Stormalong Bay Yacht & Beach Club Pool Closing in 2025 for 6-Month Refurbishment

Walt Disney World has announced a pool closure of Stormalong Bay at Yacht & Beach Club Resorts in 2025. This covers dates & details, plus other info about ongoing & upcoming construction work around Crescent Lake, recommendations for those planning vacations during this timeframe, and more. (Updated March 8, 2024.)

Let’s start with the big news, which is the pool refurbishment at these two Deluxe Resorts. Here’s the original official announcement by Walt Disney World: In an effort to continually enhance the Guest experience, we refresh our offerings from time to time. From January 2025 through May 2025, Stormalong Bay and Shipwreck Pool at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts will be closed for routine maintenance. Guests may see or hear construction work around Stormalong Bay and Shipwreck Pool during daytime hours. During this time, guests of Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts are welcome to swim at the Tidal, Admiral and Dunes Cove leisure pools.

Here’s the updated official announcement by Walt Disney World: From January 2025 through June 2025, Stormalong Bay and Shipwreck Pool at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts will be closed for routine maintenance. Guests may see or hear construction work during daytime hours. During this time, Guests are welcome to swim at the Tidal, Admiral and Dunes Cove leisure pools.

While some of the other verbiage has changed, the key difference is that the refurbishment has been quietly extended until June 2025. This is a big deal from our perspective, as the closure is creeping into the hotter and busier summer season when guests are more likely to be making resort reservations on the basis on the pools.

Just a heads up for anyone who already has a reservation at Yacht and Beach Club or is planning to make one. Unless generous discounts are offered or you’re not “pool people,” we’d highly recommend looking elsewhere. (As discussed in greater detail below.)

This isn’t the only project occurring around the Crescent Lake Resort Area. Disney’s Beach Club Resort and Villas is undergoing refurbishment. During this time, all resort amenities will remain available.

This is due to a soft goods refurbishment on both the hotel side and the Disney Vacation Club wing of the Beach Club. Most of the resort rooms have already emerged from this, and not much has changed. There’s new carpet in the hallways, and inside the room the carpet has been replaced by a laminate flooring.

There’s also new furniture–chairs and couch–as well as new curtains, Donald Duck wall art, and other refreshed surfaces. That’s all I noticed. These rooms were bland before, and they’re still pretty bland now–but minus carpet and plus better on-theme artwork. All of this will be wrapped up well before 2025, though. (This was pretty close to being done late last year, so it might already be finished.)

It sure seems like there’s been perpetual construction at Yacht & Beach Club for the last couple of years. All small scale stuff, but it’s persistent and can be annoying if your room is impacted. (Speaking from experience.) There have also been a lot of starts and stops, as Walt Disney World drags out construction seemingly everywhere.

Regardless, we’re definitely expecting this work to be finished before the Stormalong Bay and Shipwreck Pool closure commences. It remains to be seen whether more projects are scheduled between now and then, though. Not much left to redo at either resort, except maybe Big River Grille and Brewing Works. Possibly yet another new concept at Trattoria al Forno? (Fingers crossed for a better ice cream shop!)

It’s a similar story across Crescent Lake at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn. Renovations are also occurring here in both the regular resort rooms and DVC villas. I stayed on the hotel side in one of the new rooms recently, and didn’t see or hear any room construction. That doesn’t mean it’s not happening–BoardWalk is a huge hotel–but it seems like it’s pretty close to completed. About the only thing I did notice inside the hotel is a lobby restroom being closed–hardly earth-shattering construction news.

The bigger deal is what’s happening outside along the turn-of-the-century promenade. Repainting is occurring to facades all throughout this area and other refreshes have been happening. Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs is also slated to open soon in a food cart along the water.

The biggest project at the BoardWalk is the new Cake Bake Shop Restaurant being built to replace ESPN Club. This was originally slated to open in Late 2023, but now Summer 2024 seems more likely. But if that continues at its current snail’s pace, maybe Cake Bake Shop construction will still be ongoing in early 2025 when Stormalong Bay is closed!

Finally, there’s what is not yet announced. Obviously, there are the unknown unknowns, and we have no clue what those could be. Very helpful and insightful, I know!

Then there are the known unknowns. On that front, it’s possible that the Disney Skyliner gondolas–which connect EPCOT’s International Gateway to Riviera Resort, Caribbean Beach, Art of Animation, Pop Century and Disney’s Hollywood Studios–will close in early 2025.

Walt Disney World hasn’t made any official announcements yet, but the Skyliner went down for refurbishment early last year and early this year. In 2022, the Skyliner was closed from January 23 through January 28. The gondolas went down for refurbishment January 22-29, 2023. The longest closure just happened this year, from January 16 to 27, 2024.

This is not a huge deal if you’re staying at a Crescent Lake Resort. The Skyliner technically serves EPCOT, not these resorts. You can still use the FriendShip boats for transportation to International Gateway or Disney’s Hollywood Studios, or you can walk. The Skyliner is the least efficient transportation for getting to DHS from Yacht & Beach Club or BoardWalk–it’s really only useful for getting to the aforementioned Skyliner resorts. (To do breakfast at Topolino’s Terrace or dinner at Sebastian’s Bistro, for example.)

Nevertheless, the ‘double-whammy’ of the Stormalong and Skyliner closures certainly makes these resorts less attractive–especially at anything approaching full price. (For what it’s worth, we definitely would not stay at Caribbean Beach, Art of Animation, Pop Century, or Riviera Resorts during the Skyliner closure–those hotels are more dependent upon the gondolas, so the refurbishment is a brutal blow to them.)

Circling back to the pool project, the scope of the refurbishment work on the Stormalong Bay and Shipwreck Pool at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts has yet to be revealed. Walt Disney World indicates that it’s routine maintenance, which we have no reason to dispute.

The best recent comparison is probably the Dig Site at Coronado Springs, which was refurbished about a few agos for the same duration of time. That pool was essentially just refreshed and had routine/preventative maintenance done. It emerged looking fresh and like-new, but not fundamentally different.

The key difference between the Dig Site (or any other recent pool project) and Stormalong Bay is location. This sprawling pool complex is essentially in Yacht & Beach Club’s central courtyard, with a high percentage of rooms directly overlooking the pool. The closure will almost certainly impact some guests staying at Yacht & Beach Club, even those who didn’t plan on packing their speedos.

Last summer, we did a stay at Yacht Club in a water view room at a time when ‘routine’ maintenance was occurring. To my recollection, it wasn’t even listed on And yet, our balcony was out of commission as cherry pickers were often outside and construction workers used the balcony to paint the exterior of the hotel. This will be a different project, but a similar idea. Point being, don’t book a water view room at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts from January to June 2025.

Frankly, we’d hesitate to book Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts at all from January through June 2025 unless significant discounts are offered. And given that the closure was just extended from May to June over a year in advance, I wouldn’t book these resorts during the month of June 2025, period. Perhaps this is a matter of Walt Disney World erring on the side of caution and the refurbishment will be done by early June…but having seen the pace of projects lately, I’d be more worried about a late reopening than an early one.

If you’re wondering why Walt Disney World is announcing the pool project so far in advance, it’s to minimize/avoid giving out recovery or relocating guests to different resorts. Publishing pool closure dates in the distant future has become common practice for this reason–the pools are cited as one of the top reasons people book specific resorts.

Nowhere is that more true than at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts, where Stormalong Bay is the biggest selling point. That’s widely viewed as the best pool in all of Walt Disney World (including by us–and we don’t think it’s even a remotely close call).

To each their own, but we think that if Stormalong Bay is unavailable, Yacht and Beach Club are not “worth” the same nightly rates. This would be akin to not having the monorail while staying at the Contemporary or the wildlife all going to the vet while staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Whether Walt Disney World offers a deeper discount or not at Yacht and Beach Club for these dates depends almost entirely on how many other guests “agree” with us and vote with their wallets by booking elsewhere. Promotions are dictated by demand (or lack thereof), so it could go either way. With the closure announced this far in advance, we’d expect to see an actual impact on Yacht & Beach Club bookings. It’s possible discounts will hit 30-40% off during those months, but too early to say for sure. We’ll keep you posted–and reminders of the Stormalong Bay refurbishment as the 2025 closure draws nearer.

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