Christmas Archive

Christmas (Season) Is Here!

I suspect that when half of you groaned when you read that title, and the other half of you smiled. There seems to be a pretty even split on the “issue” of Christmas before Thanksgiving: half are in the spirit right after Halloween, and half don’t want to hear or see anything Christmas until the

Spooky Haunted Mansion Holiday

Prior to visiting Disneyland last November, we had never experienced Haunted Mansion Holiday. After hearing a lot about it online, we were both excited to see it because it was something different, even though neither of us are Tim Burton fans. This, combined with experiencing holiday “overlays” in the vein of Mickey’s Jingle Jungle Parade

D23 Magic & Merriment Review

We attended D23’s Magic & Merriment in December 2010 at Walt Disney World. The three day event was held in early December, and overall, was a fun time. In 2012, Magic & Merriment will be two separate 2-day events. This review is of the 2010 Magic & Merriment. UPDATE: We attended again in 2011 and

Our First Disneyland Christmas Trip Report

This trip report includes photos and commentary from our first trip to Disneyland at Christmas. Join us on our Christmas Expedition, as we dine at Club 33, photograph Disney time-lapse videos, eat our way through Disneyland’s holiday snacks, experience Haunted Mansion Holiday and “it’s a small world” holiday for the first times(!), rain blows upon

“Believe… In Holiday Magic” Disneyland Fireworks Photos & Overview

Thanks to “Remember… Dreams Come True,” expectations for fireworks spectaculars among Disneyland guests are very high. “Believe… In Holiday Magic” predates “Remember… Dreams Come True” and has run every season since 2000, except 2005, when the former continued its run to celebrate Disneyland’s 50th anniversary. The show begins with a female voice encouraging everyone to