Hallo from Arendelle!

Greetings from Norway! We are in the midst of Disney Cruise Line’s 7-night Norwegian Fjords sailing aboard the Disney Magic, and thought we’d drop in with a quick update. Today we were in Stavanger, one of Norway’s most beautiful cities (albeit the only one we’ve seen thus far) and supposedly the most expensive city in the world.

Today, we hiked to Pulpit Rock. This is an excursion that Disney Cruise Line offers, but we opted to do it ourselves, relying on public transportation. We’ll share more on the logistics later for those considering this DCL itinerary. The hike was an incredible experience (although that look on Sarah’s face above is one of pure terror at being so close to the edge, ha!), and one of the top 5 I’ve ever done.

After that, we didn’t have a ton of time, so we tried to get some shopping done. That failed miserably, as ended up being lured into a bakery and getting some Skolebrød. We’re big fans of Epcot’s School Bread, but this was even better. I know that’s usually the case with Epcot cuisine versus its real world counterparts, but I was skeptical that School Bread could be improved upon…

This trip has been quite the adventure thus far (long story, which we’ll inevitably share in an equally long trip report soon), and we are looking forward to the next 5 nights, including stops in Ã…lesund, Geiranger, and Bergen. Plus, some time in Copenhagen once we’re done to see Tivoli Gardens and more.

While we’re gone, you can still expect daily posts on the blog (so, slightly better than normal!). I went into overdrive the couple of weeks before we left, and managed to get several written and scheduled to post. Assuming I did everything correctly (big assumption), a new one should drop at 9 or 9:30 a.m. every day. Now, I can’t speak to quality…but you’ll have new stuff to read. 😉 I’ll catch up responding to reader comments once we’re back home.

Also, please follow along on social media. We’ve posted a few photos and live video from the Norwegian Fjords cruise on our Facebook page, and Sarah has posted some stuff on the Instagram story (or whatever it’s called) thing. I may or may not post some photos on my Instagram, too. We can’t promise a ton of photos or video. Our internet is fairly limited, and we’d rather be spending time living in the moment and enjoying the experiences than sharing them.

That’s it for now. Like I said, just a quick update. We’ll have a ton more about this cruise once we’re home, so no need to write/read the same thing twice. Just thought we’d share what we’re doing because we have a few minutes to recover before heading out to see a presentation and have dinner…

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Your Thoughts

Have you done the Norwegian Fjords itinerary via Disney Cruise Line? Thoughts on your experience? Any last minute recommendations for places to grab desserts in the ports? If you have questions or thoughts, please share them below and we’ll try to respond (once we’re home)!

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