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We had the fortune of attending Shanghai Disneyland’s opening day! In this trip report, we will share hundreds of photos from the first 3 days of Shanghai Disney Resort’s celebration, thoughts on the park, restaurants at which we dined, the best and worst attractions, and more.

For us, this was the first time we’ve had the chance to visit a Disney park on opening day, and while we almost passed on the opportunity, the temptation proved too strong. We went in with low expectations given the delay of Shanghai Disneyland’s opening date by roughly a year, rumors of cost overruns, construction issues, and even some of the early reports of issues during trial operations. However, our expectations were far exceeded, and we found Shanghai Disneyland to be a worthy Disney park.

We’ll elaborate on its strengths–as well as where the park falls short–in this trip report, covering our experience in meticulous excruciating detail. In so doing, we will take you back to Shanghai with us so we can show some of what made the visit memorable. In addition to photos and written commentary, we will also be debuting some ‘vlog’ segments for this trip report (coming in part 2 or 3), which will be embedded into some of the posts as a supplement.

After putting a lot of thought into the best way to handle spoilers, we’ve decided to keep the first few installments of the trip report spoiler-free in terms of the substance of attractions. This isn’t that challenging, as we don’t take photos on our first ride-through of any attraction, anyways. We aren’t sure at what point we will include spoilers in the report, but whenever that is, the link below will include a spoilers tag. We feel it would be a disservice to not include some spoilers, as most readers have indicated they won’t make the trek to Shanghai, but we also don’t want to alienate those who do intend upon visiting at some point. Hopefully, this is a workable compromise.

This trip report is currently a work-in-progress, and links below will become active once new installments are posted. Click the links below to go to each installment…

Part 1 – Opening Day Excitement!
Part 2 – Last Guests Out on Opening Night…
Part 3 – Blue Skies and Humid Days
Part 4 – Like A Grand And Miraculous Sunset…
Part 5 – See Ya Real Soon!

We hope you enjoy our report from Disney’s newest theme park! 🙂

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