Copper Creek Villas at Wilderness Lodge Review

Copper Creek Villas at Wilderness Lodge are DVC accommodations at Walt Disney World with modern rustic and railroad themes. This review features room photos, thoughts about this Disney Vacation Club resort, how it compares to the hotel rooms and Boulder Ridge, and the pros & cons of staying here.

Let’s start by breaking down what’s what at Wilderness Lodge on the Disney Vacation Club side of things. The new villas in the main lodge and the waterfront Cascade Cabins are known collectively as the Copper Creek Villas. What was previously the Villas at Wilderness Lodge has now become Boulder Ridge Villas (pictured above adjacent to the Boulder Ridge Cove Pool).

This is a bit confusing since the Cascade Cabins are closer to Boulder Ridge than they are the main lodge, but this was done to put everything “new” under the umbrella of a single Disney Vacation Club resort, which has a significantly later expiration date (hence the distinction). This review focuses on Copper Creek Villas in the main Wilderness Lodge, where hotel rooms are also located…

For this review, we’re going to gloss over any common amenities already covered in our Wilderness Lodge Review. Since these rooms are located in the main lodge, that review of the hotel rooms also in the main lodge covers pretty much everything outside of the guest rooms, which are different.

One thing we will dispense with quickly is the backstory for the Copper Creek Villas. The premise here is that the prominence of Transcontinental Railroad faded over the years, with the new developments showing how modern locals pay homage to the area’s legacy while building a leisure industry development. This backstory is unnecessarily to begin with, convoluted, and gets in its own way.

As is pretty well known, Wilderness Lodge is themed to the Pacific Northwest and U.S. National Park Lodges. It’s unclear why any fictional backstory beyond that needed to be contrived for these Disney Vacation Club developments, but whatever.

Anyway, let’s take a look inside the studio villas at Copper Creek…

Studios sleep up to four adults thanks to a queen and a fold-out couch. In their kitchenettes, these rooms come equipped with a coffee-maker, mini-fridge, toaster, and microwave.

Size-wise, the Copper Creek studios are the same size as Wilderness Lodge’s regular rooms, 340 square feet, which makes sense given that they were converted from (gutted) Wilderness Lodge rooms.

If you look at our Hotel Room Sizes at Walt Disney World, you’ll note that this is on the smaller side for a Deluxe Resort. It’s definitely noticeable, but having the couch rather than a second bed does make the room feel more spacious than a standard Wilderness Lodge room.

Some things have been done to maximize space, such as the slide-out pantry in the kitchenette, under the bed luggage storage, and bedding storage in the chest/coffee table.

A lot of the decor in here I feel works reasonably well in striking that delicate balance between modern luxury and the rustic sensibilities of Wilderness Lodge.

The mirror seems to evoke a hot spring (such as the famed Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone National Park), the rug resembles layers of sediment (such as those in the Grand Canyon), artwork depicts mountain scenery and ‘merit badge’ style logos for the resort’s various features. There are bed runners!

There’s also a lot of wood. The headboard is detailed and cool, table is substantial, and end tables are all robust and very…woody.

I’m not a fan of this dresser. I guess you could say the color and variety of handles gives an eclectic look that evokes the mismatched style you’ll often find in cottages and cabins.

That’s not my take. I think it’s a bit too cutesy, going for an inappropriate shabby chic look. A little sign with cursive, “I’m not a camper, I’m a glamper” (blech) would be right at home.

In the end, I’m am still fairly ambivalent towards the Copper Creek studios. The design is better than the uninspired look of the new villas at Beach Club and BoardWalk and they’re a thematically “close enough” fit, but they’re fairly safe choices for Wilderness Lodge.

With that said, the American Arts & Crafts movement is a treasure trove of elegant and timeless interior design inspiration. Likewise, Native American decor offers endless possibilities for rich texture and visual details. Instead, the designers here chose a blander path, either because it was safer or less expensive. Some people may like this style, but I think Walt Disney World’s most richly-themed resort deserves a bit more.

As for how Copper Creek compares to Boulder Ridge, the biggest difference is going to be room design, which you can judge for yourself. Other than that, the Boulder Ridge rooms are about 15 feet larger and located in a different building. Personally, I like Boulder Ridge’s rooms better and I’ll take the longer walk to the lobby (it’s not bad at all) for the size and superior design.

Overall, Wilderness Lodge is my favorite or second resort (depending upon the day you ask!) at Walt Disney World no matter how you slice it. Of the three types of regular rooms, Copper Creek has my least favorite rooms, but they’re still “not bad.” The conversion of Wilderness Lodge from hotel rooms to Copper Creek could’ve been done better, but if recent Disney Vacation Club expansion and room renovations are any indication, it also could’ve been far worse.

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Are you a fan of the Cooper Creek Villas at Wilderness Lodge? What are your thoughts on the refurbishment and expansion plans? Are you excited, or wishing Disney would leave well enough alone? Planning on staying here someday? We love hearing from readers, so if you have any tips, thoughts, or questions, please share them in the comments below!

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