An Afternoon at Epcot – Oct 2015


We’re currently at Walt Disney World, and I thought it might be fun to share some live updates from the trip via the blog with the nifty WiFi on my Nikon D750. Unfortunately, I’ve had some “issues” with my fancy iPhone 4 that have prevented me from doing that.

I didn’t want to bail on the concept completely, so I thought I’d try posting some “tape delay” updates from our afternoon at Epcot yesterday, during which time we enjoyed a few hours strolling around Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival before heading back to our hotel for dinner. The photos here are not really anything special, just stuff I could quickly get edited.

It’s been a fun trip thus far–although changing hotels nearly every night is a little tiring–with visits to each of the parks, plus both Universal Orlando parks, including Halloween Horror Nights. We are heading to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party tonight, and assuming all goes according to plan, I’ll be able to actually do a post with live-ish updates this evening. If you don’t see it tonight, ASSUME THE WORST…or that I wasn’t able to get my hands on a new iPhone 4 charging cable.

Feel free to ask questions about anything we’re up to in the comments, just realize responding right away is low priority (c’mon, we’re at freakin’ Walt Disney World!). I’ll catch up on all of that next week.



When I first saw the preview video for the Ratatouille thing at Food & Wine Festival, I thought it was a nice addition to occupy kids while their parents got liquored up. Then I realized–like just about everything Food & Wine Festival–it’s an overpriced add-on, not included in park admission.


Not wanting to spend $478 grazing the booths, we opted for lunch at Kringla Bakeri og Kafe. Naturally, my meal consisted of two desserts. None of this “sandwich” nonsense for me at a bakery. This isn’t amateur hour.


I’m testing out the Sigma 150-600mm lens (review coming soon) for this trip, and have been having some fun with the reach of this lens. Unfortunately, I think some things are meant to be viewed from a safe distance…

tom-bricker-camera-bag-sse copy

Here I am with my new Lowepro 20L camera bag, contemplating the wonders of Spaceship Earth…or something like that. I got this bag in advance of my trip to the Canadian Rockies, and am loving it thus far. It’s still not my *perfect* camera bag for Walt Disney World–there are some puzzling design elements–but it’s pretty close. I’ll have a full review up soon.


Fact: any outfit with a dragon on it is instantly 1383% better. (Remember, I’m a fashion visionary, so take my word for it.)

tom-bricker-tie-dyed-shirt copy

Now we’re to the interactive part of the post. Hooray! As some of you probably know, I have a keen eye for fashion. Some might say I am an iconic fashion visionary, far ahead of my time. I’m like the next generation’s Kanye West. I’ll be hosting Project Runway in 2025. That is how far ahead of my time I am.

Well, anyway, I saw this rad tie dyed shirt at MouseGear that I really wanted and…let’s just say Sarah’s response wasn’t exactly favorable. So, good people of the internet, I’m counting on you to “vote” on whether I should get this exquisite piece. Vote yes by leaving a comment to that effect below. Vote no by yelling “no” at your screen. If there are enough ‘yes’ votes, I will be able to get it (seriously!).



Here’s the flan from the Dominican Republic. I thought it was pretty good, and a decent value. Our friend, Adam Burke, had a starkly differing view, saying it “tasted like dissolving rubber.” Umm…okay? We will have more food updates in our Epcot International Food & Wine Festival Guide.

sarah-bricker-figment-outfit copy

Ugh. Sarah has no sense of style. Okay…I’m actually just bitter because of what she said about the tubular tie dyed shirt that I want. This Figment outfit is actually on-point. She bought the hat, but the $60 price on the sweatshirt was too difficult to swallow.




This next series should be proof that my photos are 95% luck, 5% talent. The monorail snuck up on me, so I raced to find a last minute shot option as it was starting to pass. I fired off shots as I was adjusting focus, with this little gem being the first result.


Shot #2 wasn’t much better, but would’ve been cool if these flowers weren’t so lame looking.


Finally, shot #3. Nothing impressive (the foreground bokeh is fine), but the 17th Commandment of Disney Photography is “thou shalt not fail to photograph a passing monorail.”


Quick snap of Chef Mickey on the way out. I’d be willing to bet this food made out of random leaves and junk is better than the “food” he serves at his eponymous restaurant.


Flowers at the Beach Club as we waited for an Uber pickup…

Alright, that’s it for yesterday. Hopefully we will have something from Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party up later tonight!

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Should I get the tie dyed shirt?!?!? Have you visited Epcot for Food & Wine Festival yet this year? If you have any questions or thoughts to share, please post them in the comments. We love hearing from readers!

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