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Wine Bar George is a table service restaurant in Disney Springs at Walt Disney World. This review focuses on the food served at this WDW dining spot, specifically brunch. Save for the new Dole Whip mimosa, we aren’t going to offer any insight into the locale’s formidable lineup of wines.

The only wine bar led by Master Sommelier George Miliotes, Wine Bar George emphasizes its more than 140 wines served by the glass, bottle, and ounce. That’s exactly why we’ve avoided it until. Our knowledge of wine is essentially zilch, unless you count all those boxes consumed in college. In which case we are basically also Master Sommeliers.

Not being wine drinkers now, Wine Bar George has seemed like one of those things that’s a good offering for others, but not for us. Which is fine, we don’t expect everything at Walt Disney World to be tailored to our exact interests. However, the restaurant recently started offering brunch, and after hearing a lot of good things about their dinner menu, we decided to give it a try…

Thematically, Wine Bar George doesn’t have a theme. It’s yet another twist on the “repurposed hipster warehouse” look that is hot right now. Yawn.

In terms of layout, Wine Bar George has 200 seats spread over two stories with a bar in the center of the ground level and seating around it. Upstairs there’s a variety of options, including tables and more laid back lounge chairs.

The Dole Whip Mimosa is one of the star offerings here and what’s being marketed heavily, presumably to get a new audience through the doors.

If you like Dole Whip and mimosas, you’ll probably like this. It contains moscato, pineapple, and prosecco with a slushy consistency and sweet flavor.

I personally think the whole ‘Dole Whip-ize everything!’ trend is getting played out, but to each their own, I suppose.

Dole Food Company, Inc. probably loves the fact that Disney fans have adopted the brand as their own, voraciously consuming anything at Walt Disney World with pineapple flavor, promoting it on social media as Dole Whip. Talk about great free advertising.

Our party also ordered the Aperol Rosé Spritz (Aperol / Protocolo Rosé / Prosecco).

Sarah tried this, and wasn’t a fan. Again, though, our wine expertise is minimal. You might defer to Josh on this one when he finishes his novel about this new meal 8 months from now. (Like a fine bottle of Boone’s Farm, topical blog posts are better with age.)

Now let’s dig into the food…

First up is the Crispy Mac & Cheese Bites.

These are one of the stars of the regular lunch and dinner menus, and they’re equally spectacular here.

Next, the Kendall Brook Smoked Salmon served on ciabatta crisps, topped with crème fraîche and fried capers.

This is all pretty standard. The smoked salmon is delicious, and crème fraiche is always delicious on top of anything. For my tastes, the crisps were a bit too crisp.

Now we’ll move to the brunch entrees, from best to worst…

The French Toast (brioche / mascarpone / caramel sauce) might seem like a weak choice for the best item on the brunch menu, but it was spectacular.

I’m not sure ‘melt in your mouth’ is an appropriate or conventional way to describe French Toast, but that’s what I’m using. The mascarpone and caramel gave it a sweet and creaminess that were pure bliss. This might be the best French Toast I’ve ever had, and it’s also one of the cheaper items on the menu.

At the other end of the price spectrum, I ordered the Steak & Eggs Frites (skirt steak / eggs / sriracha hollandaise).

This is a smaller version of the skirt steak from the dinner menu, and it was absolutely fantastic. Tender and bursting with flavor, this was unexpectedly good. I was expecting something lesser with subpar quality being masked by everything else, but that definitely wasn’t the case. This was very good. The sriracha hollandaise proved to be a great complement, too.

Next up, we’ve got the Sausage Gravy & Biscuits (house-made biscuits / bacon).

I don’t know what addictive substance Mr. George and his team are putting into these biscuits, but they’ve got no business being this delicious and ambitious. I was never expecting a wine bar, of all places, to nail biscuits and gravy, so these little beauties caught me by surprise.

Everyone in our party loved the Burrata (avocado / bacon / ciabatta) and it definitely delivered both in terms of portion size and taste (albeit costing $22).

The overarching vibes from this dish were light and refreshing. It’s as if the ingredients were brought over freshly from the garden…assuming you have a magical garden that grows candied bacon. Another highly recommended dish, and perhaps the most ‘on theme’ item of the brunch. This just seems like the type of thing you’d enjoy on a terrace at a remote villa in wine country.

The Eggs Benedict (house-made chicken sausage / hollandaise / crispy polenta cake) were yet another good dish.

However, given the $22 price and the overall quality of this dish versus the others, I think you can do better.

Finally, the Wine Country Omelet (artichoke / asparagus / olive & tomato medley).

This was the lone ‘miss’ of the Wine Country Brunch for me, but others in our party seemed to like it, so it’s likely a matter of personal preference.

Overall, the brunch food we had at Wine Bar George ranged from good to spectacular. Nevertheless, the whole experience felt very ordinary. Perhaps if we were wine-loving hipsters, we would have enjoyed the whole package of the restaurant more. As it stands, we can only recommend Wine Bar George to oenophiles and/or those who favor dull design. Even with the food being exceptional, the restaurant otherwise feels like an ordinary real world locale–but with the Disney pricing surcharge. Given that the dining scene is so strong at Disney Springs, I have a tough time giving a strong endorsement to any table service restaurant that doesn’t fire on all cylinders.

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