action-packed physical challenges will blend with game show-style competitions, while the Wonderland and Never Land Cinemas, intimate, luxe screening rooms, will elevate the onboard cinematic experience for guests to watch first-run films from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and more.

Surrounded by both the open ocean and sky, the adventures will continue on the upper decks of the Disney Treasure with three distinct districts offering fun water activities, quick and casual dining options and plenty of space to relax and soak up the sun.

In an expansive district themed to Mickey and friends, families will discover seven pools staggered among tiered decks, an abundance of luxe lounge chairs, an imaginative take on fast-casual fare with a festive character twist and Disney Cruise Line’s own attraction at sea, AquaMouse.

AquaMouse: Curse of the Golden Egg will plunge guests into the world of Mickey Mouse animated shorts. Suspended high above the upper decks, powerful jets will propel two-person ride vehicles through 760 feet of winding tubes, offering breathtaking views of the ocean and the ship below.

Onboard the Disney Treasure, AquaMouse will introduce an all-new storyline that follows Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse on a zany misadventure into an ancient temple. Guests will journey with the pair as they embark on a tour of mysterious ruins for a glimpse of the legendary treasure within and encounter a series of hilarious mishaps and booby traps that take the trek in unexpected directions.

To each their own, but the original AquaMouse didn’t do much for me. This sounds like swapping out the animated shorts, which won’t really change any of the ride’s shortcomings. I’m sure kids and others love it, though, and AquaMouse: Curse of the Golden Egg will undoubtedly be popular since it’s the Disney Treasure’s flagship water ride.

Like aboard the Disney Wish, little ones will delight in a Toy Story-themed district designed especially for families with toddlers and young children that will include a splash zone, wading pool, family waterslide and smoothie bar.

In addition, adults can indulge in sun-drenched serenity at Quiet Cove, a peaceful refuge dedicated to lounging, sipping and soaking. Set away from the bustle of family activities, this secluded adults-only district will feature a luxurious infinity pool, poolside bar and chic cafe.

Aboard the Disney Treasure, adults will explore, relax, dine and play with venues and entertainment tailored just for them. These adult-only experiences will offer elevated interpretations of adventures and attractions from Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and other parks around the globe. These venues will offer sophisticated theming ranging from subtle inspiration to full immersion, once again mixing things up with the style of the spaces.

Periscope Pub will be Disney Cruise Line’s first venue inspired by the spellbinding adventure of Walt Disney’s 1954 film, “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” and the celebrated Disney Parks attraction that was open at Walt Disney World from 1971 to 1994. (And is still open to this day at Tokyo DisneySea, arguably the most underrated attraction there!)

Guests will dive into the mythical depths of uncharted oceans amidst the submarine-styled interiors and take a look at the watery world below through an intriguing glass ceiling. In addition to watching the latest sports games, explorers at the Periscope Pub will encounter a menu of craft brews and light bites. This 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea-inspired pub replaces Keg & Compass, which is a nice and underrated venue–this is the perfect thematic fit for it. We can’t wait to experience this.

Adventure awaits guests beneath a tangle of untamed foliage at Skipper Society, a centrally located outpost that will feature refined nods to the iconic Jungle Cruise attraction at Disney theme parks around the globe. The venue’s natural colorways and camp-style furnishings, paired with sly tributes to the trusty, dry-witted skippers who lead world-famous tours across treacherous waterways, will offer an elevated, yet playful atmosphere where guests will indulge in themed cocktails and light snacks.

Skipper Society replaces the Bayou aboard the Disney Wish. That’s another not-so-hidden gem on that ship, and weaving Jungle Cruise into it could be perfect. In our experience aboard the Wish, this space is often overcrowded and chaotic–not necessarily with guests at this bar, but with those waiting for other spaces to open up. If the Cast Members are given the opportunity to shine, Skipper Society could be fantastic–and a perfect fit for a slightly chaotic setting.

I’m guessing there are going to be some Walt Disney World and Disneyland fans who are disappointed by these bars, as one of the top requests we heard for the Disney Treasure was “Trader Sam’s at Sea.” Fortunately, the final bar concept that replaces Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge looks pretty awesome and will blow the minds of Walt Disney World and Disneyland fans…

The final bar coming to the Disney Treasure is Haunted Mansion Parlor. According to Disney Cruise Line, this one-of-a-kind experience will invite guests to partake in the next chapter of the Haunted Mansion, focused on the story of a jovial captain who entered the ghostly realm after a disastrous dinner with his beloved fiancé. Legendary characters from Haunted Mansion attractions around the world, as well as new seafaring arrivals, will come out to socialize in mysterious ways throughout the Haunted Mansion Parlor experience.

The Haunted Mansion Parlor will follow the nostalgic art style of the original 1969 Disneyland classic. True to the original attraction, the lounge aboard the Disney Treasure will blend humor with Imagineering’s distinct brand of spooky storytelling. The design of the Haunted Mansion Parlor will be reminiscent of a first-class drawing room from the classic cruise liners of the golden age, invoking inspiration from the original Haunted Mansion with a nautical twist.

Disney Treasure’s Haunted Mansion Parlor will include tributes to the Disneyland and Walt Disney World attractions, from the iconic purple wallpaper framed by wooden finishes to a mantel clock atop an inviting fireplace to a distinctive purple armchair tucked in the corner (fondly known as the “Donald Duck Chair” among Disney diehards). Guests will also encounter a few new ghoulish faces in a portrait gallery depicting the Disney Treasure’s own ghostly residents.

Disney Cruise Line knew this bar was the ace up its sleeve among fans, so they announced this separately and with much more detail than the rest of the Treasure reveal. See our full post, Haunted Mansion Bar Materializing on Disney Treasure Cruise Ship, for more concept art and details.

Fan-favorite, adult-exclusive dining locations will also return on the Disney Treasure. Guests will savor gourmet meals and exceptional beverages at Palo Steakhouse, Enchanté by Chef Arnaud Lallement and The Rose, an upscale suite of epicurean excellence exclusively for adults, inspired by the elegant icons of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Beauty and the Beast.”

Senses Spa is a tranquil oasis offering indulgent spa and beauty treatments, drawing on the serenity of natural elements to promote pampering and relaxation. The spa will feature private treatment rooms, lavish spa villas, and steam and aromatherapy rooms, while the reimagined Senses Fitness will offer state-of-the-art exercise and wellness facilities. Other adult-exclusive spaces on board the Disney Treasure will include the Quiet Cove pool district, a variety of gourmet cafes, relaxed bars and upscale lounges, and more.

Aboard the Disney Treasure, children will embark on Disney adventures of their own with dedicated spaces and interactive programming for every age group—infants and toddlers, children, tweens and teens.

Children will enter the captivating worlds of favorite Disney stories in the Disney’s Oceaneer Club, a wonderland of immersive spaces specially designed to encourage exploration and discovery. Expertly developed programming combines physical play and age-appropriate technology to create deeply engaging, enriching experiences led by a team of Disney-trained counselors.

Marvel Super Hero Academy is a high-tech Avengers headquarters where young “recruits” will train to be the next generation of Super Heroes with the help of their own heroes, like SpiderMan, Black Panther and Ant-Man.

At Walt Disney Imagineering Lab, kids will discover the secrets of world-renowned Disney Imagineers — the creative masterminds behind Disney theme parks, resorts and cruise ships — with hands-on activities and inventive experiments.

At Star Wars: Cargo Bay, the peculiar creatures and legendary characters from a galaxy far, far away take center stage immersing kids in their own Star Wars story as they take on the role of creature handlers and learn to manage a mischievous menagerie of exotic beings.

Fairytale Hall is a royal collection of activity rooms where princesses and princes will let their creativity shine at Rapunzel’s Art Studio, read and act out stories at Belle’s Library and more.

Mickey and Minnie Captain’s Deck is a nautical playground inspired by the colors, icons and magic of Disney Cruise Line. Little cadets will set sail on a fun-filled adventure with an array of maritime-themed physical and sensory-style games and activities.

Personally, I think Disney Cruise Line nailed it with the kids clubs aboard the Disney Wish, and I don’t mind these spaces being reprised aboard the Disney Treasure. Star Wars: Cargo Bay and the Walt Disney Imagineering Lab are already like theme park attractions at sea, so it’s great to see them return. My expectation is that things will be switched up in the WDI Lab, which is good enough for me!

The accommodations aboard the Disney Treasure will strike a balance between modern design and nostalgic charm with a natural color scheme and custom artwork that will entice guests to peer beyond their staterooms into worlds from adventurous Disney movies.

The staterooms on board are built with families in mind and feature upscale amenities. Most will include Disney Cruise Line’s signature split-bath concept, and many will offer the option of a connecting door that adjoins staterooms to accommodate larger groups voyaging together – with 451 connecting doors in all.

In addition, most of the ship’s 1,256 staterooms will offer an ocean view — including 877 (70 percent) with a verandah. The Disney Treasure will elevate the concierge experience for those guests seeking luxury and a premium level of dedicated service.

The concierge-level staterooms and suites will offer both adventure and indulgence, and an exclusive concierge lounge with a private sun deck that serves as the perfect place to relax, sip a cocktail and enjoy a variety of food and beverages throughout the day.

Onboard the Disney Treasure, concierge-level suites will feature elegant interiors inspired by the majestic grasslands Simba calls home in Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “The Lion King.”

The adventure-inspired accommodations aboard the Disney Treasure will also extend to four royal suites that pay tribute to the faithful feline companions of daring Disney characters. The upscale designs will include the Bagheera Royal Suites, honoring the noble panther from “The Jungle Book” and the lush forests he calls home, and the Rajah Royal Suites, themed to Princess Jasmine’s protective tiger who dwells in the royal palace of Agrabah in the classic Disney film, “Aladdin.”

There’s also going to be a funnel suite inspired by EPCOT (concept art above). No specifics were provided as to the substance of the suite that’ll be pulled from the park, so it sounds probably more like it’ll be a vibe. Our expectation is that it’ll feature modern style, and maybe some geodesic patterns here or there. Hopefully there’s more to it than that, but I don’t think we can expect to see Figment or nods to Horizons–this is a super expensive suite that needs to appeal to affluent cruisers with zero knowledge of the parks.

Turning to commentary, my first thought is that there’s a ton of overlap with the Disney Wish. This should be expected since they’re sister ships, but still, after the firehose of newness that arrived with the reveal of the Disney Wish, this reveal is a tad anticlimactic. With that said, there are still a ton of unknowns, and Disney Cruise Line has teased a ton of additional surprises.

My other biggest hope with the Disney Treasure is that it’ll correct unforced layout errors with the Disney Wish. For example, the Star Wars bar is constantly crowded and demand to get in far exceeds available space. As a result, there’s frequently congestion in the area outside Hyperspace Lounge…and at all of the bars in this ‘district’ of the ship.

Meanwhile on Deck 3, there’s a surplus of space devoted to luxury retailers. In our experience, these shops typically have only a handful of people in them at a time, and are majorly underutilized. Now, I “get” that high end third party retail is both expected on cruise ships and is (somehow) lucrative for Disney Cruise Line. But you know what else is also common on cruise ships? Casinos. Disney Cruise Line (thankfully) does not follow industry standards on that, and they don’t need to do so with luxury retail, either. DCL’s pricing premium should not necessitate that type of thing.

Assuming that luxury retail is going to be “a thing” aboard the Disney Treasure, my hope is that rather than a ‘bar and lounge district’ and a ‘retail district,’ there’s a more mix-and-match approach. Since those stores will not draw crowds, put them between the bars that will to create a buffer. This seems like low-hanging fruit, and something that could be done fairly late in the design process after learning about crowd flow and congestion aboard the Disney Wish.

I have a bunch of other layout quibbles with the Disney Wish, many of which I’m assuming won’t be resolved. The Disney Treasure was well into development by the time the Disney Wish set sail, and it was probably too late to change the core layout by that point. So I’m guessing there won’t be more elevators, added hallways, or significant shuffling of features. It’ll likely be the Disney Wish, but with a different layer of themed design on the top of the same spaces.

In addition to the layout, I’d also love to see the Disney Treasure be more thematically coherent than the Disney Wish. That ship is definitely a hodgepodge, like the ‘studios park’ of the Disney Cruise Line fleet. My hope is that the Disney Treasure will narrow its focus and largely be “Adventureland on the Ocean,” but the ship has already sailed to some degree on that with some of the returning franchises.

Still, there’s the opportunity for the Disney Treasure to lean more into Adventureland, Frontierland, DisneySea, and those types of stories. Or at least create a framework or layer of window-dressing for the disparate concepts that’ll be present to make this a mass market ship with a wide-range of appeal. I understand that the Disney Treasure isn’t viable by catering only to diehard fans with tales of adventure, but it can still be more cohesive than the Disney Wish. That isn’t a particularly high bar.

With that said, I also have a lot of cautious optimism. Disney Cruise Line still hasn’t revealed a lot about the Treasure, possibly waiting for a big moment on stage at Destination D23 or some other event. Leaning into fan-favorites from Walt Disney World and Disneyland is a savvy move, especially as one of the core demos for Disney Cruise Line is repeat visitors. Plus, so much of that stuff is appealing even divorced of its theme park background. (It’s not like anyone had context the first time they rode Haunted Mansion–and look how many people end up loving that!)

Additionally, I think the theme of ‘Treasure’ is really strong, with the ‘thrills, capers, and adventure’ motifs offering a lot of opportunities. There’s a lot that I don’t love about the Disney Wish, and much of that flows from it being Disney Cruise Line’s “Castle at Sea.” Having this ship pivot in, essentially, the other direction and feature more tales of adventure is a smart move, and gives it more appeal (to me personally) right off the bat. Here’s hoping the Disney Treasure also features more for the Society of Explorers and Adventurers (perhaps an interactive game?!), as that seems like an absolutely perfect fit that’s tailor-made for this ship–and would further tie it together with Disney theme parks around the globe!

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Does this have you more excited for the Disney Treasure? Favorite part of the news? Wishing you were under 12 so you could enjoy the Imagineering Lab? Excited for the AquaMouse? Do you plan on booking a cruise aboard this ship, or are you awaiting more details? Do you agree or disagree with our advice and assessment? Any questions? Hearing feedback about your experiences is both interesting to us and helpful to other readers, so please share your thoughts below in the comments!

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