United Kingdom – Epcot World Showcase Photo

United Kingdom Epcot

The United Kingdom in Epcot might be my least favorite World Showcase country. Granted, there’s the Rose & Crown pub with its amusing Hat Lady and delicious beverages and the British Invasion (errr… English Channel). As is true with the entire World Showcase, the architecture is pretty, but the spacing and lack of prominent structures to layer a photo makes many photos take in this area pretty uninspired (the only other country that’s like this, I think, is Norway). In fact, I can think of only a handful of photos I’ve taken in the United Kingdom that I’d classify as “good.” It’s still a fun place to visit in the World Showcase, but it’s definitely my least favorite.

What do you think of the United Kingdom? (In the World Showcase, not the real thing…)

Technical details: Nikon D7000 and Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 Lens. See our Disney Photography Guide for more photography equipment recommendations.

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