See Ya Real Soon!

The Sun Also Rises

We’re off to Walt Disney World again! While we’re there doing “research” for more mediocre blog posts, Sarah will be posting real-time photo-updates from her iPhone to our Disney Tourist Blog Facebook Fan Page. We’ve decided to primarily use Facebook this time for sharing updates and photos, due to its efficiency and because reader feedback has indicated that it’s the social network of choice for most of you. (Unfortunately, it’s too tedious from a phone to post photos to the website while in the parks.)

Click the link above or “Like” us through the box to the right of this text! Right now we’re taking photo requests on our Facebook page, so be sure to submit yours soon, and she’ll see what she can do! (I might even steal a few of the ideas for my “real camera” photos!)

As a huge “‘Gramer,” (her term, not mine!) Sarah will also be posting some photos to Instagram. If you don’t have a smart phone, don’t worry, because those photos will appear on our Twitter account @DisTouristBlog. If you followed her Instagram account (click here to see photos) during our recent trips, you know that she’s surprisingly good with that camera phone.

Hope you follow along with us as we tour Walt Disney World! Expect a lot of fun shots over the next few days!

If you don’t have Instagram or Twitter, you can see those photos in the widget below:

The “” links are photos, click them to view the pictures Sarah takes along the way! Refresh this page to see new updates.

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