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Oceano is a buffet restaurant in Hotel MiraCosta at Tokyo Disney Resort. This review features food photos, thoughts on the ambiance, and our take as to whether this pricey buffet is worth the money.

In terms of design, Oceano is sort of like a post-modern, almost impressionist interpretation of the old Mediterranean. I don’t really know how to describe it, but suffice to say, there’s definitely a lot of abstract, ocean-inspired art, fluid lines, and the center of the restaurant is reminiscent of a capsized boat. It’s about as fancy of a buffet as you could possibly find, and its avant-garde ocean art reminds me of something about which Frasier Crane would pontificate, while the rest of us sit back thinking, “OH YOU FANCY.” (I did a poor job of capturing the art of the restaurant in these photos–you can see more in Honorable Rat’s review.)

The description of Oceano’s ambiance on the Japanese version of Tokyo Disney Resort’s site, as translated by Google describes it as follows: “Worthy of the name ‘sea’ in Italian, the store will spread the world of three of the beautiful sea with the image such as shellfish and pearls.” Is that gibberish resulting from Google Translate’s typical shoddy work, or an accurate, abstract summary so profound, our minds cannot even comprehend the brilliance of Oceano? You be the judge.

The funny thing is, as compared to some of the other restaurants in Hotel MiraCosta and Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, this isn’t even all that fancy and artistically-inspired. It’s just more than you might expect for a Disney buffet.


If the stylish decor you see upon approaching Oceano didn’t raise your expectations, the pricing certainly will. For lunch, it’s around $40; dinner is around $50. That’s $10-20 more expensive than the in-park buffets at Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea.


So, what does that premium pricing get you aside from the notably more upscale ambiance? In comparing the spreads, I’d say there’s a wider range of breads and pastries and several more items in single-serving cups (scallops in mousse, for example).


Nothing says “fancy” like buffet with single-serving cups. Who needs to slop food on a plate out a big trough like the unwashed masses when there are single-serving cups for the refined socialite?! 😉


Aside from that, you’re getting maybe a couple of meats you probably wouldn’t find at the in-park buffets, and maybe an additional seafood option. One standout was the lamb, and I don’t recall seeing that on either in-park buffet. However, I typically stick with the seafood options, since I feel Tokyo Disney Resort does those far better than anywhere else.

On a seafood-to-seafood level, I’d say the in-park buffets hold their own. Oceano might have a slight edge in quantity, but they’re very comparable.


This truffle gnocchi was another premium, plated offering, and I consumed so many of these that I fear Japan now has a gnocchi shortage. For me, this alone might justify the premium pricing. In a head-to-head battle against the also excellent pumpkin gnocchi at Sailing Day Buffet, this one takes the cake.


As is the case at all Tokyo Disney Resort buffets, the desserts were high quality and plentiful. Fixating on these too much serves no purpose, as they were all seasonal. If you’re visiting in the near future, there will be special desserts for Tokyo DisneySea’s 15th Anniversary.

In my personal experience, 80% of these are delicious, and the other 20% are puzzling. That’s a pretty consistent take in our dining experience, but the odd thing is there’s never a consensus on which ones are puzzling. Chalk it up to a matter of taste, because quite often my absolute favorite is Sarah’s least favorite. Same goes when we’re dining with others. The salient point here is that you have must try every dessert, or the consequences could be dire!


Both Sherwood Garden Restaurant and Oceano have a station where signature desserts are offered on a made-to-order basis. I don’t know what this dessert was supposed to be, but it was glorious!

Overall, Oceano is an excellent restaurant, and one of the best Disney buffets anywhere. The same could be said for all of the buffets at Tokyo Disney Resort. Whether it’s worth the extra money over Sailing Day Buffet and Crystal Palace is a matter of personal preference. There are plenty of excellent foods at both the in-park buffets, which potentially makes it more difficult since you can have an exquisite meal without the surcharge. If I didn’t have that frame of reference, I would have been blown away by Oceano, ranking it with Boma and Tusker House as my favorite Disney buffets. As it stands, I’d rather save the money with Sailing Day Buffet or have an even better premium buffet at Sherwood Garden Restaurant, but it’s really hard to fault Oceano. It loses points for me, personally, given my preferences for the 3 other buffets, but that should not diminish this excellent restaurant. It’s truly an exceptional buffet and classy restaurant that is well worth the money.


If you’re thinking of visiting Japan for the first time and are overwhelmed with planning, definitely check out our Tokyo Disney Resort Planning Guide. It covers much more than the parks, from getting there to WiFi to currency and much, much more. For more photos and an idea of what we did day-by-day during our first visit, read our Tokyo Disney Resort Trip Report.

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