Rainy Night In The Magic Kingdom

Perfection in the Imperfect

We wanted to try something new with this post, a photo essay covering a rainy night in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. My favorite political commentator and philosopher is Bill Watterson, author of Calvin & Hobbes. A lot of the Calvin & Hobbes Sunday pieces ran with only drawn frames and not a single word. These were some of the most poignant of all of his strips.

A book published of the strips, entitled The Calvin and Hobbes Lazy Sunday Book, gave me the idea for today’s post. I thought it might be neat to see if I could tell a story without using my normally verbose style (even though I have sort of failed this task already with this introduction of the concept), in photo essay form.

With that in mind, here is “Rainy Night in the Magic Kingdom.”






That’s it for our rainy night in the Magic Kingdom!

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Your Thoughts…

What did you think of this photo essay? Have you had your own fun rainy days at Walt Disney World? We love to hear from readers, so if you have any thoughts or questions, post them in the comments!

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