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Great American Waffle Co. is a counter service restaurant at Tokyo Disneyland serving delicious Mickey Mouse waffles that are the size of a small child. That’s really all you need to know about this place. It takes the concept of the mini-Mickey waffles at Walt Disney World and Disneyland to the next level by mega-sizing them and adding delicious toppings.

More importantly, these waffles are all freshly made in a show kitchen by a single Cast Member who I assume has the title “Mickey Mouse Waffle Iron Chef.” It is pretty cool just standing in line watching this Cast Member prepare the waffles with deadly accuracy.

This educational waffle-making show is nice, because you will definitely be standing in line here. It should come as no surprise that Great American Waffle Co. usually has a line out the door. In fact, on our first few trips to Tokyo Disneyland, we skipped it entirely because the line was always so long. We are talking popcorn cart length lines.

Despite the simple menu, guests flock to this place. Makes sense, as waffles are delicious and foods shaped like Mickey Mouse are awesome. Put them together, and you have one dangerous combo. About the only thing that would really up the game of this place is some fried chicken, but I fear if that were added to the menu, the lines here would be about as long as a Duffy meet & greet.


In my experience, most mini-Mickey waffles in Walt Disney World are served at buffets, and aren’t always the freshest. That absolutely isn’t the case here, where the long line means that the average waffle was “born” maybe 5 minutes before being ordered.

I’m definitely not a fan of waiting in line, but if the line keeps the waffles fresh, that’s cool by me.


Here’s the Apple & Caramel Ice Cream Waffle, which was the seasonal specialty during our visit. We did not order this one, as it was a cold, rainy day and for some reason we thought that made us not want ice cream.

Looking back, that’s completely preposterous, as ice cream is always awesome. Waffles plus ice cream? Tru dat–DOUBLE TRUE!


This is the Strawberry & Custard Waffle that I ordered. Finished with the drizzle plus some whipped cream and strawberries, this was nothing short of amazing. Far and away the better waffle of the two, and a nicely balanced meal thanks to the fruit and the custard, which I’m told is a “superfood.”


The Maple Sauce Waffle was also pretty good, albeit skewing more towards a plain waffle than the apple & custard option. I’d recommend this for those who like the natural taste of a plain waffle, but want a little bit of intrigue. Definitely not as rich or sweet as the waffle I ordered, but nonetheless very good.


Regretfully, I don’t have anything all that incisive to say about Great American Waffle Co. I mean, it’s a restaurant that serves freshly-made, Mickey Mouse waffles. What more do you really want from me? There is really only one point to this review, and that’s to alert those of you visiting Tokyo Disneyland as to the existence of this place.


Like I hinted at the outset, this “review” probably would have been just as effective as a one line post that read: “heads up–there’s this place that sells awesome waffles in World Bazaar at Tokyo Disneyland, you should check it out.”


The photos were really the only other thing of value here, but if that’s not enough, here’s some additional information about the restaurant that I either discovered in a recent trip to the catacombs under Thomas Jefferson’s wine cellar at Monticello, or that I just made up. Legend has it that “Great American Waffle Co” was actually a portal that some of the great minds of the world (including Walt Disney himself!) used to access an enigmatic, utopian place somewhere in time and space that these visionaries would access by wearing Mickey Mouse waffle pins that would be read by a laser eye located high atop Pirates of the Caribbean.

The future…Yada yada yada…and only the chosen one can save the utopia accessible via the Great American Waffle Co’s portal. This story is being adapted into a movie that is coming soon to a theater near you in 2019 indefinitely on hold due to recent box office results.


Overall, Great American Waffle Co. is awesome. It’s a popular restaurant that draws long lines, but it’s well worth the wait. You’re much better off standing in line for one of these delicious waffles than some overrated popcorn. The restaurant loses a half point for the lack of fried chicken, but it’s otherwise perfect. I highly recommend it for all true American patriots…and for all members of the sacred fraternal order of the Mickey Mouse waffle alliance.

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