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Casbah Food Court is a counter service restaurant located in the Arabian Coast port of call in Tokyo DisneySea. It is one of the largest restaurants at Tokyo DisneySea, with numerous large seating areas. When we visited, relatively late at night, it was not at all busy, but earlier in the day, it was busier, but still not bad. It’s location deep in the park likely keeps crowds down as compared to front of the park venues.

Tokyo DisneySea’s official website describes Casbah Food Court as follows: “curry dishes served in these food stalls are very special because they are delivered from many parts of the kingdom using the flying carpet from the Disney film, Aladdin. Try out this exotic curry and feel like a hero from The Arabian Nights.” While we didn’t see any magic carpets delivering our food, it wouldn’t surprise us if they were somewhere backstage given the level of detail at Tokyo DisneySea. The restaurant does feel like it could be a set straight out of a live action version of Aladdin.

There are four ordering stations (hence the “food court” name) under a sort-of open air bazaar loosely covered by various fabrics, with each having their own look, but serving the same things.  


The themed design is almost as impressive here as it is in Vulcania, but in totally different ways. Vulcania wows you by offering a dining location so improbable–inside of a mountain–that it’s sheer scope and scale as a whole are wow-inducing. There are plenty of great details, but they take a back seat to the staggering big picture.


In Casbah Food Court, the big picture is less impressive, the the restaurant seeming like an accurate depiction of a bazaar, but it’s the details where Casbah Food Court shines. From fountains and fixtures to trim work and even tables and chairs, Casbah Food Court really succeeds because of these details. It’s particularly gorgeous at night, when the many light fixtures scatter light throughout Casbah Food Court, creating a wonderful mood and texture to the restaurant.


The food at Casbah Food Court was excellent–so long as you like curry! It seemed like fairly authentic curry (although curry is normally something I could take or leave, so I might not be the best judge). Overall, this was one of the best meals we had at Tokyo Disney Resort. It ranks up there with some table service meals!


I ordered the “Special Set,” which cost around $15, and enabled me to fulfill my lifelong dream of eating Duffy! (A dream I had actually fulfilled earlier in the trip at Cafe Portofino). I felt that $15 was very reasonable given the portion size and since it included a drink and dessert. Portion sizes at Casbah still weren’t “American-size,” but they were very close, and large than the portions at other restaurants.



Overall, Casbah Food Court is another must-do restaurant at Tokyo DisneySea. We would encourage everyone to give this restaurant a try, even those who are sort of “meh” about curry. The food here was top-notch, and we suspect that anyone who is not vehemently opposed to curry will enjoy their meal at Casbah Food Court. This ranks as our #3 buffeteria/counter service restaurant at Tokyo DisneySea in terms of theme and ambiance, and #1 in terms of cuisine.

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Overall Score: 10/10

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What do you think of Casbah Food Court’s theme? If you’ve dined at Casbah Food Court, what did you think of the food? Does this restaurant interest you? Hearing from you is half the fun, so please share your thoughts in the comments!

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