FREE Create Your Own Disney Sticker Family!

You can now create your own FREE Walt Disney World family, and receive a car decal of your customized stick figures by mail! Maybe we’re just total dorks, but we spent way too much time tweaking our characters to look like us…we gave them Mickey Mouse hats (Christmas, naturally), our favorite Disney Parks character attire, and even added our “kids” (Walter E. Dogsney and Yossarian the Cat) to the decal.

To order, simply click the image below, which will take you to Disney’s official site to complete the sign-up form:


Once you’re done, you have a digital copy that’s fun to share with friends via social media and post online, but the cooler part (we think) is that Walt Disney World mails you a FREE copy of the physical decal to put on your car, fridge, laptop…or wherever else people put stickers these days!

Even if you’re not into fun and free car decals, we recommend ordering one of these as this is yet another sign-up that will increase your odds of receiving a targeted unique offer code! These UOCs (or PIN Codes as most fans know them) are an easy way to get these exclusive discount offers from Disney. We regularly receive PIN Codes for Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and (more recently) Aulani, the Disney Resort in Hawaii.

Also, it’s pretty rare for Disney to offer a no strings attached freebie. In the past, when Walt Disney World has sent out things like this–be it the customized park maps or planning DVD–they’ve eventually stopped, presumably due to shipping costs. So take advantage of this free Disney Parks stick figure family decal while you can!

Finally, be sure to order the other freebies that are presently available from Disney Parks, including the Free Adventures by Disney Planning Guidebook (another one that they’ll mail to you–and perfect for ‘bucket list daydreaming’ even if you don’t plan on taking an AbD trip!) and the Free Disney Parks (Walt Disney World or Disneyland) Planning Video. Not only are these freebies fun, but they are helpful and will also increase your odds of receiving a PIN code for Walt Disney World (and beyond) discounts!


Have you received your free Disney Parks stick figure family sitcker yet? What did you think of it? Let us know if you have any questions about ordering or receiving the free sticker below in the comments—we will do our best to answer them!

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