Our Top 10 Disney World New Year’s Resolutions

I’m not particularly keen on New Year’s Resolutions. If you have a goal, waiting for the changing of a calendar seems silly, and the common knowledge that most resolutions fail provides justification when giving up on that goal since “everyone else did too.” Nevertheless, people seem to like New Year’s Resolutions. Since we recently reviewed

Hotel New York Review

Hotel New York is a hotel at Disneyland Paris, designed by Michael Graves and occupying the top tier of Disney hotels at the resort. This review features room photos from the hotel, along with thoughts on its quality and my experience of staying at the hotel. (Last updated January 9, 2018.) 2018 UPDATE: Disney’s Hotel New

Happy New Year!

For our first post of 2018, we thought we’d drop in for the most riveting type of content: a housekeeping update. Since we like to do a few of these per year to keep regular readers apprised of what’s going on behind the scenes, we thought we’d get one knocked out early this year. It