Hyatt Place at Anaheim Resort Review


Hyatt Place at Anaheim Resort/Convention Center is a hotel near Disneyland that’s about a 15-minute walk to the parks. This review features room photos, opinions on amenities, and our experience staying at the Hyatt Place Anaheim. We also cover how the Hyatt Place’s location makes it a surprisingly attractive option for Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, with a hack for a “free” shuttle.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you might be thinking, “wait, didn’t I just read this review last week?” No, that was a review of the Hyatt House at Anaheim Resort/Convention Center. This is Hyatt Place. BIG DIFFERENCE. Well, actually…small difference. Even on Hyatt’s hierarchy of different hotel types, these hotel types are right next to one another. Which sort of makes you wonder…why did Hyatt choose to build two hotels that are nearly the same a couple of blocks from one another?

Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe they couldn’t acquire the land for one mega hotel? Maybe it’s some elaborate marketing trick, as they know 50% of consumers favor “places” whereas 50% favor “houses.” I’m sure a rep from Hyatt would claim it’s because they target different audiences, but based on our observations (and common sense) both of these hotels are targeting Disneyland guests and Anaheim Convention Center attendees.

The Hyatt Place is in the Anaheim Convention Center ‘neighborhood’ more than anything, but its distance has one advantage: it is directly across the street from the Toy Story Parking lot. This lot offers a free shuttle to the parks. You’re looking at a <5 minute walk to the shuttle, then a free drive to the parks. This is a nice short-cut for a hotel that definitely provides some added appeal. Alternatively, you can just walk all the way, and it’ll take about 15 minutes.


If you read our Hyatt House Anaheim review, this room probably looks really familiar. Same idea here with the king bed and sectional couch.

Here, the finishings and details are nicer. The glass separating the couch from the bed is an especially nice touch.


The Hyatt Place Anaheim rooms feature mini-fridges, but microwave (unlike Hyatt House), which is probably one of the biggest differences between this and the Hyatt down the street.


Another big difference, and an inexplicable one, was that we found the beds not nearly as comfortable at Hyatt Place Anaheim. Our bed was quite firm–more so than any Hyatt in the United States at which we’ve stayed in recent memory.


In terms of other basic details, WiFi is free, there’s an in-room coffee maker, and parking is $18/night. Price-wise, this is actually almost identical to Hyatt House, with rates in the $130-220/night range, with higher rates here being convention nights and Disneyland’s busier tourist dates.


Pretty straightforward bathroom. Nicer than the Anaheim norm, but nothing you’ll be raving about on postcards/Facebook.


Walk-in shower is always a plus.


The Hyatt Place Anaheim also has a grab and go market, and other basic amenities…


…Like a fitness center…


…And a pool. This pool is fine by Anaheim standards, but I don’t think it’s as nice as Hyatt House’s.


Here’s the continental breakfast area…at night. Like the Hyatt House, the breakfast at Hyatt Place Anaheim is not very good. There are a couple of okay items, and the fruit and cold items are obviously fine, but I guess I expected more of Hyatt?


Overall, the Hyatt Place Anaheim is a nice hotel that makes the top 10 on our Disneyland Hotels Reviews & Rankings post. That’s quite respectable, but the problem is, I can’t think of a single thing about it, aside from the finishing quality of the rooms, that surpasses the Hyatt House. These two hotels are really comparable to one another, but House almost always has the edge–even in nightly rate (most of the time). With most other Anaheim hotels there are tradeoffs that make them conditional recommendations, as they are always somehow distinct from competitors. Not the case with Hyatt Place Anaheim. This hotel’s closest competitor is another Hyatt that beats it in just about every regard. Given that, it’s pretty easy to say: just stay there instead.

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Have you stayed at Hyatt Place Anaheim? Did you like it? Do you think it has any amenities or features we didn’t emphasize sufficiently? What did you think of the rooms? Is this a hotel you’d consider? Please share your thoughts or questions in the comments section below!

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