Disneyland’s “it’s a small world” holiday

When you near “it’s a small world” holiday at night, all lit-up in these vibrant lights, you can’t help but stop in your tracks, spellbound and in awe. The lights on the attraction’s facade are not on the same level as the Osborne Lights as Walt Disney World, but they are similarly captivating. This is quite amazing, considering that “it’s a small world” holiday has substantially fewer lights than can be found in the Osborne Lights display. When comparing the two, saying “it’s a small world” holiday embodies the principle that “less is more” just doesn’t seem right. Yes, there are fewer lights on the display comparatively-speaking, but the facade does not in any way strive for a “less is more” approach. It lights up the nighttime sky during the holiday season at Disneyland (even if you haven’t been to Disneyland, if you pay attention during Soarin’ at Epcot, I’m sure you’ve noticed the “it’s a small world” holiday lights) and is one of the biggest draws during the season.

So how can I justify comparing it to the Osborne Lights? I think it’s because of how “it’s a small world” holiday draws the guests in. The lights are mostly warm colors (magenta and pink are prominent) and between that and the peaceful holiday background music, you are overcome with a sense of happiness as you near the attraction. As you walk towards it, you see delightful and unique holiday wreaths, and when you enter the queue, you see a number of animal topiaries all lit up for the season.

Then, there’s the attraction itself. My opinion is clearly biased here as I love Christmas (err…truly “the holidays” in this case) and am not much of a student of Mary Blair’s art, but I far prefer “it’s a small world” holiday over the regular incarnation of the attraction, which I also enjoy. It’s a brilliant overlay, and an assault on the sense with its music, smells, and sights.

Really, I don’t even know why I’m comparing the Osborne Lights and “it’s a small world” holiday. The two are starkly different with little overlap (besides, I guess, the fact that they both would make Clark Griswold proud). One is probably my favorite part of Christmas at Walt Disney World, and the other is probably my favorite part of Christmas at Disneyland. I guess I just like comparing things…

By the way, that photo above can’t do the lights justice–especially if you don’t view it large. As with all of the images here, click the photo to view large. It’ll take you to Smugmug, but fear not, that’s how my “good” photos here are hosted. Just give it a couple of seconds to load.

If you’ve never experienced “it’s a small world” holiday, we have a gallery and ride-through video here.

Technical details: shot with a Nikon D7000 with a Rokinon Fisheye Lens. See our guide for more photography equipment recommendations.

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