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South Korea’s Global Marketplace at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival serves BBQ and a variety of drinks. It’s a sleeper hit of the event, we’d say. This post takes a look at the South Korea booth’s menu and what you can expect from the booth.

Then there are the drinks; most notably, Soju. I have a funny(ish) story with Soju that you might enjoy, because it makes me sound like an idiot. We were at a BBQ in Seoul, and I was trying to order Coke. Our waiter spoke some English, but didn’t know the word Coke, so I pivoted to “soda.” He instantly recognized this word, so I thought we were in business. He returned with a small glass bottle of clear soda (or so I thought). This struck me as odd, but Europe has similarly small bottles and I thought maybe it was something like Sprite or colorless soda (think Crystal Pepsi), so I gave it a swig.

I about vomited all over the table. It turns out that it was soju, a rice alcohol. Now, there wasn’t anything inherently wrong with the soju, but subconsciously (I guess?) I was preparing my taste buds for the sweet taste of soda, and I got the harsh taste of ethanol. Not exactly my finest moment, but it’s a funny story in hindsight. So, let that be a lesson if you’re ever trying to order Coke in South Korea…

Now that the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival has kicked off, we have updated this menu (and every menu) with food photos, thoughts on value for money, best use of Disney Dining Plan snack credits, and more!

Here’s what you will find on the South Korea marketplace booth’s food menu this year at Food & Wine Festival:


Roasted Pork Lettuce Wrap and KimchiReally tender pork and the drizzled sauce made it especially juicy, but ended up eating it with a fork as the lettuce wrap didn’t work for me. Still good enough to recommend.


Korean-style BBQ Beef with Steamed Rice and Cucumber KimchiGood flavor in the meat, but not one of the better meat-centric dishes at F&WF if that’s what you’re after.


Vegan Korean BBQ with Steamed Rice, Cucumber Kimchi, and Gardeinâ„¢ Beefless TipsThis is not food for humans.

We don’t intend upon sampling all of the beverages at Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival (particularly because most are not unique to Epcot, so you can find a ton of info and reviews of them via Google), but here is the beer menu for South Korea:

  • iCing Grapefruit Sparkling Rice Brew
  • Bohae Bokbunjajoo Raspberry Wine
  • Soju Fruit Slushy featuring Jinro Chamisul Soju

Check out our Epcot Food & Wine Festival Booth Menus post if you want to see and read more about every menu this year! You’ll also want to read our full Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival Guide before you go to get an idea of what to do, strategy for the festival (yes, you will need a strategy), and much more!

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Your Thoughts

If you’ve tried any of the South Korea booth snacks, what did you think? Favorites? Least favorites? What was and wasn’t worth it? Anything on the menu you’re excited to try this year? Hearing from you is half the fun, so please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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