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Walt Disney World - Splash Mountain Night Photo

Splash Mountain is one of our favorite attractions at Walt Disney World. Splash Mountain is a log flume attraction that is based loosely on the controversial animated film Song of the South. It shares common characters and the overarching story is similar. The attraction tells the story of the mischievous Br’er Rabbit, as he leaves his home in the briar patch to look for his “laughing place.” Much to his chagrin, the villains of the story, the commanding Br’er Fox and oafish and lovable Br’er Bear, wish to catch and eat him. If this sounds like it might be a little gruesome for children, don’t worry, as references to eating Br’er Rabbit are mostly subtle (such as a rabbit cookbook on the ground in one of the scenes). It’s definitely a family-friendly attraction, at least for those children 40 inches and taller.

Splash Mountain is one of the top E-Ticket attractions in the Magic Kingdom, and rightfully so. At around 13 minutes, the attraction is long; it has wonderful sets with well-done Audio-Animatronic figures; great and catchy songs in “How Do You Do?, “Ev’rybody’s Got a Laughin’ Place,” “Burrow’s Lament,” and “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah;” and even offers some thrills along the way as your log ride vehicle plunges down watery drops. All told, there are over 100 Audio-Animatronic br’er critter figures.

As I mentioned at the outset, Splash Mountain is one of our favorite attractions in Walt Disney World–definitely in our “Top 5.” It is incredibly well done, with gorgeous sets and a great soundtrack. We notice new details each time we ride that we hadn’t seen before (one of the biggest marks of a great attraction, to us). Unfortunately for us, a lot of other people feel the same way, and Splash Mountain can attract some really long wait times. Because of this, we recommend visiting early in the morning. In fact, we usually rush for Frontierland at rope drop (an alternative is starting in Tomorrowland with Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear’s Spaceranger Spin), grabbing a FastPass for Splash Mountain and then riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Lines aren’t as long late at night or in cold months, and you also won’t get as wet at these times, as Disney turns off water canons that can seriously soak you when heading up the first lift hill. It is important to note that you’ll get a little wet no matter when you visit Splash Mountain, but it’s usually not too bad!

Overall, Splash Mountain is an attraction that no one should miss, as it is a true highlight of great Imagineering and contains elements that will appeal to the whole family. The last drop might be too intense for some, but we highly recommend that everyone do this attraction at least once. It’s really that good, and worth putting fears aside to experience!


There are literally hundreds of videos of Splash Mountain out there, but this is HD and most importantly, has a 180-degree field of view, which allows you to see more of the attraction all in one frame and replicates a human’s field of vision. In other words, it feels like you’re actually there. You won’t see another Splash Mountain ride-through video like this on the web!


The Great Disney Light Hunt

Brer Critters

Zip-A-Dee Lady

Time to be Turning Around...If Only You Could...

Walt Disney World - Magic Kingdom - Splash Mountain

John Bonham?

[Note: as you may have gathered from Disney Tourist Blog’s YouTube Channel, we recorded some attraction videos while we were in Walt Disney World as a test. Based upon feedback and demand, we may record more. Please let us know if attraction videos/reviews are something you’d like to see more of on DisneyTouristBlog.com.]

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