Disney Tourist Blog News — Vol. 1, No. 4


Tamron 17-55mm f/2.8 lens review – the PERFECT lens for Disney; now with a rebate on it at Amazon.com!

Enter to WIN a copy of The Muppets Blu-ray from Disney Tourist Blog!

Part 5 of Brickers’ February 2012 Walt Disney World trip report posted – sunset in Epcot.

Storybook Circus is (soft) open! – hear our thoughts on this and the rest of the Fantasyland Expansion!

We continue to share fun and exclusive photos on DisneyTouristBlog Facebook Fan Page – look for the Facebook-exclusive neutral density filter photo of guests flowing down Main Street during “One More Disney Day” at Disneyland.

New “Top Posts” section added to Disney Tourist Blog – Check out these great posts from 2011 that you might have missed! (Navigate to older or newer “top posts” at bottom of that page)


Sunday/Monday – The Muppets Blu-ray Review

Monday/Tuesday – Top Disney World Cupcakes

Later this week… – Disney Book Reviews, Disney Dining Reviews, Top Disney Cupcakes, Disney iPhoneography


TouringPlans.com Blog with a recap of “One More Disney Day” (part 3 of 4) at Walt Disney World and Disneyland (Disneyland recap by Tom).

Disney Food Blog offers a detailed summary of the D23 “Off the Map” event at Disneyland!

The Explorium with a tribute to 45 years of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Mouseplanet takes a look back at Walt Disney’s photographer.

WEDWay Radio presents a riveting interview with longtime Disney animator, Floyd Norma.


I just can’t get enough of the beautiful trees that were in bloom during “One More Disney Day” at Disneyland. What a great day for shooting!


HDR is useful, fun, and sometimes even necessary to capture the full dynamic range of what the human eye can see through a photo. However, it’s not always necessary. Not every highlight needs to be in-check, and not every shadow needs complete detail. Sometimes there is beauty in the imperfect, and deep darks and bright brights can actually make a photo pop a bit more. Trying to over-perfect a photo in the digital darkroom can make that photo seem fake and less compelling. This type of editing also takes a lot of time for what can be very inconsequential gains. Remember to balance the incremental gains with the amount of time you’re editing a photo. Time is finite, and although sloppy editing to achieve quantity over quality can be just as bad, there’s something to be said for efficiency!


Zannaland with an examination of some Storybook Circus details.

Disneyland Live wonders whether Fantasy Faire has been canceled.

MiceAge reports from the Walt Disney Company annual shareholder meeting.


I am staying at a non-Disney hotel, so I can’t take part in the attraction part of the EMH. However, do they kick people out? If I want to walk around and take photos and just stay in the park as long as I want without riding attractions…can I do this?


Although I’m sure other guests (and maybe Disney) frown on what you’re asking to do, I don’t think you’ll have an issue. Disney checks room keys at attraction entrances, but nowhere else that we’ve seen. That doesn’t mean you definitely won’t have an issue, but we doubt you will.

If you have Disney-related questions for us, please post them on our Facebook page!

We hope you enjoyed this issue of The Disney Tourist Blog News. We’re looking forward to refining this concept and adding new segments in the coming weeks. If you have any suggestions for “article” ideas, please leave them in the comments.

-Tom Bricker, Editor in Chief

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