Halloween Snack & Dessert Food Guide to Magic Kingdom

Halloween treats have returned to Walt Disney World! Magic Kingdom has numerous themed snacks and desserts, with 2019 Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party exclusives and all-day food options, too. We ate most of them, and in this guide, we’ll review the best and worst of these, sharing our favorites and what you should absolutely avoid.

As has become ‘tradition’ for Magic Kingdom Halloween foods, there are some treats that capture the true spirit of fall and Halloween flavors, which we highly recommend. At the other end of the spectrum, there are several things that really are so scary, and these ghoulish disasters are frightful on two fronts: cost and taste.

Accordingly, our reviews will steer you clear of the ‘tricks’ and towards the true ‘treats’ with this guide to Halloween snacking at Magic Kingdom and during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Whether you’re a huge fan of all things pumpkin or are a lover of candy flavors, there’s something for everyone (who enjoys sweet treats) to eat at Walt Disney World this Halloween…

Before we get started, we should note that Walt Disney World doesn’t really celebrate Halloween outside of Magic Kingdom, so this is pretty much it in terms of Halloween snacking. At least for now.

We expect to see a few items pop up at Disney Springs, and perhaps at Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. If there’s enough to justify a full post (read: if we need an excuse to justify pigging out on more Halloween treats), we’ll cover those once they arrive in September.

To keep this guide to Magic Kingdom’s Halloween foods simple, I’m going to start with the best snacks and desserts–the ones we love and highly recommend–and do things in ‘best to worst’ order…

Amuck, Amuck, Amuck Cupcake (Available All-Day at Main Street Bakery) – This trick or treat candy cupcake made with peanut butter chips, chocolate candy bits, and toffee is filled with caramel sauce, and topped with an edible cake “cauldron” iced with chocolate buttercream and garnished with a white chocolate decoration featuring the Sanderson sisters.

This cupcake is a mixed cauldron. The downside is that you’ll invariably make an absolute mess eating it due to its size and the way it’s layered. I somehow managed to stain my shorts, shirt, fingers, lips, and teeth black. Even if you’re not quite as clumsy as me, count on looking a bit “goth” after eating it.

On the plus side, the Amuck Cupcake is absolutely delicious. Chocolate is the dominant flavor, but there’s enough toffee, peanut butter chips, and caramel to give it a more nuanced flavor; it’s like the cupcake equivalent of a cross between Reese’s and Snickers.

While the exact flavors can be tough to pinpoint in each bite, that’s the general sense you get. It’s also quite moist, and has a variety of textures. Unlike other Walt Disney World cupcakes, this doesn’t having an overwhelming artificial quality, which is also good. (Even Sarah loved this!) We’d definitely recommend sharing, as the Amuck Cupcake is huge.

Chocolate Mickey Waffle Sundae (Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Exclusive, Available at Sleepy Hollow) – These black chocolate Mickey waffles come topped with pumpkin gelato, candy corn, caramel sauce, and sprinkles.

This is a change-up from previous years when the pumpkin flavor primarily came from the waffles, and it was served with vanilla ice cream. I loved the previous ice cream sundae (and truthfully, all ice cream sundaes) but I prefer this incarnation.

The pumpkin spice in the gelato makes for a more pronounced flavor, and the smooth gelato is better than the normal Edy’s served around Magic Kingdom. The chocolate in the Mickey waffles is not too strong, adding a nice richness to the sundae. My opinion of this sundae benefits considerably from having received fresh waffles, which were still warm. (That’s always hit or miss.)

Headless Horseman Cheesecake (MNSSHP Exclusive, Available at Sleepy Hollow) – Pumpkin cheesecake layered with gluten-friendly chocolate cake, chocolate crunchies, orange glaze, and a Headless Horseman chocolate piece.

The pumpkin flavor here is strong, which makes it a winner right from the get-go. It’s really smooth and a variety of textures improve its consistency, but I personally wish it were denser. Nevertheless, it tastes great. If your time is limited during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party but you still want to try some exclusives, just go to Sleepy Hollow and order both items. That’s by far your best bet.

Pumpkin Spice Soft Serve Sundae (Available All-Day at Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies) – This ice cream sundae comes with pumpkin spice soft serve and is topped with candy corn and caramel sauce.

Now, you might think that we waited 5 minutes in the Florida sun before taking a photo of this melted mess, but this is how it was served to us (on a surprisingly cool and overcast afternoon). I’m not sure if something was up with the soft serve machine, as this is how both served before ours looked, too. Nevertheless, the soft serve tastes fantastic, with a moderate amount of punch from the pumpkin spice.

Maleficent Cone (Available All-Day at Storybook Treats) – The Maleficent cone is a black waffle cone filled with lime soft-serve and topped with chocolate horns and purple sugar.

This isn’t really Halloween except in terms of presentation, but it’s still a winner. This is essentially the Peter Pan Float minus the Sprite. We both love that lime soft serve, making this a top pick for us.

Lots-O-Burger — (MNSSHP Exclusive, Available at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe) – This burger features a beef patty topped with brie fondue, strawberry-bacon jam, an onion ring, and a Lotso bun.

This is your standard Disney counter service beef patty (read: bland and likely containing some amount of cardboard ‘filler’), with a generous amount of rich brie fondue and savory strawberry bacon jam being enough to mask the flavor of that ordinary burger. The onion ring likewise provides a bit of crispness to the texture.

We wouldn’t recommend adding many (if any) additional toppings, as the flavors of this work as-is. If you’re in need of a full counter service meal during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, this is a solid (albeit a bit overpriced) option.

Constance’s Wedding Cake (MNSSHP Exclusive, Available at Liberty Square Popcorn Cart) – This citrus-scented cake has raspberry Bavarian cream, white chocolate glaze, icing pearls, flowers, and a chocolate axe.

The flavors are good here, with the raspberry Bavarian cream being addictively good. However, it’s top-heavy on the cream and icing, with way too little cake underneath to balance things out. It’s also way too expensive for the size of the cake.

Pumpkin Spice Milkshake (Available All-Day at Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies) – This gluten-friendly pumpkin spice milkshake comes topped with candy pumpkins and a Mickey marshmallow straw.

Something similar was served last year, but the flavor was basically just vanilla. This year, the pumpkin spice definitely shines through, which is an improvement. Unfortunately, ours was really airy and creamy–it’s not a thick milkshake. Perhaps we just got unlucky there, but given the higher price (which is probably due to the pointless Mickey marshmallow straw), we’d rather revisit the sundae instead of this milkshake.

Caramel Pretzel (MNSSHP Exclusive, Available at Golden Oak Outpost) – The caramel-filled pretzel is just one of the “flavors of fall” at Golden Oak Outpost, along with cinnamon-sugar-coated donut holes and frozen apple cider.

We haven’t gotten around to visiting Golden Oak Outpost this year (yet), but we did enjoy the Caramel Pretzel last year and doubt it has materially changed in quality. This pretzel is a good choice–warm, gooey, and sweet. We’d recommend sharing, as it’s also a bit rich.

Hades Nachos (MNSSHP Exclusive, Available at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe) – Black bean nacho chips topped with “fiery” buffalo chicken and your choice of items from the toppings bar.

The Hades Nachos are fine. Not great, not terrible. There’s a lot of cheese sauce, which is a bit excessive, and the chicken is a bit dry, but the portion is generous and you can add unlimited toppings, so there’s also that.

Jack and Sally Push Cake Pops (MNSSHP Exclusive, Available at Carts near Cinderella Castle) – The Sally cake pop features gluten-friendly vanilla cake, buttercream, strawberry crispy pearls, and a white chocolate Sally. The Jack cake pop has chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream, white chocolate and dark chocolate crispy pearls, dark chocolate curls, and a white chocolate Jack Skellington.

We’ve never reviewed Walt Disney World’s push cake pops positively, and we’re not reversing this trend now. These are pathetic, overpriced, and thanks to being sold at the same cart as exclusive popcorn buckets, you’ll be waiting in a long line to get them. Avoid.

Hades Hatred (MNSSHP Exclusive, Available at Cool Ship) РHades Hatred features lemonade, blue cura̤ao syrup, and blueberry popping pearls topped with blue cotton candy.

It tastes like “blue flavored” Kool-Aid, with blue cotton candy that will give you an awkward demonstration in absorbency once the cotton candy is pushed into the cup. (I’m not sure how you’re supposed to consume this–there’s no good approach.) If you hate money, this $8 drink is perfect for you.

Berry Blaster (MNSSHP Party Exclusive, Available at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe) – This specialty drink supposedly consists of blue curaçao syrup, cherry lemonade, and Sprite garnished with a lemon wheel and raspberries.

The ingredients might sound good, but this literally tastes like a mix of 50% grape juice and 50% water. What a joke. You’ll have to excuse us, but after being swindled on two specialty drinks, we were going to throw good money after bad to confirm that the rest of the party-exclusive drinks are more sugar water.

Despite our blistering reviews of a few items lower down the list (and us skipping a few things we knew were phoned-in or atrocious), this is actually a better showing than last year. As you might recall, last Halloween featured a variety of nimble-sized (but not priced) items that were “themed” to Haunted Mansion. All of these were awful, and did more to sully the Haunted Mansion’s good name than Eddie Murphy’s live action movie.

Overall, the good Halloween snacks tended to be really good this year, with 6 items that we enthusiastically recommend. That’s more than anyone is going to realistically eat in a single day at Magic Kingdom, meaning you have several choices and could even do multiple days of just trying Halloween snacks. Of course, at the other end of the spectrum, there are truly some ghoulish duds, so be sure to avoid those!

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Have you tried any of these Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and other Magic Kingdom Halloween desserts? What did you like or dislike? Anything you’d like to see added to the fall menus at Walt Disney World? Any questions we can help you answer? Hearing feedback about your experiences is both interesting to us and helpful to other readers, so please share your thoughts below in the comments!

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