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This free eBook is titled Money Saving Tips for Walt Disney World and as the name suggests, it covers saving money at Walt Disney World.

In the eBook, we offer our ways for saving money on dining, hotels, park tickets, vacation packages, and even souvenirs (and many other things) at Walt Disney World.

Here’s what you can expect from Money-Saving Tips for Walt Disney World:

  • 50+ pages
  • 70+ photos
  • When to visit for the cheapest prices
  • Where to stay to save money
  • Whether the Disney Dining Plan and “Free” Dining are good deals.
  • Souvenirs to purchase before your trip to cut costs.
  • Specific restaurants at Walt Disney World that are less-expensive alternatives.
  • Much more–from cheaper airfare to park tickets, we have you covered!

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You’ll receive a link to download a free copy of the eBook (did we mention that it’s totally free? 😉 ) after you confirm your subscription to our newsletter. Our reason for doing an eBook tackling the topic of saving money at Walt Disney World is because this is one of our big interests. Actually, I don’t know if “interest” is really the right word, but it’s probably readily apparent that we are pretty frugal.

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One of our early aims with the blog was to lay bare the intricacies of planning a trip, and provide honest and useful advice so people wouldn’t waste their time or money. Basically, to treat our readers as we would family and friends, with frank advice rather than typical Disney fan cheerleading.

That was the genesis for this eBook idea, and to organize our many thoughts and tips for saving money into one convenient package. Well, after working sporadically on the project over the course of the last month and a half whenever I could steal a few hours, it’s finally finished.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 4.02.01 PM

Regular readers know there are a few things about which I’m passionate when it comes to Disney. One of those is Christmas, and with that eBook out of the way, it made sense to tackle Country Bear Jamboree next. However, my initial draft was simply 367 pages of rambling ALL-CAPS text laden with profanities about how awesome CBJ is, and how anyone who doesn’t love it is distinctly unpatriotic at best and treasonous at worst, so I decided to scrap that idea. Sorry. 

As with the Christmas eBook, I spent way too long designing this cover. It was inspired by the reverse side of an old “Disney Dollar” and I spent over 7 hours working on it (which was actually less time than I spent on the Christmas cover!).

I’m sure someone who actually knew what they were doing with graphic design could’ve accomplished the same result in like 30 minutes, but whatever. I’m pretty pleased with it, although there are still a couple of tweaks I might make if I find the time.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 4.00.58 PM

I’m also fairly pleased with the substance of the tips in the eBook–you can see a couple of sample pages for yourself above. With 50+ pages of text and 70+ photos, it’s an easy and enjoyable read.

There are a lot of good tips for saving money in there, and pretty much everyone except Walt Disney World frugality ninjas will find some new and useful information in it. With that said, the eBook does not attempt to be a comprehensive all-in-one planning guide for Walt Disney World.

Instead, it’s focused squarely on money-saving tips. Quite often, these overlap with general trip planning, but I tried to keep things focused and concise. That’s a serious change of pace from my rambling, conversational style, and I’m not sure that it always “works.” To that end, the eBook is very much a work in progress, and I’ll probably spend the next week going over reader feedback and making additions and revisions. I’ll let you all know when v2 of the eBook is ready.


What do you think of the eBook? If you’ve read through it cover-to-cover, do you have any feedback to offer in terms of additional advice or edits? Any additional questions the eBook doesn’t answer? Please share your feedback or other comments below!

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